How Big is a 1/16 Scale RC car? When Size Matters!

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Remote control cars are designed for fun experiences. The faster the cars go the more fun you are going to have.

It all depends on which remote control car you prefer to buy. Perhaps, the bigger the better!

So, how big is a 1/16 scale RC car?

There are four models of 1/16 scale RC cars available in the market, with distinct features. However, all of them are smaller in size compared to models with other lower scales. As a remote control car enthusiast, you must determine which scale suits best your needs.

We have prepared a whole article to describe several features of 1/16 RC scale cars. Find out what benefits you can acquire in this passage.

Features of a 1/16 Scale RC car

A scale of 1/16 indicates that the RC car is 16 times smaller? This is in comparison with the original vehicle out there.

There are other bigger-sized RC cars out there with scales of 1/10 and 1/12. On the other hand, a 1/18 RC car is smaller than 1/16. 

As you can see the scale number is inversely related to the size. 

We have understood how this scale size is performing. In comparison, with other scaled RC cars, we will bring down a few features to look at. 

Size Dimensions

The size dimensions of 1/16 scale RC cars differ. This is because there are different models that are manufactured in different sizes. 

So, what size is a 1/16 scale in inches? There are many popular brands that are available in the market. 

Among them, four distinct models have1/16-scale RC car tires. We shall look at each of them and figure out the sizes in inches. 

The models are: 

  • The Short Course Truck
  • Buggy
  • Rock Crawler
  • Monster Truck

The Short Course Truck

The short course truck is very popular among remote control racing lovers. These tiny cars have gained good reviews in terms of performance.

We will look at the speed feature later. For now, let us look at the size dimensions.

The length of the short course truck is 14 inches. In this prospect, the width and height are 7.3 inches and 4.92 inches respectively. 

As you can see they are very small in comparison to other RC cars, you can ask how big is 1/12 scale RC car, and see the differences.


Buggies are also popular among remote-control racers. They perform well in any terrain because of the way they are manufactured. 

Let us look at their length, width, and height, which is – 10.7 inches, 7 inches, and 4 inches respectively.

As you can see they are very small in size. 

Rock Crawler

The rock crawlers have big wheels and a small body. But they are not smaller than the buggies. 

Let’s look at the size. Its length is 13.58 inches, and width is 7.48 inches. Moreover, the height of the car is 7.08 inches.

They are built for climbing uphill terrains and muddy surfaces. 

Monster Truck

Monster trucks also have small bodies and bigger wheels. They do a good job running over any terrain. They have good maintenance features and so they last longer. 

The size of the monster truck is 10.2 inches long, 9.25 inches wide, and 5.9 inches tall.

Over time, the monster trucks have performed well, satisfying their owners. 

This shall answer your question of how big is a 1/16 scale RC car? We have collected the size dimensions to answer the question. 

Further, we will look at the weight, wheel, and tire size of these vehicles. We will figure out how the 1/16 scale RC cars are performing for you.

Weight and Wheel Size

RC Model Weight Wheel Size
The Short Course Truck 2.19 lb 8.1 inches
Buggy 2.61 lb 7.5 inches
Rock Crawler 5.29 lb 9.25 inches
Monster Truck 4.31 lb 8 inches

In comparison to the body size and weight, the wheel sizes are big. This suggests how these four models of RC cars are performing. 

The wheels are designed to take turns on roads smoothly. 

They are lightweight and built specifically to show more endurance during racing contests.

When you are comparing the scale sizes, let’s say 1/10 vs 1/16 RC car, you will see that the smaller the scale, the heavier it is. Perhaps, a quick 1/8 and 1/10 comparison can give you good insights.

You will see how lower-scaled RC cars perform!

A heavy vehicle means you have to put more remote control pressure to take turns. Bigger RC cars come with more controlling hassles on rocky roads. A lighter body with bigger wheels is doing a better job at taking turns. 

One disadvantage is that the light bodies may flip easily during running. A heavier weight would mean being able to resist pressure better. 

Top Speed

Top speed is the most important factor for any RC racing lover. The bigger and heavier bodies of lower-scaled RCs are speeding faster. The ⅛, 1/10, or 1/12 are more favorable for many speed lovers. 

Certain ambitious brands have promoted products offering a speed of up to 110mph. However, the recorded average speed of RC cars is between 30 to 70 mph. 

Trying to speed faster can have problems, in certain cases, RC cars may face problems moving

The 1/16 scale RCs are speeding from 30 to 40 mph. The moderate speed accounts for more durability. 

All four models of 1/16 RC cars are speeding at a similar speed range. 

In this context, we have a suggestion.

If you are into RC racing, it is recommended to purchase lower-scaled RCs. However, the upper-scaled RCs are good for lonely gentle rides on any terrain. They come at lower prices and are also durable.  

Here are some good quality RC cars recommended for you. 

Product 1
Product 2

If you are looking for top speed performance, go for these models for the RC car. 


Which is the best scale RC for racing?

The best scale RC for racing is ⅛ scale. They have bigger and heavier bodies that can run fast with better resistance. They also don’t break easily.

What happens when you race with a 1/16 scale RC car?

The smaller and lighter bodies of the 1/16 scale RC cars can break easily. They flip easy on tough terrains, losing speed and endurance. 

Which one of the four models of 1/16 scale RC car is best?

In terms of speed, the Rock Crawler performs best. They have big and heavier bodies than the other three. They have recorded good top speed. 

Wrapping Things Up!

The four models of the 1/16 scale have probably answered your question. As we know, the question is how big is a 1/16 scale RC car

Wish all the best with your remote control experience.

Bye for now!

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