Traxxas M41 Problems And the Solutions

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Does your Traxxas M41 have a number of problems? We get why it’s upsetting. Being faced with these issues is a challenging circumstance. We’ve got the answers for you!

So, what precisely are the most frequent traxxas m41 problems?

To begin with, you could notice that the steering servo isn’t operating correctly. You can have issues with the battery as well. There may also be leaking problems. Troubleshooting for steering servos may also be necessary. Another potential source of worry is boat propellers.

These are the common issues with Traxxas M41 that you could encounter. But you’ll have to stick with us to learn more.

Let’s get going!

Traxxas M41 Issues and Simple Solutions

Everyone is aware that their favorite devices often experience one issue after another. The terrible thing is that they almost never include much info on the user manuals.

Our lives might become complex due to electronic technologies. The Traxxas M41 is the same. Numerous problems might arise. The following issues are some of the most typical ones you could encounter:

Problem With Engine

It might be frightening to see the engine temperature indicator slowly increase. Another possibility is that a hose in the cooling and emissions system of your engine has ruptured. Put your worries aside since there is an easy fix.


The engine overheats because the boat’s cooling loop isn’t getting enough water flow. Look for clogs in your loop, then clear it out by flushing it via the intake.

Does the coolant and exhaust system have a ruptured hose? Put a spare set of hoses and clamps in their place after shutting off your engine. In the event that it is not feasible, you may shrink the end fitting. 

As an alternative, tape the broken part together for a more transient fix. Consider replacing your engine if repairs are made but it still won’t start. For RC, you should always purchase a high-quality nitro engine.

Problem With Battery

The battery of Traxxas M41 may sometimes refuse to charge. Alternatively, the gadget can show an erroneous battery level. Additionally, the battery could sometimes deplete fast. The battery transmission itself may be the source of the issue.


The battery has to be unplugged and replugged first. Check to see whether it is charging right now. If that’s the case, be aware that it could only be a temporary fix. 

A voltmeter may be used to check the battery and then make comparisons. You should probably disassemble the circuit board. You may then determine if it needs to be fixed. 

Chips are found on circuit boards. The Traxxas battery won’t charge if it burns out.

Last but not least, the battery might expire entirely. In such a case, you could attempt to charge a dead battery. Additionally, make that the battery’s connections are still attached.

Here seem to be two of these well-known batteries that you may purchase:

You might consider out all the SYPOM trigonal Lipo Battery for a rechargeable one. The Traxxas M41 and the PowerHobby trigonal Battery work together well.

There is one more battery-related reminder. Once you will be confident in your understanding of how long the LiPo batteries work. Then charge them after that period.

Problem With Propellor

When you speed your RC, the vibrations should increase, indicating your prop is broken. First, you should understand how to inspect the propellers of an RC boat. Propeller problems like bent or damaged propellers might occur.


Your boat’s streamlined design may be compromised by damaged prop blades as it cuts through the water. Check your prop for small alterations and anything caught in the blades. If you discover anything, take care to clean up the mess. 

Check to see whether any of the rotors are damaged.

Finally, check for slippage within the hub’s rubber bushing. If so, you can experience a decrease of power. It is advisable to seek expert help in situations like these.

Problem With the Level of Water

The bilge pump on your remote-control boat may feel heavier than normal. It happens when it is working harder than usual. If that occurs, you could be consuming water uncontrolled.

Here are some products which may become handy for you:

Product 1:
Product 2:


First, take into account the likelihood that you just neglected to install the stern drain plug. It may seem clear at this point. Although it happens often, it will hinder your efforts.

You will need to repair the drain stopper if you have inserted this and water still is entering. It won’t be a happy idea to repair them since the drain plug has been weakened.

Always look over M41 for just any holes before launching it into the sea. If you locate any, repair the imperfection using marine adhesive or sealer. In order to determine if you adhered it well, you may test it in water. 

By the way, a Traxxas blast may run at its full speed if water level issues are fixed.

Problem With Steering Servo

One of your RC boat’s most important components is the servo. If the steering servos fail, you won’t be able to control the direction of the boat. The servos might lose contact with the receiver, which could be a problem. 

The ESC is yet another example of a potential issue.


Make sure the servo connection is correct as the first step. Also, ensure none of the cables are tampered with as well.

The receiver’s connection that is attached to the channel must first be unplugged. Afterward, reattach it. If the servo is on a separate channel, does it function normally? If so, the receiver is to blame for the servo failure.

Last but not least, waterproofing servos is a great idea since water may harm them.

This manual will help you resolve M41 problems if you properly follow it.


Here are some of the common questions on the topic-

What Is The Traxxas M41’s Top Speed?

It travels through the water at 175 mph due to a pair of Hercules Racing 1350 engines. And a precisely molded design! Traxxas has recreated the amazing texture of the M41. It is a precise scale copy that is adaptable, entertaining, and quick.

Is It Possible To Use The Traxxas Boat On Salt Water?

Despite the fact that the Traxxas boat will still function correctly in salt water. It is due to salt water’s high corrosiveness. But Traxxas strongly advises against it. The warranty on your product does not cover corrosion-related damage.

Is Traxxas Blast Water Resistant?

Yes, the Stinger 20-Turn Motor has a sleek design (including a 24 inch V-shaped hull). And waterproof electronics are all features of the high-performance electric racing boat. Including its high-torque servo, Nautica electrical speed control, and enclosed receiver box.

Final Words

That is our entire exposure of the significant Traxxas M41 problems. We really hope you learned something from this thorough instruction.

Remember one thing, if there is poor maintenance, correcting issues is useless. So make an effort to routinely maintain your RC boat.

It is now appropriate for us to part ways. Now, feel free to operate your boat freely!

Have a great day!

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