About Us

I am Travis Murray, and my love for RC began in 2017. It gradually turned into a passion, leading me to become an RC enthusiast and blogger. It sounds good, but the road to get there took a lot of work!

My journey with RC is full of countless challenges. It is up to you whether you would believe it or not; I have spent thousands of hours modifying and repairing my beloved RC cars. Whenever I got into trouble with my RC car, I wished someone could guide me to an easy solution. It was a crazy adventure, but I also had many thrilling moments. 

Each successful fix made me shout with joy!

If you are starting your RC journey, you will likely experience similar challenges. But here I am! My love for the hobby has influenced me to share my experience and knowledge with others, especially novices to the hobby. 

An easy tip from an expert can simplify your troubleshooting, even hours of effort. I write in-depth reviews and DIY guides for RC enthusiasts to provide troubleshooting tips and insider knowledge to help starters find the hidden gems in the hobby. 

Are you looking for practical insights and guidance about RCs? My blog is a must-read for you.