Traxxas Slash Steering Works But No Throttle: 6 Causes

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It’s disappointing when you’re all set to have fun with your RC, but there’s no throttle. It can even happen that the steering works, though the throttle doesn’t. That’s enough to piss you off.

Why does Traxxas slash steering works but no throttle?

It can happen because of unplugged servo or damaged servo wires. It can also happen if the transmitter or battery has failed. Uncalibrated ESC or incompatible transmitter and receiver can cause the problem as well. Whatever the reason is, you can fix it by following specific instructions.

The small portion above doesn’t reveal the whole scenario. There’s more you should know. Along with that, we have a full discussion ahead. 

Please have a read to get all the details. Let’s start!

6 Causes for No Throttle in Traxxas RC

Several reasons are accountable for no throttle despite the steering working. They can cause other problems as well. So, get acquainted with them will help you to have a better understanding.

However, here we will get to know about the reasons for no throttle. We’ll also let you know some quick fixes for your convenience. The reasons are as follows.

Cause 1. Unplugged Servo

The servo controls the throttle as well as the steering. They actuate the RC to move in the first place and provide specific velocity and acceleration of the vehicle.

Unplugged Servo

So, when the servo is unplugged, there is no initial power delivery to the RC. As a result, it doesn’t throttle and RC doesn’t move even though the steering works. That’s why unplugged servos are one of the reasons for no throttle.


You’ll see that there are two channels in the Traxxas receiver. Make sure to connect the steering in channel 1 and the throttle servo in channel 2. Thus, plug in the servo properly. After that, you should get the desired throttle.

Cause 2. Damaged Servo Wire

If the properly plugged servo doesn’t produce any throttle, there may be a damaged servo wire. The wire can get loose or cut down in some parts. This will also cause the throttle not to work.

Essentially, if the wire is faulty, the signal from the servo won’t reach the receiver. So, there will be no throttle.


If a small portion of the wire is exposed, you can fix it easily with adhesives. In case the wire is cut down badly, you can fix it by soldering. You’ll need a soldering iron for that.

If you don’t know where to find soldering irons, we’re here to help. Check the list below to find your desired soldering iron.

Product 1 
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Hope you’ll find the soldering iron that matches your requirements here. Find yours and start working.

However, if you’re not confident about fixing it by yourself, take it to service centers. Numerous professionals can do the work for you. But it will cost you to repair the damage. So, look if you’ve got a warranty timeline left before going to service centers.

Cause 3. Battery Issues 

It’s one of the most common issues in this regard. If the battery pack isn’t fully charged, there’s a chance of this problem occurring. That means, the steering will work, but there won’t be any throttle. 

traxxas Battery Issues 

There might be different reasons for the battery to fail. For example, overcharging or undercharging, temperature rise, etc. When the battery fails, the receiver doesn’t get proper connections and the RC doesn’t throttle. 


Recharge your battery well and try to understand the battery chemistry. That means, please use LiPo or NiMH battery according to the instructions. Also, don’t use a different type of charger while charging the battery.  

Don’t forget to turn on Low Voltage Detection mode while using LiPo batteries. Also, remember to check if your LiPo battery isn’t charging at all. 

Cause 4. Receiver Problem

The receiver unit collects the signal from the transmitter and works accordingly. If there’s an issue in the receiver, it may not receive the signal for throttling. As a result, it won’t throttle even if it steers. 

The receiver can get broken or worn out for which receiver failure can happen. Or else, there might be internal component damage. The circuit board can be damaged as well.


Test the receiver properly to inspect the problem. If repairing it seems complex, take it to service centers. Check whether you have a warranty timeline left. In that case, you’ll be able to repair it for free. 

Cause 5. Antenna and Frequency Problem

Antennas work to help the proper flow of the signals. Transmitter antennas send the signals to which receiver antennas respond. A problem with antennas will hamper this work. So, there might be no throttles. 

A specific frequency is needed for the transmitter and receiver to work. If the frequency isn’t right, there might be problems in operating signals. As a result, throttling won’t be accurate and might not appear at all.


Check the antenna before operating the RC. Move it to set the correct position. Also, set the correct frequency for the transmitter and receiver to work. You can also tune the frequency by the professionals if you find it difficult.

6. ESC Problem

ESC means electronic speed control. It controls the movement of the motor and thus impacts the power delivery. ESC does this by processing decoded signals from the transmitter and receiver. The ESC is programmed for all these works.

traxxas ESC

If the ESC gets problematic, the control of the RC will be hampered. As a result, you might lose the throttle of the RC.


Program, calibrate, and test the ESC and transmitter properly. Check if there’s any low voltage issue that’s hindering ESC to work. Replace the ESC in case there’s serious damage. Take it to the service center for that.

So, these were the six reasons for which there might be no throttle in your RC. Hope you’ll be able to inspect the one that’s bothering you and solve the problem.


How do I identify the servo motor as a bad one?

If you see that the servo starts properly but stops after reaching high speed, it’s problematic. In that case, it can seriously malfunction. So, better avoid that servo and replace it if needed.

Do servos last long?

Yes, a properly maintained servo can be functional for around 20 years. But adverse conditions and ill maintenance can reduce the lifespan drastically. So, the longevity of a servo is greatly dependent on your usage pattern.

Is Servo controlled by the ESC?

No, the ESC doesn’t control the servo. Servo is usually plugged into the receiver. Besides, the receiver is powered by a battery. So, there’s no chance for the ESC to control the servo. ESC mainly helps to achieve motion control.


Now it’s time to wrap up Traxxas slash steering works but no throttle. We’ve packed in as much information as we could in this discussion. Hope you’ll find it useful.

Don’t panic if you encounter such situations. Rather try to find the actual reason and solutions that you’ve got from here. Let’s call it a day here. Stay well and take care.

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