Traxxas Hoss vs Maxx – Which One to Pick?

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Monster car aficionados have long favored the Traxxas Max and Traxxas Hoss. If you’re new to monster car racing, you’re probably wondering which one to buy.

So you no longer have to be bewildered. We’re on our way to assist you.

Which should you pick, Traxxas Hoss vs Maxx?

Both of the cars are very similar with a max 60 mph speed limit. Traxxas Hoss is very durable with its ability to handle crashes. Traxxas Maxx, on the other hand, is known for its power and handling. The Traxxas Hoss is also 100$ cheaper than the Maxx. Both cars are very good for off-road usage.

Everything still might be unclear to you. But, don’t worry! In this article, we compared every aspect of these cars. 

So, let’s find out more.

Traxxas Hoss vs Maxx – Quick Comparison

Traxxas Hoss and Traxxas Maxx are very similar cars. They are very close when it comes to their power, performance and how they look. Suppose you are enthusiastic about RC cars. Then both of these cars would be good choices for you. 

Here’s a chart containing the quickies to let you compare Traxxas Hoss vs. Maxx. Have a look at them.

Comparison Factor Traxxas Hoss Traxxas Max
Ground Clearance Higher Ground Clearance Lower Ground Clearance
Differentials 2 Gear Differential Hardened Steel Bevel and Limited-slip Differential System
Battery Supports 3 types of batteries Supports 2 types of batteries
Weight Lighter Heavier
Max Speed 60 mph 60 mph
Steering  Dual Bellcrank Double-shear Bellcrank
Chassis Slash 4×4 Chassis X-Maxx Platform
Handling Weaker handling Superior Handling
Upgrade Capability Similar Similar
Price Low High

Traxxas Hoss vs Maxx – Detailed Comparison

A brief review is insufficient to comprehend the differences between the vehicles. We will compare every feature of these two vehicles. This will assist us in determining their respective specialities. It will aid us in selecting which one to purchase depending on our needs.

So let’s get going!

Ground Clearance

The Traxxas hoss has a higher ground clearance of 2.75 inches among the two cars. Traxxas max on the other hand has two possible ground clearances. The lowest is 1.90 inches and the highest is 2.6 inches.

Both of these cars are very good for off-road usage. But it’s better to use a car with higher ground clearance. It will help the vehicle deal with any grass or grovel on the ground.


The Traxxas Hoss and Max have different differentials from each other. Both of them have sealed differentials. But the Traxxas hoss has a 2 gear differential. Traxxas max has a hardened steel bevel and limited-slip differential system.


Both of the car’s battery compartments are different sizes from each other. The hoss has a 162mm x 47mm x 26mm battery compartment. Maxx on the other hand has a 186mm x 48mm x 43mm battery compartment. 

For the hoss, the battery compartment is longer and has more width than the Maxx. But the Maxx has a taller compartment. 

Both of these cars support multiple types of batteries. We can use 3 types of battery on our Traxxas hoss. These are a 7-Cell NiMh, 2s LiPo, or a 3s LiPo. Traxxas Maxx Battery only has two variants, including 3s LiPo and 4s LiPo.

Remember that the LiPo may become damaged after a period of use. We can repair our LiPo battery if the necessary precautions are taken.


Among both of the cars, the Traxxas Max is the heavier one. It weighs 4.7 kgs whereas the Traxxas hoss weighs only 2.9 kgs. We can see that the hoss is a far lighter RC car than the max.

Max Speed

Traxxas Hoss top speed is 60 mph. The Traxxas Max also has the same top speed. But to get this speed, we have to use the necessary battery and spur. 

For the Traxxas Hoss, first, we have to use the 3s LiPo battery. We also need a 23/50** sized pinion/spur. Only after this, the vehicle can be driven at a max speed of 60 mph.

For the Traxxas Hoss, first, we have to use the 4s LiPo battery. We also need a 25/26** sized pinion/spur. Afterwards, we will be able to drive this vehicle at 60 mph.


Both of the cars have different steerings. Traxxas hoss has a dual bellcrank with an integrated servo saver. Traxxas max on the other hand has a double-shear bellcrank.


One of the biggest differences between the two cars is the chassis they incorporate. The Hoss uses the Slash 4×4 chassis whereas the Max uses the X-Maxx platform.

The 4×4 Slash chassis is well-known for its durability in any situation. The reason for this is due to its ability to handle high-pressure crashes. This makes the Traxxas Hoss chassis extremely dependable.


Like durability, the handling is also very dependent on the chassis of the vehicle. Among the two cars, the Traxxas Maxx has superiority in power and handling. The X-Maxx platform is known for its power. 

Upgrade Capability

When you buy a Maxx or Hoss as a standard RC car, you’ll get largely plastic parts. It’s just like any other stock Traxxas RC vehicle.

Traxxas RC vehicles, on the other hand, are well renowned for their capacity to be substantially modified. Whether through Traxxas aftermarket components or any other aftermarket RC car manufacturer.

Aluminum components are the finest to upgrade your Traxxas Hoss or Maxx. Besides, the best part is that they are about the same price for both automobiles. So Traxxas Hoss upgrades are similar to Traxxas Max upgrades. So you no longer have to be concerned about cracking and breaking.

Be careful while modifying the monster car. If it’s done wrongly, the RC car might not start.


Even though both of the cars are similar from many sides, they have a 100$ price gap. The Traxxas Hoss costs 479.99$. On the other hand, Traxxas Maxx price is 579.99$. Both of them are pretty expensive when it comes to RC cars. But these two are the best in the market.

Final Verdict

After this comparison, it appears that both RC vehicles are excellent and they also have very little differences.

However, the Hoss appears to be more beginner-friendly when compared to the Traxxas Maxx. So it depends on the requirement which one to get. If you’re new to this activity, the Maxx may is very good and less priced.

You should certainly go with the Hoss.

But what if you’re an expert looking for a kickass RC vehicle? I’m sure you already know the answer! Because Traxxas Maxx is the best one to get.

There might be fraudulent cars on the market nowadays. You might easily be duped by those selling malfunctioned cars. So, whether you buy the Traxxas Hoss or Maxx, please use the links provided below.

Product 1
Product 2


What is the point of the Traxxas Hoss?

The Hoss’s powerful Sledgehammer tires smash through dirt, sand, mud, and snow for unrivaled flexibility. Drive harder, move faster, and hang tougher—every Traxxas component is built to last.

What is the Traxxas Hoss motor?

The Velineon Brushless Power System in Traxxas VXL vehicles is known for its tremendous speed. Traxxas improved the Velineon recipe with the huge 540XL. It improves big-tire performance and hard-hitting torque for the new Hoss 4X4 VXL.

What’s the fastest Traxxas RC car?

Traxxas claims that their all-wheel-drive XO-1 is the quickest ready-to-run RC supercar in the world. The XO-1 is capable of reaching 60 mph in 2.3 seconds and exceeding 100 mph.


So that’s the main difference between the Traxxas Hoss vs Max. Both of them are excellent monster cars, and we hope you received your answer.

This is all we had to say about the two monster cars. Have a good time with your monster car!

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