How to Store NiMH Batteries: Top 4 Ways to Do It!

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We know how it feels if the newly bought NiMH batteries do not give the right service. It’s because of the storage method we provide. The ignorance toward storing NiMH batteries properly can destroy a whole pack.

That’s why we want to know How to store NiMH batteries?

Initially charge the batteries to their full before using them. Don’t jump into charging after a long-term store. Store them within –26°C to +46°C for the short term and +12°C and +34°C for the long term. Keep the area dry and clean. Make sure to charge it for a while before storing it.

Well, it’s just a sneak peek. We have all the methods in detail for you to execute. Just follow those properly. 

4 Ways to Store Your NiMH Batteries Properly!

NiMH batteries can be used in several ways. But if you want to consume the best of their service, you should be better at maintenance.

Poor maintenance decreases the shelf-life of NiMH batteries. But if you can store them properly, it can give you 500 to 1000 times the charge. Keep in mind that it’s more than the company claims.

Storing NiMH batteries is not so tough. If you are an RC lover like me, you need these methods.

So, Just follow the first way after you purchase a new pack of NiMH batteries.

Way 1 of 4: Initial Maintenance

When we buy a new pack of NiMH batteries, it’s shipped out to us. So, these batteries were sitting lazily for quite a long time. 

So, do you start using it right away? Well, that’s a big no-no. 

Because the NiMH batteries have a self-discharge function. Whether it’s being used or not, the batteries are losing charge a bit at a time.

So, you should charge the batteries before starting to use them. You can use the given charger or buy a nicad charger

After completely giving the batteries a proper charging cycle, start using them.

Now, you should not expect the best performance at the very first. Just charge and use it 4 to 5 times, and get to the point.

However, we always suggest you charge it every time after using it. But sometimes this procedure overheats the NiMH batteries.

When it’s hot, just let the batteries rest and keep it disconnected. 

Speaking of temperature, you need to keep this in mind while storing.

Let’s talk about the temperature in the next point!

Way 2 of 4: Storage Temperature 

Many NiMH batteries die out of not getting a proper storage environment. A proper environment means the perfect temperature. 

Now here is an interesting fact; you can store the batteries depending on the time if you are going to use them in a while the temperature is different. 

If you are planning for long-term storage, that’s also different.

Will I be using it in a while? Store them between a range of 26°C to +46°C.

Let me tell you one fact, make sure the storing area is dry. It’s better if that area is with low humidity.

And trust me you don’t want to be over cautious and provide some corrosive gasses.

 On the other hand, If you are looking for long-term storage, the range should be between +12°C and +34°C.

Because we don’t want the metallic body of the batteries to get rusty. If you already have a rusty battery, make sure to remove the rust before using it. 

Another thing you should take note of is, charging after long-term storage. The charging procedure is just like buying a new one. 

But you should be careful about this charging procedure if you want to store it.

Way 3 of 4: Charging Management

If you want to store a NiMH battery for a long time, charge it properly.

The common mistake we make here is that we overdo it.

If you charge it more, it will give you more service, right? Absolutely not. Just charge the battery until it reaches full charge and disconnect it right after.

Overcharging causes damage to the battery and it affects the battery life of your NiMH.

If you are storing cases from Varta or Sanyo, you don’t need to worry about the charging state.

Check your battery condition before storing it.

If you want to store the batteries charged, don’t exceed 70 percent. This will minimize the charging loss on your NiMH battery

As we have already mentioned about the self-discharging, the battery will lose 15% to 20% over time.

So if you want to keep the battery from damaging, don’t store it at 0%. 

When you are charging, make sure you have the perfect charger. 

You don’t? Don’t worry, here are some great chargers for your NiMH battery!

Product 1 
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This hibernation period will make the NiMH batteries over-drained. 

Reason 4 of 4: Storage Humidity 

We have already discussed the temperature, right? Now let’s come to the humidity. 

Storage humidity varies from brand to brand. But in general, we would like to keep the NiMH batteries in a dry place.

To get the best performance after storing, keep the area dry and clean.

Many RC enthusiasts think that spraying some anti-corrosion might keep the batteries safe. 

We recommend you avoid any kind of gasses or sprays for storage. Keep the area as dry as possible.

But still, if you find some issues with maintaining your NiMH battery pack, here are some bonus tips for you!

Extra Tips on Maintaining Your NiMH Battery

If you bought a new pack of NiMH, it’s normal to keep one unattended. But you should not do it. 

Well, the least you can do is store it for the long term. 

Keep in mind that NiMH batteries are extremely flammable. So do not put these near any fire. It’s better not to keep these close to children. 

Keep the batteries charged, if you are a regular user. But make sure not to overdo it. 

Overcharging the batteries can even cause smoke or fire. 

If you are living in an extremely hot place, make sure the batteries are sitting in a cooler area. 

You should always look out for the best charger. If your NiMH charger has issues, the battery cell will be damaged.

That’s all we had for you to offer today.


How long can I store NiMH batteries?

It depends on how you choose to store them. If you are storing your NiMH battery perfectly, it can even last up to 5 years. Some might say, NiMH batteries are equivalent to hundreds of alkaline batteries in terms of service. 

Can NiMH batteries explode?

NiMH batteries are extremely flammable. So if you are overheating it constantly, it can lead to fire or exploding. These batteries contain electrolytes, which can induce leakage if you don’t use them correctly. So yes, not using these batteries can lead to exploding.

Can I store my NiMH battery on the charger?

No, you can’t. NiMH batteries are supposed to be charged and disconnected. If it reaches a certain level, you should disconnect it. Leaving it on the charger will cause overheating. Eventually, it will drain the batteries.

Final Words

Now you know all about How to restore NiMH battery. All you need to do now is to follow the procedure.

One last tip! We recommend you not try to use a drained battery. If it goes bad just, recycle it!

Let us know if you have any comments!

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