Remote Control Boat Not Working: Answered!

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There are multiple reasons for an RC boat not to operate properly. You must ascertain the source of the problem whether the issue is with your remote control or your boat.

Identifying the issue is quite frustrating. You may encounter numerous difficulties in determining the source of the problem. Here, I can assist you in resolving the issue.

Remote control boat not working?

If the remote doesn’t power on, or the batteries are placed wrong, the RC boat won’t work. In addition to dead batteries, ‘Battery Acid’ leakage, and loose battery contacts are all possible causes. Ensure that there is no water in the boat or battery box. Boats will not operate if there is water.

This was basically a synopsis of the problems. Check out this section to discover further about their solution.

The Remote Won’t Turn On

The light indication does not blink at first. As it would in normal operation, it does not appear to be working.

Incorrect Alignment of the Battery

If the battery orientation is improper, the remote control will not work. You should correct the alignment of the battery.

Using a strong squeeze of your finger. Lift the remote control’s battery cover and slide it off the back. Make sure that the positive & negative sides of the cells are properly aligned. The battery should be labeled if you don’t understand which side is correct.

Batteries That Have Died

A dead battery is another reason for the remote not working.

Remove the battery cover from the remote control’s back. Replace old batteries with fresh ones. Additionally, you can charge your dead battery.

‘Battery Acid’ Leakage

Another problem is battery acid leakage. By yourself, you can solve it. 

Put on a pair of gloves to keep your hands safe. Use vinegar or lime juice and a Q-tip to remove the “battery acid.” Try dipping a Q-tip into the liquid and gently rubbing the battery’s acid areas. Use only the same type of batteries to repair or replace the damaged ones.

Batteries With Loose Contacts

Make use of a Phillips-head screwdriver to unscrew the battery cover.  Loosening the screw can be done by turning the tool counterclockwise. Tighten them by turning the tool clockwise. 

Overtightening might lead to damage. To remove the metal contact points from the battery compartment, bend the tab upwards until it slides out of the way of your fingers.

Using a Remote to Control a Boat Will Not Work

The remote does not always control the boat. It is a serious issue. Your RC boat may require the use of a trailer at times. You can build your own RC boat trailer.

Error in the Operator

Ensure that the boat is submerged. There is no electrical connection between the boat’s two screws placed at the bottom if it is not submerged in water. As a result, the boat won’t work until it’s submerged in water.

Replace Old Batteries

The remote has two AA batteries on the back of it. That can be replaced. Replace the batteries by simply sliding off the cover. 

Remote Control Boat Battery

Six AA batteries are housed inside the boat and removing six screws from the top of the boat is required to access them. Set aside a tiny cup to keep track of the screws.

Install the Batteries in the Correct Orientation

Battery connections are located on the opposing sides of the battery, with a positive & a negative on each. The positive terminal must be connected to the flat connection. In opposition, the negative side must be connected to the spring connection, as shown in the illustration.

Water Found in the Battery Compartment

While the battery compartment lid is on, water continues to pour into the compartment.

Missing Screws

With a screwdriver, remove the screws from the cover and replace them. Ascertain that you have the correct screw size by taking one from your project and bring it with you to a hardware store shop. 

In order to remove screws, turn the screwdriver counterclockwise. Tightening new screws requires turning the screwdriver in the clockwise direction. Do not overtighten because this can cause the thread in the boat to be stripped!

Gaskets That Are Damaged

Using a screwdriver, remove the main cover as well as the cover over the battery compartment. The three gaskets should be replaced.

The Boat Is Not Being Able to Keep Afloat

Your remote control boat will not function if it does not remain afloat. There are numerous causes for this issue.

Cracks in the Boat’s Hull

Check the deck for any prospective cracks. If one is discovered, the user can seal it using a leak sealant of some sort. 

Put the sealant evenly on the surface and follow the manufacturer’s directions. You should know how long the sealant should be allowed to dry before using it. You can repair the hull easily, it’s not too hard.

The Sealant That Connects the Boat’s Top Half to the Frame Has Failed

Try putting the two sections back together with super glue. In order to repair the damaged area, apply a thin coating of super glue. This step should be repeated one further time to verify that the bonds are properly resealed once.

The Leak Began at the Propellers Motor

Examine the area where the propeller component and the boat hulls come into direct touch. Some of the adhesives that were used to cover the boat were found in this region. It was discovered. 

If that gasket has failed, water may be seeping into the boat’s hull here.

The Boat Cannot Move Ahead But Is Partially Functional

The boat will occasionally stop moving forward. However, it serves its purpose. The problem is caused by:

The Boat Propeller Has Broken

Keep an eye on the two boat propellers. Which are placed on either side of the boat’s hull. This is the most likely reason for the problem if one of the propellers is broken. 

To replace the propeller, just pull off the older one and put on the new one. It will be held in place by the friction fit.

The Servo Motor Has Died

The servo motor can be replaced by separating the upper and lower halves of the boat as well as removing the servos. It is recommended that the user use caution when performing this remedy as it may end up costing more than the boat itself.

Here are the best servo motors to help you decide which one to buy:

Product 1
Product 2

Use these options to get to the bottom of your search.


How is a remote control for a boat implemented?

An electric engine located towards the front of the boat is attached to a shaft. The shaft extends from the backside of the boat and out from the bottom of the hull to propel the boat forward.

How do you activate the RC boat shuttle?

There’s a power switch you can push to turn on your remote. The electric LED will be lit up. This means the remote control has been turned on and can be used.

How much time does it take to charge an RC boat battery?

The boat’s battery needs 60-90 minutes to charge. Check the guidebook for safety advice and battery care instructions. For proper pairing, the boat must be submerged.

Final Word

I’d covered all the bases when it came to the remote control boat not working. Thanks for reading. That part of the job is now done.

Have your tried everything, but it’s still not working? You should seek the advice of an expert in this case.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions!

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