Rc Transmitter And Receiver Not Working: Troubleshooting Made Easy

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Your RC car isn’t sending out any signals. It can be annoying to realize that the transmitter and receiver are the cause of the problem.

But, if the problem isn’t addressed right once, it could lead to further complications. Fortunately, you needn’t fret since we’ve got you covered.

So, what should you do if RC transmitter and receiver not working?

To begin, verify whether the issue is with the transmitter, receiver, or RC. Make sure the battery is fully charged, and the antenna and the frequencies are correct. There may be issues with the servos that must be solved. Also, make sure the programming is sound; if it isn’t, you’ll have to redo it.

This was essentially an overview of the issues. Check out this section to know further about this solution.

Try Out Your Rc

Most of the time, we accuse the transmitter and receiver when our car won’t start or run. However, are you certain that the problem is with your RC transmitter?

Let’s rule out any issues with your transmitter and controller first before rushing to fix the RC.

Check Your Transmitter With Other RC

Check Your Transmitter With Other RC

Your transmitter must be checked first to see if it’s functioning properly. So, how can you check if your RC transmitter is functioning properly?

Try the transmitter on another RC to see if it works. Ascertain that the amplitudes are the same. After that, connect your RC to your transmitter and test it out.’ If it’s working, the fault is with your remote control.

In this case, you can fix the faulty remote control.

Check Your RC With Other Transmitters

You’ll need to test your remote control with a different transmitter at this point. You can see if another transmitter is compatible with your RC by checking its compatibility. 

Once more, check to see if the frequencies are identical. Use it just like you normally would. If the RC works, then your transmitter is the issue.

A few options await you afterward. This might help you solve your problem right away. So, let’s look at them.

Get the Job Done in a Blink

The quick fixes are here. The following are some popular fixes you can try. Let’s have a peek at this one!

Check the Batteries

ESC Is Not Functioning Properly 

It’s possible that the batteries aren’t put correctly or are completely depleted. A problem with your RC receiver may be apparent. You’ll need to refill it in this situation. You may also have to make sure the batteries are inserted correctly.

The issue is that many people do not recharge their devices properly. So, make sure you know how long it will take to recharge your battery depending on the voltage of your battery.

If you’re not using your gadget for a long time, the batteries may have deteriorated. Recharging is of no use at this stage. As a result, the battery will need to be replaced.

Another issue you may have is that your lipo battery may not charge.

Some rechargeable batteries are recommended. Listed here are the top batteries to assist you to make a purchase decision:

Product 1 
Product 2 

Using it on your RC should work as expected. Please remember to replace the battery when you are not using the device.

Try this after you’ve charged your batteries and the RC receiver still isn’t working. The first step is to completely drain your battery and recharge it. This should be able to get the device up and running again.

Check the Frequency and Antenna

If you have a lot of these, it’s possible that your receivers & transmitters will get jumbled up. Possibly, your gadget won’t work because of the frequency imbalance. As a result, be sure to double-check the frequency compatibility of your transmitter and receiver. 

A transmitter or receiver of the same frequency must be found. Hopefully, they’ll all be fine now!

Additionally, if your antenna is telescopic, ensure that it is fully extended. To transmit and receive signals, the antenna must be straight and untwisted.

Attempt a Variety of Channels

Check that your gadget and controller are both linked to the same channel. Otherwise, the RC receiver may not answer due to the mismatch.

Each channel now controls a different motor. As a result, if one of them fails, the system will be disrupted.

Try all six channels unless you’re not clear on which ones to utilize. If none of these operate, you will have to keep digging.

Attempt to Reconfigure And Pair Your Devices

You also can try unplugging and plugging back in your device. You may be wondering how to pair your RC transmitter and receiver.

First, you need to short two pins to connect the RX and TX. When you’re done, simply switch the power on. The LED will start to blink rapidly. The lights will settle and the RX will begin reacting after the connection has been made.

Is It Still Not Working? Check the Hardware More!

You’ve tried all the easy fixes, but your RC car is still not reacting to the throttle. This moment will make you unsure what to do next. There could still be issues with the servos, ESC, or wiring. So, let’s get them fixed!

Servos That Are Not Working

Servos That Are Not Working

Your servos may be to fault if your equipment is only half functional. As a result, your remote control might only respond to the transmitter but nothing else.

Unplugging the faulty servo from the receivers is the only way to fix this issue. Next, switch to another channel or connect it to a functional RC. You may also need to weatherproof your servo at times.  

ESC Is Not Functioning Properly 

ESC Is Not Functioning Properly 

Programming issues can cause problems with both the transmitter and receiver. The remote control transmitter and the receiver circuit may become incompatible with the frequencies it is transmitting and receiving. As a result, individuals can be unable to effectively communicate.

Your ESC may be able to be repaired if you reprogram the transmitter.

Damaged Or Faulty Wiring

The damaged wires can be quite little, making it easy to overlook them. It is possible that the connection points will get sloppy from time to time.

Now, if there are broken wires, you have to rebind them or weld them.

Transmitter With a Defect

The transmitter and receiver may not properly bond on occasion. You should test the receiver with a different transmitter to check if it works. If they do, then the old transmitter seems faulty. The transmitter can be reset to see if that helps.

Resetting the Faulty Transmitter is the answer in this case.

That’s all from us on the RC transmitter and receiver not working!


What are the functions of RC transmitters and receivers?

Radio waves are used by both the transmitter and the receiver to control the motors. When we move the RC toy forward or backward, two electrical contacts touch. Identifying signals are sent to the circuit.

Why isn’t my remote-control car moving?

If you have no control, no sound, and no movement, you may need to replace your motor. The cables of a toy RC usually go to a circuit. Any weak or broken connections may need to be re-solder. 

Why won’t my Traxxas RC start?

Verify that the battery is properly plugged in and that the connector pins are not deformed or damaged. If unclear about your battery’s status, try another. The vehicle’s battery must be charged. Recharge the battery.

Final Word

I had covered every aspect of rc transmitter and receiver not working that came to me. The solutions should be helpful and make you able to finish the work now.

If nothing works after exhausting all of the preceding alternativess, it is time to seek professional advice.

Until the next time, bye!

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