Traxxas Slash Ultimate vs Platinum: Defining Speed

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The world of remote control cars is facing tough competition. They are competing hard to be the best.

So, you are good luck. Since you are provided with a more fun experience.

Here, we are comparing Traxxas slash ultimate vs platinum.

A detailed comparison of top speed, weight, and chassis size gives clear insights. Since the platinum model shows more promise in terms of speed and durability, there are features of the ultimate model that are hard to ignore. See what makes you feel better.

The world of remote control racing has expanded a long way in recent years. We are inviting you to incorporate enough knowledge so that you can be a professional.

Let us explore different territories of the ultimate RC experience. You will see nothing but benefits. 

Traxxas Slash Ultimate vs Platinum – Feature Comparison

FeaturesTraxxas Slash UltimateTraxxas Slash Platinum
Scale Size1/101/10
Top Speed60+mph70+mph
Weight2.28 kg2.26 kg
Chassis Size108mm106mm
Battery3S Battery4S Battery

Traxxas Slash Ultimate Vs Platinum – Complete Comparison

Both the Traxxas brands have some cool features. In the matter of differences in feaures, both have similar attributes. However, there are some distinct differences that are worth looking at.

We shall go deeper into the comparison to suggest the best product for you. 

Scale Size

The scale size is determined by the number of times the real model is bigger. Both the brands being 1/10 scale indicates they are 10 times smaller. This is in comparison to the actual version. 

There is nothing much to indicate when a comparison is done with some size. They are smaller than the ⅛ scale and bigger than the 1/12 scale. A ⅛ and 1/10 comparison produced some distinct results.

For example, bigger sizes of remote control vehicles carry the ability to be more resistant. This is on any surface. 

It is known that the Traxxas slash 4×4 metal parts provide higher durability. This is due to the fact that they don’t decay easily. Also, they are easy to clean and maintain. 

Top Speed

The size comparison does not set the two apart. However, in terms of top speed, there is a difference.

The Traxxas slash 4×4 platinum brand performs better with 70+mph speed. With 60+mph maximum speed, the Traxxas slash ultimate is slower.

If your remote control car is running faster, definitely you will enjoy it more. 

It is recorded that the Traxxas slash platinum can speed up to 85mph. This is when your agility and control are superior. Better speed usually comes with Traxxas slash upgrades.

The ultimate version does not speed that fast. If you try hard, you can reach up to 65 mph. 

So, as you can see the ultimate version has many good features. However, it does not speed fast enough. 


In terms of weight, the difference between the two is only 0.02 kg. The Traxxas Ultimate is slightly heavier but it does set a distinct influence over the other. 

Compared to other scaled models, both these products have some distinct advantages. For example, many prefer lightweight bodies so that it speeds faster.

However, lightweight bodies usually flip and turn more. They don’t do well in muddy or rocky terrains. 

The heavier the weight, the better the RC cars perform. This is in terms of running on any terrain. Smaller size and lower weight 1/16 scale remote-control cars can have some different features.

There are many Traxxas slash ultimate upgrades available in the market. These upgrades make the model heavier.

The platinum version also has some cool features. The upgrades make the remote control experience much more fun. 


Both the remote control car models are waterproof. This means they come with many advantages.

You are able to have a fun experience when it is raining. It is more fun to use the controller when the cars are running on muddy roads.

No matter how heavy the rain is, the products will not default. They will perform at its best on muddy roads.

However, be careful during lightning storms, you don’t want to damage the devices!

The good side is that you can easily use a wet towel to clean the products. 

As a matter of comparison, the Traxxas platinum performs better on water also. They keep their higher speed reputation water even when submerged into water.

Chassis Size

Both the models come with metallic chassis. The size difference is only 2mm. So, it does not separate the two much. 

A smaller chassis size accounts for having issues with bumps on rocky terrains. In this scenario, the ultimate model does a slightly better job at high-speed bumps.

The process of Traxxas slash 4s conversion can upgrade speed. Not only that, it can improve running efficiency on roads. There are many kits available in the market to upgrade both models. 

One of the processes for smooth control is to incorporate digital servos. Analog servos have some advantages too. A basic comparison of analog and digital servos can give many insights. 

A higher chassis size space allows more upgrades to settle in. Connections with the controllers can also be upgraded in the process. 


The Traxxas slash 4×4 vxl 4s lipo batteries of the platinum model provide a longer run time. This means with the 4-cell battery, you are able to enjoy the longer performance.

In this scenario, the ultimate model is performing lesser with a shorter running experience. The three-cell battery is the reason. It can win with the platinum version. 

An effective Traxxas slash ultimate vs platinum comparison comes down to the matter of battery performance. In this scenario, the platinum version is performing better. 

The Traxxas slash 4×4 platinum price is slightly higher than the ultimate version. Given the better speed and longer run time, it should be worth the money.

Keeping the prices in mind, we have a product suggestion table for you. 

Traxxas 1/10 Drag SlashElegantly designed car with good max speed.Check
Traxxas Ultimate Monster TruckProvides efficient off-road run.Check
Traxxas 82010-4 – TRX-4 Sport 1/10 4×4Efficient mounting ability.Check
Traxxas 8880 – TRX-4 All-Terrain TraxxAbility to run on any terrain including submerged water.Check
Traxxas Bandit – RC BuggyMetal framed and waterproof system.Check


Which scale size is the best for remote-control cars?

Different scale-size remote-control cars have different good features. However, 1/10 and ⅛ scales are usually popular. This is because they run faster than other scales.

Why is a waterproof remote control car important?

Waterproof remote control cars are not important. Compared to non-waterproof cars, they are fun to ride. You will be tension free when it is raining heavily.

Is spending more on upgrades worth it?

Spending some cash on upgrades can give your RC vehicles new look. They look better and with some kits, they perform better as well. Depending on your experience, it should be worth it. 


It is evident that both models have similar features. However, a detailed comparison of Traxxas slash ultimate vs platinum has given us good insights. 

With that, we hope you are able to recognize the right product for you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave your comments below. 

Bye for now!

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