Losi Super Baja Rey vs Traxxas UDR: Winner Revealed!

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Losi Super Baja Rey and Traxxas UDR – are two popular names in the RC world. Both are awesome for racing RC cars. But you want to buy only one of them.

Who do you think is the best?

Well, that’s a tough guess! But to ease your guessing game, we’re here with the perfect review.

So, here’s a quick overview of Losi Super Baja Rey vs Traxxas UDR.

Based on body construction, tires, and speed controller, we think Losi Super Baja Rey wins the throne. But, Traxxas UDR should be the first priority if you’re looking for a lightweight, and fast RC truck. Where Losi Super Baja Rey powers up to 6S batteries, Traxxas UDR only powers up to 4S. 

Just like this, there are a lot of comparisons to look at. In this article, we have sketched a full-fledged comparison between the two. It’ll help you to make a prompt decision on which RC truck to buy.

So, let’s not wait any longer and go straight to the prime differences!

Losi Super Baja Rey Vs Traxxas UDR: Primary Differences

Differentiating the two popular RC trucks is quite a hectic task. Both of the trucks have their own uniqueness. But we’ll still compare both in different aspects.

The first noticeable difference you would see is in the size and weight of the trucks. The Losi Super Baja Rey (SBR) is heavier than the Traxxas UDR. 

Both the RC trucks use different sets of speed controllers. Where SBR uses a Dynamite Fuze 1/6th controller, Traxxas UDR has a Velineon VXL-6s. 

You should also consider the battery cell units for both of the trucks. SBR can provide room for 6S. On the other hand, Traxxas UDR has a spot for only 4S batteries. 

For an easy comparative view, we have created a table below. Take a glance below to check the differentiating factors:

Aspects Losi Super Baja Rey Traxxas UDR
Size Length: 30.5 in (774.7mm)

Width: 15.6 in (396.2mm)

Length: 27.32 in (693.9 mm)

Width: 13.57 in (344.7 mm)

Weight 19.45 lbs  13.4lbs
Tires Losi scale tread Licensed BFGoodrich race tread
Speed Controller Dynamite Fuze 1/6th Velineon VXL-6s
Power 6S 4S
Build Material Brenthal Dessert Truck Body Inverted Composite Tube
Price High Low
Availability Losi Black Rhino Baja Rey  Traxxas Rustler RC Truck

Got a few minutes? If you do, I think it’s better to check out the description below. 

We’ve explained each factor in detail. This will help you to choose the right RC truck for you. So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

Losi Super Baja Rey Vs Traxxas UDR: Descriptive Comparison

Size and Weight

Let’s keep both of the truck’s side by side. You’ll see that the SBR is bigger than the Traxxas. To be precise, there’s only a 2-3 inches difference.  

However, the SBR weighs way more than the Traxxas UDR. Without batteries, it weighs about 19.45 lbs. It’s approximately 4 lbs heavier. 

Winner: For lightweight construction, we’ll declare the Traxxas UDR the winner in this category. It’s because when RC trucks are lighter, they run faster. You’ll also have to worry less about energy consumption. 


Now, for tires, SBR uses its own tread pattern. This tire gives a strong turning edge to the RC truck. 

On the other hand, Traxxas UDR has a licensed BFGoodrich race tread. It isn’t as good in traction as the SBR but slides perfectly. Another thing to note, the Traxxas UDR tires aren’t good for a sand race.

By the way, the size of Traxxas rustler tires is different from the ones UDR uses. So, keep that in mind too.

Winner: So, in the tire category, we think SBR has done a great job. However, you can choose Traxxas UDR if you’re looking to have fun with the edges. 

Speed Controller

Moving on to the speed controller. You’ll see that the SBR has a dynamite Fuze 1/6th speed controller. It helps to speed up to 50 miles per hour.  

On the contrary, the Traxxas UDR uses a Velineon VXL-6s motor. It is slightly slower (approx. 46-48 miles per hour) than the SBR. 

Well, off the topic, Traxxas trucks also use XL5 ESC as speed controls. You might see people asking for troubleshooting methods for Traxxas XL5 ESC. But we’ll keep that discussion for another day.   

Winner: Speed is an important metric to win a race. So, we’re vouching for SBR again in this category. 

Build Material

Now, we’ve reached an important discussion – the build material. You know how crucial it is to have sturdy construction. 

The SBR is built with Brenthal Dessert Truck Body. It has thicker shafts and gears than the Traxxas UDR. 

On the contrary, Traxxas UDR is built on an inverted composite tube. This means that the UDR has a higher chance of crashing than the SBR. 

So, for heavy RC truck races, it’s best to choose the Losi SBR.

Winner: If you’re someone serious about racing RC trucks, choosing SBR would be the right choice. Of course, I’m saying it based on the crashing experience the RC would have.  


We’ve reached the end of our comparison list. Lastly, we’d share the power comparison which is a crucial factor in purchasing RC trucks.  

You’ve already seen that the SBR has 6S power capacity whereas the Traxxas UDR has 4S. This indicates that SBR can have an extended period of run time than the UDR.

It all depends on the power of the RC battery

Well, as we’re on the subject, we’ve got some really good RC batteries for you. Take a look at these batteries below. 

Product 1
Product 2

It’s just a small recommendation. You can choose any of them if you’re also interested in buying batteries. 

Winner: Due to longer run time and power capacity, SBR wins this category too! But the Traxxas UDR is also a gem for 4S race trucks.  

Who’s the Ultimate Winner – Losi Super Baja Rey or Traxxas UDR?

Now, it’s time for the final verdict! Though Losi Super Baja Rey won our hearts in most cases, that’s not the end. Traxxas UDR is also a good choice depending on your preference.

Alright, do you need more clarity? We’ll give you some insights.

Say, you’re up for a heavy race where there are too many turns to take. Then, SBR is the best option. It might be slightly heavy but its built-construction and power capacity will keep you ahead.  

But if you’re looking for something speedy, Traxxas UDR is your best shot. It weighs much less than the SBR. Even with batteries! Nobody’s going to stop you from winning with this truck. 

So, you see, there are ups and downs for both of the trucks. None of them is a winner here. The ultimate RC truck is the one that’s compatible with your preference! 


How fast is the Losi Super Baja Rey?

The Losi Super Baja Rey goes fearless at 50+mph and its brushless motor uses a 1/6th scale. This is a beast RC truck that’ll give you a thrilling experience. You’ll be able to steer across terrains with no hassle at all! Thanks to the 6S Lipo battery that gives SBR an edge above all RCs.    

Is Traxxas UDR waterproof?

Yes, the Traxxas UDR is completely waterproof. All of the electronic compartments inside have a special coating inside. You can be relieved because the Servo, ESC, and receiver box are protected from water and mud. So, you can run it on any surface. The same also goes for Losi Super Baja Rey. 

What battery fits Losi Super Baja Rey?

The 5000mAh Smart Hardcase LiPo Battery fits the Losi Super Baja Rey the best. It produces about 11.1 V voltage and has a power capacity of 5000mAh. Also, it is a 3S battery. This means the battery uses 3 cell units for 5000mAh power! That’s why it’s perfect for SBR.

Final Thoughts

We hope this Losi Super Baja Rey vs Traxxas UDR comparison was useful for you. We tried to differentiate the crucial factors in the best way possible. By following this guide, you’ll be able to select the perfect RC truck for you.

So, best of luck on buying the right RC truck. Losi SBR or Traxxas UDR, now you know which one to buy, eh?

Good Luck!

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