UDI RC Venom Boat Troubleshooting [Detailed Discussion]

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Having fun with your favorite UDI RC venom boat on the weekend is a must. It lets you remember the old days and have quality time to spend with your fellow RC friends. But getting into problems with your RC boat is a hassle for sure.

So, let’s talk about UDI RC venom boat troubleshooting.

Having problems with the transmitter and its components is common. Transmitter Indicator light related problem is the most common. To fix it, change the battery. Again, if it fails to pair with the boat transmitter, restart the RC and then power on. If it’s a boat tilting to one side, then just calibrate.

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Venom RC Boat: Troubleshoots, Causes, And Solutions

The venom RC boat is a very sophisticated type of RC boat. It has its crazy fun features. But in some cases, there are some common problems you can face while using it. 

We have discussed such problems, causes, and their solutions. Let’s get into it!

UDI RC Venom Boat Troubleshooting

Problem 1: Transmitter Indicator Light Is off

The transmitter indicator is an important part of your RC boat. It gives you the access to control your RC boat while using it. The radio signal transmitted through your remote is picked up by the transmitter. The indicator light shows if it is getting picked up or not.


The cause of this problem is few. If your RC boat has a low battery, then that could lead to the light not getting enough power. Making it doubt yourself in knowing venom RC boat how to turn on the power.

Another cause could be that the battery has been installed incorrectly. The positive and negative poles are in reverse order. Also, poor contact with the battery can lead to this problem as well.


If the problem is with a low battery, then you will have to change the battery. That too for a new, charged one. You can check the user manual and then install the battery. That will prevent you from a mishap by incorrect installation.

You should also clean the venom RC boat battery and the housing to prevent poor contact. That should solve the problem.

Problem 2: Failing to Pair With The Boat Transmitter

Having a paired connection between the two transmitters of the boat and your controller is a must. Without that, you cannot run your RC boat at all. Sometimes the pairing function might not work. We are here to help you solve this.


The problem with pairing the two transmitters is a bit tricky. It is very common one if your transmitter light is off. That can lead to the transmitters not pairing as they may not be with power. Transmitters can be blinded as well.

Another cause could be signal interference. This can be due to the environment blocking the transmitter signals, or it can be due to a program glitch. The latter issue is the most common as sometimes the programs do get circuitry glitches.

If improper operating methods are used using the RC boat, you can have this problem as well. Damaged or battered electronic components can lead to transmitter failure as well. It’s common with the UDI 009 RC boat.


The battery-related problem can be solved if you follow the solutions to problem 1. It will resolve the issue. In case of signal interference, a simple restart of your RC boat and remote module should fix it. Then power on the transmitter.

If it is due to damaged electronic components, then you will need to replace them. Also, you should follow through with the UDI RC boat manual to ensure proper operating processes.

Problem 3: Boat Not Going Forward

Sometimes you might get into trouble using your RC boat. You are giving it full power to go forward but it does not. Leading it to float around uncontrollably. It is similar to when RC cars do not move.

As well as it risks your RC boat from getting capsized by any strong wave just as the issue with the Cheerwing RC racing boat.


This problem can occur when your boat’s propeller gets deformed. It leads to the propeller not being able to move your RC boat. Also, not installing the propeller properly can create this problem too. 

Apart from the propeller, battery issues can lead to this as well. If your battery does not have sufficient charge, then your boat will not move. An expired battery can also lead to this problem. As well as, not connecting the battery properly.


If the problem source is from the propeller, then you should replace it with a new one. Fixing a deformed propeller is time-consuming and wasteful. Make sure that the installation process is perfect. Otherwise, you will have the same problem.

As for battery issues, you should change your battery with a charged new pack. This will prevent your boat from getting into tough water conditions. Make sure to clean the battery housing once in a while as well.

Problem 4: Boat Tilting to One Side

It is a major problem when you are enjoying yourself with your RC boat. In such case, the boat may tilt one side, making it very vulnerable to capsizing. Tilting to one side makes it unstable on water. This widespread issue nearly put venom RC out of business.


Tilting to one side can happen if the steering gear arm of the boat is not vertical. This is also a cause for the rudder as well. If the rudder is not vertical, then the boat will tilt. Also, the steering grip might slip as well, causing the RC boat to tilt.


In case of the steering arm or the rudder not being vertical, you will have to calibrate. Calibrating these two parts is very simple. You do not need to do it yourself. Just like the functions on the Cheerwing UDI boat.

But if the steering grip is malfunctioning, then you should replace it with a new one. You can find steering grips in the market. Here are some of our recommendations.

Product 1
Product 2

These steering grips are long-lasting and made with durable material. You will find good performance from them. Make sure to install them properly as per the venom RC boat manual. It is as simple as gluing RC tires.

And that is all about this topic.


How can I make my RC boat go faster?

Upgrade your RC boat’s batteries, propellers, as well as motor to increase its speed. You can increase the speed by removing the shiny finish on the bottom. Keep the systems cold while you’re improving your boat so that it functions smoothly and swiftly.

How do you size an RC boat motor?

Sizing an RC boat motor depends on what dimension the boat is. If the boat size is big, then you will need a larger motor. If it is small, then you will need a smaller one. The motor needs to be properly sized to the size of the boat. Or else, the movement of the boat will not be stable.

How do you measure the pitch on an RC boat prop?

To determine the pitch, put the propeller level on a desk and draw a line all across the blade, 75 percent of the length from the hub to the tip. Measure the breadth of the blade at this point along the table’s surface.


That is all we have to talk about UDI RC venom boat troubleshooting. The problems that we have discussed in this product are the most common. Following our solution, you can easily deal with the issues and go enjoying yourself faster.

But if you get any complicated issues with the RC boat, seek professional help to solve it properly.

Happy boat-venturing!

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