New Bright RC Steering Problems Plus Preventions!

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A smoothly running car, taking high jumps like bouncing off a pillow, is any RC enthusiast’s dream.

It is only possible when the RC car has a good steering system.

What to do if the steering gets messed up? This is something you wouldn’t want.

You may seek, “What are the New Bright RC steering problems?” 

The steering problem occurs when the servo of the RC car has an issue. If steering linkages are not properly connected, then steering problems also can take place. Sometimes, the servo does not receive the radio signal properly. In such a case, the RC car can also have maneuvering issues.

To fix these problems, you will surely need described details about the steering issues.

Hence, I bring in this article. Once you are done, you will have a clear idea about the steering hassles.

What are we waiting for then? Let’s proceed!

Some General Steering Problems of the New Bright RC

As it is said, steering is an important part for any RC car. Based on this, the car can either move smoothly or roughly. 

Now RC car steering mechanism can get messy and there can be a ton of reasons working behind this.

However, yon do not need to panic. Here I have described some of the common steering problems of the New Bright RC. Also, we will see how to fix RC steering!

Servo Motor and Servo Horn Issue

Servo issues are one of the major issues of the steering problems. Ultimately, it’s the servo that makes the car spin. 

You may notice that after starting your New Bright RC of yours, its wheels are rotated rather than staying straight. 

Even though the RC is moving straight forward, the wheels stay titled either left or right.

Why does such a thing happen?

Well, it’s the servo that has a problem. The servo contains an assembly of gears. This gear can get damaged. 

Thus the steering of the wheels can get messy. Also, you may end up with a dead servo to change.

Another reason behind the faulty steering of the RC car could be a misplaced servo horn. It’s the servo that connects the wheels with the servo. 

You have to place the servo horn in a proper position. 

If the servo horn is improperly placed, it can fail to move properly. Thus, the car can’t get steered properly.

Guess the result? You may see that your New Bright RC car tilting unusually.

What is the Solution Then?

This is what you can do to fix RC steering servo problems. Firstly, open up the servo and inspect it. Check the gear assembly to see if the gears are damaged or not. 

If the gears are damaged or not. If yes, then you have to upgrade your RC car with new gear. Plus, inspect the cables of the servo and connect the sloppy wires.

For the servo horn, you have to place it carefully at a perfect angle. The servo horn can be placed in many ways. That is why it’s best to check the user manual and then place the horn in the proper way.

Steering Links Not Set Properly

Improper steering link is another reason why the steering of the New Bright RC can get sloppy. Steering linkages are what connect the wheels with the servo and the wheels rotate. That’s how the how wheels rotate with the help of the servo. 

The steering linkages have to be in perfect order in this case. If the linkages are not properly connected, the wheel won’t get connected with the servo. 

Thus, even though the servo worked just fine, still the RC won’t steer well.

Another type of problem you might face regarding the sterling linkages. Often the linkages fail to work properly even after connecting perfectly. 

This happens due to the presence of dust at the linkage. Over time dust and debris can gather at the linkage. This filth can easily suppress the movement of the linkages. And ultimately you end up with a linkage issue.

Besides, RC cars need to be lubricated frequently. Especially the linkages. If the lubrication is not done, well, you will have steering problems.

Here’s What to Do

To avoid any type of steering linkage issue, you must place it properly. Read and follow the New Bright RC instructions carefully. Then connect the linkages. 

Moreover, you have to maintain just the perfect diameter for the steering linkage. After all, the length of this connection varies based on the model of the New Bright RC you have.

Now, let’s talk about debris. It’s simple. You have to clean the steering junctions frequently. 

Take your New Bright RC car and unpin the chassis. Now spray air at the steering linkage. This will get the dust off. 

Once you are done cleaning, grab some grease and lubricate the linkage. Hence, you won’t have to face any steering issues for the linkage at least!

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Errors in Receiving Signal

Sometimes it’s neither the servo nor the servo horn that has an issue and not even the steering linkage. 

Perhaps, it’s the radio signal that the RC is not reading properly. Probably that’s why the RC car steering not working.

Basically, the RC works depending on the radio signal you send. At the end of the day, it’s what makes the RC car move. 

To get this radio signal, every RC car has a transmitter situated at the servo.

When you give the signal, the transmitter receives it, and the RC rolls.

Unfortunately, this transmitter gets damaged. Thus, the RC fails to receive the signals. 

Result? It may not steer properly or the way you want.

Follow This to Solve the Issue

To evade signal error, you can check the transmitter of the RC. To do so, you can simply, shift your servo connections to throttle.

A good transmitter will send this signal to your radio. As result, the radio also gets shifted.

If not, then you have to change or fix the transmitter of the RC.

Well, these are some of the general problems you can face regarding your New Bright RC.

Next time you face any problems regarding the RC car steering setup, you know what to do!


Is It Possible to Zero RC Servo?

Yes. You can zero the RC servo if it is tilted. To do so, turn on the RC. Now at the radio, go to the trim option. Use the dialer and rotate the wheel. This way you will be able to align the wheel manually to a straight position. Thus try to run the RC and see if the wheels are straight or not.

Can I Run The New Bright RC Faster Than Usual?

You can. You have to use lighter lubricants. Although lubricants smoothen the RC’s mechanism, heavy lubricants can mess up the RC components. Thus, the RC may move slowly. For instance, it’s best to use WD-40 instead of grease for lubrication. After all, WD-40 is lighter than grease.

Can New Bright RC Cars be Synced?

It is possible to sync the New Bright RC cars. Turn on the RC car in order to sync. While the switch is turned on, the car gets into the ‘Sync’ mode. Now look for a joystick at the transmitter. Press and hold the joystick for 30 seconds. Finally, your New Bright RC car will get synced.

Conclusion: The Final Stroke

Congratulations! Now you know about the New Bright RC steering problems. Plus their fixes.

With this, I end my article here.

However, if you still have any queries, no need to panic. You can always go to any RC professionals for help.

Have a great day then. Goodbye!

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