Traxxas Slash Vs Stampede: Which One Is For You?

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There are many options for RC buyers. The sheer amount of RCS available can leave a buyer confused. 

So how does traxxas slash vs stampede look like? 

Both the traxxas slash and the stampede are 4×4 RCs. But the body of the slash is bigger and more aggressive on a flat chassis. The stampede is smaller and modern with a raised chassis. The stampede is great for bashing while the slash excels at racing. 

This is just the gist of the two RCS. There are many more points to compare. Fortunately, we have an in-depth comparison right here!

General Overview 

The similarities between the two are many, as well as dissimilarities. To a newcomer, the Traxxas Slash and Stampede might look very different. But once the body has been removed, differentiation might become a bit more challenging. 

So how does traxxas slash vs stampede 4×4 look like?

BodyLower but wider, more aggressiveHigher but smaller, more modern
UpgradabilityMore upgradable Less upgradable
For BashingGood with customizationGreat
For RacingGreatDecent
PriceCheck HereCheck Here

The table can give you an idea. But you will need more details to make the correct choice. We go into the details of every aspect in the next section. 

In-depth Comparison 

Now let’s see how the two 4×4 stack against each other. We will be discussing, in detail, how the Traxxas Slash and Stampede compare to each other. 


The body is the first visible aspect of the 4×4 RC. So the first judgment will be based on how the bodies of the RCs look. More importantly, the body affects more than the car’s looks. 

The Traxxas Slash comes with a much wider body. This makes it look much bigger than the chassis actually is. But the height of the Traxxas Slash is somewhat lower. 

The Slash, although low, appears like a truck. It has much bigger headlights with an in general aggressive look. Many people like this specific look. 

The Stampede, on the other hand, has a much more standard-looking body. It is simpler and many consider it to be more modern looking. 

The Stampede is pretty tall thanks to the raised chassis. But the body itself is narrow and small. 

Winner: The winner of this section will vary from person to person. Some will prefer the simple body of the Stampede, while others will like the aggressive Slash


We already mentioned the chassis of the two 4x4s in the previous section. But what does traxxas slash vs stampede chassis actually look like?  

The Traxxas Slash has a flat chassis. The height of the chassis is not very high. So the ground clearance of the Slash is pretty low as well. 

The Slash’s chassis comes with much smaller wheels as well. The smaller wheels and low ground clearance make the Slash great for racing. 

The Stampede has a much more raised chassis. This makes the whole car taller and gives the 4×4 much more ground clearance. 

The wheels of the Stampede are much larger as well. Making it great for bashing and off-roading.  

WInner: Both of the chassis is reliable and good. But we like the raised and sturdy chassis of the Stampede more.


All RCs have different levels of customization they can offer. Some have better customization and upgrade options. 

The Slash offers a very customizable and upgradable RC. You can upgrade parts to make the Slash better suited for racing or bashing. 

We already discussed some parts of the Slash. Such as the wheel, which we considered to have low ground clearance. But fortunately, the wheels of the Slash can be customized to meet your desires. 

Upgrading the wheels may require you to know how to glue rc tires

The shock absorber of the Slash is Traxxas’s stock shock absorber. They are good but can be further upgraded if the need arises. 

On the other hand, the Stampede falls short in terms of upgradability. The Stampede comes pre-made for bashing. 

The shock absorber of the Stampede or the wheels cannot be upgraded. But the Proline shock absorber that comes with the Stampede is of really good quality. 

Winner: The clear winner of this round is the Traxxas Slash. It is much more upgradable and customizable. So you can fine-tune it according to your desires. 

For Bashing

Now the purpose for having the RC varies from person to person. Bashing and racing are the two primary activities with RCs.  

We discussed the chassis of the Slash. The Slash has a lower ground clearance and smaller wheels. Though it has a wider body, it is lower. 

Though the Slash is good for bashing, it is not excellent. Some users have said that the Slash lacks that particular fun factor for bashing. The lower center of gravity of the Slash makes it unable to rip into the ground. 

But that does not mean that the Slash cannot be used for bashing. Updates like the proline trenches and more appropriate wheels can make the Slash a bashing machine.  

Now the Stampede 4×4 was made for bashing. The raised body and bigger wheels make it much more fun to bash with. The higher ground clearance will give you much better performance. 

The Stampede lets the driver have much more fun in the snow. Or drivers who drive without any care enjoy using the Stampede more.

Winner: For bashing the Stampede wins hands down. Though the Slash can be made into a basher with upgrades. 

For Racing

Now with bashing discussed, how do the two 4×4 do in terms of racing? 

The chassis of the Slash is lower with a low center of gravity. This makes the handling of the Slash crisp. 

The smaller wheels of the chassis help the Slash in races as well. Overall the stock Slash is really good for racing. 

But we mentioned the upgradability of the Slash. With upgrades, the Slash can be turned into an excellent racing RC. 

In the previous section, we already mentioned that the Stampede was designed for bashing. And we also mentioned that the RC has very limited upgradability. 

The Stampede can be used for racing. It is a decent enough racer. But do not expect anything record-breaking from it in the tracks. 

Winner: The clear winner for racing is the Slash. The Slash is a really good racing rc and can be further improved upon. While the Stampede is a decent racer with no upgradability. 


The budget is something to keep in mind. So let’s see which of the 4×4 is more budget-friendly. 

The Slash is more pricy than the Stampede. The Stampede comes pre-built for bashing, with all upgrades. So you are getting more for your money as well. 

The slash on the other hand has a higher price tag and the future upgrades can stack up the cost of the RC. 

There are a few variants of the Slash. The Slash platinum and ultimate are different in many aspects, including the price.

Winner: The Traxxas Stampede 4×4 wins this round because of its cheaper price tag. 


Both the Traxxas Slash and The Stampede are excellent RCs in their own rights. The final choice boils down to your needs. 

If you are looking for a 4×4 to race with, then the Stampede is the obvious choice. But if you are more into racing, the Slash is the way to go. 


Some common questions are-

What is a basher RC?

Bashing is when you race your RC cars without following any specific rules and regulations. The RC is driven just for fun or to test out the limits. No tracks are needed, you can just drive around anywhere while bashing. In bashing, wrecks are enjoyed. 

Is Traxxas Slash a good basher?

Yes, the Traxxas Slash is a good basher. Though not particularly built for bashing, you will not be disappointed with the Slash. The Slash can be bashed with. Further upgrades can make the Slash more fun to bash with as well. 

How fast is Traxxas Slash 4×4?

The stock speed of a Traxxas Slash 4×4 is 35 mph+. But the speed can be drastically increased. Using optional gearing and 3s LiPo batteries, the Slash can go 60 mph+. The optional gearing and 3S LiPo batteries are sold separately. 


With that we know so much more about traxxas slash vs stampede. Both are excellent 4x4s, which one you want depends on your needs. 

Anyone looking for a basher should go for the Stampede. Anyone looking for a racer should go with the Slash. 

That’s it! Happy racing!

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