Can You Charge A NiMH Battery With A NiCad Charger? [Explained!]

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NiMH batteries are used in a variety of electronics in every household. However, people often get confused when they are about to charge their NiMh battery with a Nicad Charger. Understandably, this confusion is bothering you as well

So, can you charge a NiMH battery with a nicad charger?

Well, honestly, NiCad charges are somewhat capable of charging your NiMH battery. You can do it in crisis situations if you want. But we strongly suggest otherwise because NiCad chargers do not provide the correct level of voltage or current. This could damage your power supply or device.

This is just superficial information regarding this query. To fully understand it, you are going to need more than that. This article will provide you with all the information that you will need.

So, what’s stopping you? Let’s dive deep into it!

Are NiCad Chargers Okay For Charging NiMH Batteries?

Can you use the same charger for NiCad and NiMH batteries? The answer is a yes! 

However, doing so is not advised. Because these two charger types’ charging voltages differ. Charging your NiMH battery using a NiCad charger might result in battery degradation. 

You can use a NiCad charger for recharging a NiMH battery. But can I charge a NiMH battery with a lithium-ion charger is a whole different ballpark. 

In order to guarantee your battery is charging securely and appropriately, it is important to use a proper charger. Make sure that it is specially made for NiMH batteries.

If at all possible, avoid using a NiCad charger for charging a NiMH battery since it might reduce its lifespan.

What Happens If the Charger Voltage Is Incorrect?

Your battery might sustain harm when the charger you’re using is of the wrong voltage rating. If the NiMH charging voltage is too much, the voltage is often to blame for this. 

Utilizing a charger with an excessive current won’t harm your gadget. Low rating will probably not cause any problems for your device. However, your power supply still remains at major risk.Therefore, always use the suggested charger. There are several problems with charging gadgets below their ideal charge level.

First of all, the item won’t charge as the maker intended. For the battery’s long-term health, this is not a good situation. But more significantly, charging won’t proceed as quickly as it might.

A power supply or the charger itself provides the current and current is consumed by a product. It will try to draw as much power as possible.

Can You Use NiCad And NiMH Batteries Interchangeably?

Although these two batteries are two distinct kinds of rechargeable batteries, they are sometimes mixed up. 

NiMH batteries come with a larger capacity than NiCad batteries, which is the primary distinction between these two battery types. Using a separate charger might harm the battery since the voltage used by the two batteries differs. 

As a result, a NiMH battery has a higher energy capacity than a NiCad one.

You will often notice a common idea that these two batteries can be replaced by one another. It is impossible to recharge a NiMH battery properly using a NiCad charger. 

The differing charging voltages of these two batteries are the real cause of this. A NiMH battery cannot be charged correctly. It will be harmed if it is attempted to be charged using a NiCad charger.

How Should You Charge A NiMH Battery?

To get the most out of NiMH and guarantee their lifespan, a certain kind of charger is necessary. A NiMH battery cannot be charged using a charger designed for Nickel-Cadmium batteries because it may be damaged. 

A charger made especially for Nickel Metal Hydride batteries is the best way to charge one.

Although they may contain a mode for NiMH cells, “universal” chargers are not necessarily the best choice. 

Use a charger designed particularly for the kind of cell you are now using if you are unsure. You may extend your battery’s life and prevent any harm by adhering to these straightforward suggestions.

Now, we will mention some tips and tricks to properly charge your NiMH battery:

Tip 1 of 6: Make Sure That You Don’t Overcharge It

Most batteries come with an auto shut down mechanism. This only triggers when they are charged fully. This mechanism ceases charging the device. 

Sometimes, the indicator in the battery goes green or the adapter beeps. Yet, certain batteries that are not all created equal, might still be charging. 

If this occurs, disconnect the charger right away and stop using the device.

Tip 2 of 6: Always Adhere To The Manual

A battery and charger’s instructions should always be read and followed religiously. This will assist you in using the tools safely and preventing harm. 

Although it might seem obvious, it is simple to neglect and might cause battery damage.

Tip 3 of 6: Make Sure To Use The Correct Charger

As was previously indicated, utilizing the incorrect charger might harm your battery. Use a charger made especially for NiMH cells, and be careful too. 

Batteries might be harmed if chargers are not made, particularly for them are used.  Chargers improper for NiMH batteries don’t deliver adequate current or voltage.

Tip 4 of 6: Don’t Compromise on The Quality of The Charger

Your battery is much more likely to be damaged or improperly charged with a cheap charger. Because, chargers are not all made equal. 

Cheaper chargers may offer fewer functions or are made of subpar materials, which might harm the battery. In the long run, you should not be compromising the quality of a charger to save some bucks.

Oh did you know that you can charge a lip battery even if you don’t have a charger? But how to charge a NiMH battery without a charger? You can’t!

Tip 5 of 6: Make Sure Your Battery Is Charged in A Cool Environment

We really advise you to not charge your battery in an environment with high temperatures. 

It is recommended to charge batteries in a cool area since heat can hasten their deterioration. This might lower the battery’s lifespan and cause harm.

Tip 6 of 6: Remove Your Battery When It Is Not in Use

We strongly suggest you disconnect the battery from your charger after it has finished charging. Long-term plugged-in use might diminish the battery’s lifetime and cause harm. 

Follow these tips and the lifespan of your battery will be extended. Thus, any harm will be avoided from damaging your battery.

In a dire situation, it is somewhat feasible if you use a NiCad charger to recharge your NiMH battery. However, this is not the recommended method. 

These tips are even more crucial when you’re charging NiMH batteries for the first time.

It’s crucial to remember that not all NiCad chargers are made equal. Some are developed especially for recharging NiMH cells and some are not. It might reduce the battery’s total lifespan.

Hopefully, you’ll love them!

Check your NiMH battery thoroughly if you already used a NiCad charger to charge it.

Make sure you always have a charger designed for the type of battery you own. There are various methods for charging NiMH batteries, and each one offers advantages of its own. 

Whenever it concerns extending the battery’s life, some techniques work better than others. Study about these to identify which one is the best fit for you. 


What type of charger should I use for rechargeable batteries?

It’s crucial to choose the appropriate approach. Always use the gadget, the charger that came with it, or a charger that the manufacturer recommends while charging rechargeable batteries. Because different battery types require different chargers, switching chargers and cells could lead to unexpected issues.

I need to charge my NiMH battery, but at what current?

Charging a nickel metal hydride battery at C/10 or less is the most affordable method. It denotes 10% of the hourly rated capacity. A 100 mAH battery will therefore take 15 hours to fully charge at 10 mA. This approach guarantees a full charge and does not need an end-of-charge sensor.

Can my rechargeable batteries be mixed?

When multiple battery chemistries are used to power a product, your equipment may become damaged due to electrolyte leakage and over-discharge of the lesser capacity batteries. In essence, it ruins the battery connections and creates a mess, potentially damaging your goods.

End Note

That’s all that you have for you today. Hopefully, now you understand the answer to “can you charge a NiMH battery with a nicad charger?” 

Make sure to check for corrosion on your battery since it can impede charging.

Another article with more interesting facts awaits you. Till then, goodbye!

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