RC Car Steering Not Working: 6 Reasons Why?

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When you can maneuver your RC car exactly the way you like, it becomes interesting. If the steering isn’t functioning correctly, the exhilaration may be brought to an end soon. Can’t you find a reason why this problem is occurring? Don’t worry, we are here to rescue. 

So, why is your RC car steering not working?

This steering problem of the RC cars is caused by a number of factors. In general, repairing the servo motors should be enough. But another explanation might be that the wheels are not upright. Faulty servers and differentials might also cause the RC car steering difficult to use.

What do you think? This overview seems informative enough? Well, that’s not enough! To solve the problem from its root, you need to go deeper. So, let us dive into the root of the problem and see the solution, as well as how to fix it. Spare some free time and hop on!

RC Car Steering Not Working

One of the most typical steering issues is RC vehicle steering which does not operate. This occurs due to a few common reasons. Let us discuss the root causes of the issues and what their potential remedies are.

Reason 1: Servo Failure

The first possible reason could be your RC car servo failure. You should know that your RC car’s steering is controlled by servo motors. When your RC car’s servo motor fails, the wheels may stop working.

This issue is pretty common in all RC cars, regardless of kind. Foreign material, and also moisture, wreak havoc on your servo motor.

Solution: Fixing or Replacement of the Servo

First thing first, you need to check that everything is connected in a correct way. Now, try to restart it.  More specifically, you can look for damaged wiring, loose connections, and unclean or corroded connections.

If you face any of these problems, get professional assistance to be safe. Because coping with this on your own might be dangerous. Furthermore, the servo may need to be replaced. In such a case, make certain you choose a high-quality servo for the RC car and consider using a servo.

Reason 2: When the Transmitter Is Not Responding

A transmitter is one of the most critical components of every RC vehicle. If you have a faulty transmitter, your RC vehicle or automobile will not respond.

For example, whether you fly an UltraCote or a Monokote RC airplane, it will definitely crash when you can not control that in the air.

Similarly, if the RC car fails to reply to the transmitter, it would crash. Since steering will not function without the transmitter.

Solution: Recharging

Another most possible cause is faulty cabling inside the controller. You must repair the wiring before power may flow through the control. It will be tough to achieve this without the assistance of an expert.

The second cause might be related to the battery. So, check to see whether the NiMH or lipo cells are dead or not. If that’s so, recharge the dead NiMH or lipo battery.

Reason 3: Insufficient Battery Power

Test the battery life of your RC car first. If the accelerator operates fine but not the steering, it might be because the battery’s power is going low. In this case, the battery is insufficient to power the steering. As a result, it does not function.

Solution: Replace the battery

To begin the attempt, fully recharge your RC car’s battery. Keep checking to see if the batteries are charged fully. Also, check whether the charge drains quickly.

If the batteries don’t charge properly, it’s wise to assume that these batteries have been damaged. You can attempt to repair the lipo battery. Sometimes, lipo batteries don’t charge. However, if that fails, you need to make a replacement with the new battery.

If you’re looking for some good batteries, here are some suggestions to help you. 

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Reason 4: Inappropriate Differentials

There are several balls and gears inside your RC car. These are used to direct your vehicle in the right direction either left or right.

Steering failure is usually caused by overtightening the balls or gear differential. Because this imposes an extra strain on the gear, which will quickly tear away.

As a consequence, the back tire begins to spin slower. It keeps spinning slower and slower until it ultimately stops.

Solution: Disassembling and Proper Examination

To solve the problem, you need to turn off the RC vehicle first and then begin disassembling the differentials. This is for a thorough examination. 

Have a look at gear differentials for missing teeth and flattened ball bearings. Also, check the amount of lube used during the differential as well.

Reason 5: If the Wheels Are Not Straight

This problem usually affects those who are new to this game. Since they can’t detect whether the wheel is straight. Even attempting to line the wheels on the steering control does not function.

Solution: Rearrangement

Test the bearings to see if it is bent. Additionally, when one of the bearings is faulty, carefully inspect it.

These might be shifted backward and otherwise misplaced. Try to remove it and reposition it correctly. It should also contribute to the smooth operation of the RC car.

Reason 6: Misalignment of the RC Car Steering

If your RC car turns more to one side and instantly gets stiff on one side. Along with this, the servo just keeps rotating in one direction. Then your RC car’s steering may be misaligned.

Solution: Re-adjustment of the Steering

To begin, turn on the automobile and the controller. Check to see if the automobile is steering correctly. When you press the controller to the right, this must steer to the right. The same goes for the left side. 

The trim must be aligned on the screen of digital radio controllers. Adjust the sub-trims to 0 as well. If the controller is not programmable, adjust the knob to center the trim. Then inspect the servo horn as well as adjust the termination point. Now, everything is in order!


What could be why the RC car’s servo motor is not functioning?

This issue is common in all RC cars, regardless of their kind. Foreign material, and also moisture, wreak havoc on your servo motor. Check that everything is plugged inside and try to restart it. In addition, look for damaged wiring, loose connections, and unclean or corroded connections.

How can you tell whether your RC motor is damaged?

Wires on a toy RC will typically connect to a circuit panel. Any loose or damaged connections may need to be re-sold. When you have no steering, no sound, and no motion. It means you may have a faulty or burnt-out motor that has to be replaced.

Why isn’t the remote control communicating with the RC car?

The most common cause of the remote controller not linking to the RC car is the dead battery. Simple solutions are sometimes overlooked in favor of more sophisticated answers.

Wrapping Up

Finally, our conversation has come to an end. We hope this helps you figure out why is your RC car steering not working. If you want any expert help, you may always contact a professional.

Till the next time, take care!

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