How to Check NiMH Battery Condition? 2 Easy Ways

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The NiMH battery is a part of our regular use now. But we often forget to check the voltage. It happens to many of us. We could not understand if the battery is providing us a proper service or not.

But how to check NiMH battery condition?

The NiMH battery condition can be found in two easy ways. You can use a multimeter or a voltmeter. The multimeter is commonly used for its facility and accuracy. Also, the voltmeter gives almost the same range. The positive and negative sides should connect properly to the leads of the wires.

That’s not the end. We have given the steps of using a multimeter and voltmeter. Stay with us to know more.

How to Check NiMH Battery Condition

NiMH batteries are rechargeable. It will give a good service since it is at a good voltage. But how to check if the rechargeable battery is working or not.

NiMH battery condition can be checked in two ways. One is with the multimeter, which is very easy to measure the volt with a multimeter. The other way is with a voltmeter. The condition means how many volts the battery can provide to the device. Here the two ways are described.

Way 1: By Digital Multimeter

Digital multimeters are of different types. You can use it in measuring the resistance, volt, and AC or DC current. But the multimeter has some working principles. You have to follow them.

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You must be wondering how to test a NiMH battery with a multimeter. You can follow the following steps to find out the condition of the battery.

Step 1: Connect the Wire

Here two wires are present. Red and black. Put in the black wire in the common port. Fix the red wire in the volt port. It will not give an accurate reading if you fix the red wire in the common port. So, you should be careful about the wire.

Step 2: Turn the Knob On

There are many options in the multimeter. Here you can find out the Ac and DC current reading. You can measure the capacity of a capacitor and a resistance reading can be found by it.

In the case of a NiMH battery, see the given volt in the battery. Then, turn the knob into the range. Mainly we set the range at 20. In the autoselect multimeter, you only need to turn the knob in the DC option.

Step 3: Connect the Wire With Battery

It is an important step. Check the battery on which side the positive sign is present. Connect the red wire’s metal tip to the positive terminal of the battery. Then connect the black wire’s tip to the negative terminal.

Step 4: Note Down the Reading

How to check if rechargeable batteries are still good with

multimeter? You can find out the answer in this step. Your NiMH battery is working great if it is between 1.3 to 1.5 volt. It means NiMH battery voltage fully charged.

But the multimeter can show a range above 1.5 volts. It means the battery is overcharged. Excessive voltage will not comfort you with the device. If it shows less than 1.3 volts, then you should recharge the battery. You can also store a NiMH battery. Go according to the noted reading.

Way 2: By a Voltmeter

How to test if a NiMH battery is good? It can also be tested by a voltmeter. How to tell if your NiMH battery is bad can be detected by it. But the voltmeter is not commonly used.

A voltmeter is a little more difficult to use than a multimeter. Besides, here only the volt and the current can be measured. No other benefits as the multimeter are present. We have discussed how to detect the condition of the NiMH battery by a voltmeter below.

Step 1: Connect the Wire

The voltmeter has 2 sockets. One is for the voltage measurement, the other one is for current. You can find out the voltage reading only by plugging the voltage socket. The current connector is thick and the port is bigger. Here only two wires are present. So, avoid the port and the socket.

The thin connector has three wires. Red, black and yellow wire. Connect the thin wire into the narrow port. The thin connector will not set to the thick port.

Step 2: Uncapping

Now you should find out the positive side of the battery. Remove the cap of the positive side. If any tarnish is present, remove or clean it.

Step 3: Connect the Wire With the Battery

Hold the black wire tip on the negative side of the battery. Then place the red wire lead on the positive point. Here the voltmeter still can not read the voltage now.

Because the red and black wire is for the power source. The yellow wire measures the voltage. Connect the yellow wire to the positive side. After that, the voltmeter will give a reading. Connecting the yellow wire on the negative side will not give any reading.

Step 4: Note Down the Reading

Now you can note down the reading. If the reading is above 1.5 volts then it is overcharged. If it is between 1.3 to 1.5 volt then the battery is running well. 

But below 1.3 volts will give you a slow-working device. Should a NiMH battery charge with nicad charger be also a consideration for many people?

Tips: Always set the voltmeter in series on any of your devices. A parallel setting will not give the correct result. It acts like a shunt in parallel.

The commonly asked question of how to check NiMH battery condition is now known to you. The two ways are the best ways. You can easily follow the steps. Here you will not face any risk.


How many years do NiMH batteries last?

NiMH batteries can last for five years or less. It can be charged when the voltage goes down. You can charge it almost hundreds of times during its lifetime. A NiMH battery is equal to one hundred alkaline batteries.

How do you refresh NiMH batteries?

You can refresh NiMH batteries by two or three times by shocking them. The voltage should rise to 1.2 volts after this process. The voltage does not rise to 1.2 volts or stay at the same voltage. It means the battery should be replaced. It has lost its capacity.

Do NiMH batteries go bad?

NiMH batteries go bad if they are left for many days. A NiMH battery starts self-discharging in case it is unused for a long time. A new NiMH battery gives great service. But it quickly lost the voltage. Also, after five years of use,  it will go bad.


That’s all about how to check NiMH battery condition. We have tried to explain your quarry. Check your battery regularly and recharge when the voltage is below 1.3 volts.

If you have any other quarries, let us know. Until now stay safe!

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