Spektrum ix12 Problems [Solved]

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You have bought a Spektrum ix12 transmitter and started using it. However, you start facing problems real soon.

Solving problems in electronic devices can be tiring and frustrating. You might be thinking,” What can be the Spektrum ix12 problems?”

Various types of problems can show up in a Spektrum ix12. Sometimes, you might lose the connection, or the screen might go black. Even the battery and screen antennas might stop working. Also, your app may crash or suffer a black screen. You need to identify the problem before jumping to a solution. 

Fret not, we have made a comprehensive tutorial on solving these problems. You will be able to patch up your gadget in no time. The steps are very easy and simple.

Buckle up your belts, let’s begin.

5 Spektrum ix12 Problems & Their Solutions

While operating any electronic device, you can run into problems suddenly. This is very common, even the best of the best products suffer from this. Spektrum ix12 is no exception.

You might encounter several types of problems while using Spektrum ix12. Worry not, it will not be complicated like troubleshooting a sky rover helicopter.

Here are the five major issues of Spektrum ix12 and their solutions.

Problem 1: Battery Problems 

The battery may show several problems. For instance, it might show the wrong charge percentage. Or the battery may drain very fast. Worst case scenario, the battery may refuse to charge. 

The battery transmitter itself may be the source of the issue.


At first, try detaching and reconnecting the battery. Then put the battery on charge and check if it works or not. 

However, remember that this is a temporary solution, not a permanent one. You should get your battery checked with a voltmeter to see whether it’s working or not.

A fault with the printed circuit board (PCB) is another possibility. It may prevent the battery from charging and cause voltage errors. A voltage chip in the PCB might get burnt out and cause the problem. In that situation, the circuit board (PCB) must be replaced.

Your battery might be dead too. A dead battery can be revived if charged in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

On the other hand, a rapid battery drain can be fixed easily. Reduce your screen brightness and close any unnecessary background apps. This drains the battery significantly. Check if this solves the problem.

You can also try calibrating your battery. You need to complete a full charge-discharge cycle and recharge it to 100% without any interruptions. Check whether the problem is solved.

However, if none of the solutions works, you may need to change the battery.

Problem 2: Not Turning on The Problem 

Your Spektrum ix12 won’t turn on for several reasons. You might have a healthy battery and still, there may not be any boot. Also, loose connections or some software errors may cause the problem.


During boot up, do not plug in the device to the charger. It might brick the device.

Check the battery voltage using a voltmeter. If it shows 4 volts or more, you have a good battery. Check the battery connections for broken or loose ends. You can fix your broken connection very easily.

You can try unplugging your battery and reset it after 2 minutes. In some cases, this will just work fine.

Problem 3: Connectivity Problems

You might face connection errors while using the device. The device might not get connected or lose connection.

This might happen due to signal interference if you live in a densely populated area. Also, the Spektrum Ix12 antennas might have problems. 

Troubleshooting your internet router might solve the problem. It might prevent connection loss if the problem is from the router.


First, check if you have a properly working internet connection. Sometimes your internet connection might get interrupted.

Make sure your device is not placed very far away from the router. It will lose connection if it gets out of range.

Disconnect any idle devices. Too many devices may interfere with the signal.

Finally, check your device antennas. If your antenna has problems, you might need to take them to a repair shop.

Problem 4: Screen Problems

You may face screen freezes or crashes while using the device. The screen might black out after opening the application. The program might crash after a blackout. Worry not, there are easy ways of solving the problem


In most cases, this is an app loading issue. You need to close all the recent programs and refresh. Then load the program. It should run just fine.

If this does not work, you may need a hard reset. For this, you need to hold the “home” and “power” buttons. After that, hold the power button to start the device.

Or, you can fully drain and recharge your battery and try it out. Otherwise, you can reinstall the app to reset the preferences.

Problem 5: Lagging Problems

Lagging occurs in many electronic devices, Spektrum ix12 is no exception. You might face a delay while adjusting the radio frequency. Also, your device may go to a boot loop during the startup process.

There might be some informational delays and notification lags. A battery reset or restart of the device may be required.


The solutions are pretty simple. You can go to storage settings and clear all junk files and caches. 

You can also uninstall unnecessary applications which take up a lot of space. Turning on flight mode may also help as it cuts off unnecessary connections.

Another way to maintain performance is to download the latest Spektrum ix12 updates.

You might be using your device in a high-density zone which may cause interference and delay.

Check for any kinds of interruption.


Is Spektrum ix12 discontinued? 

Yes, The Spektrum ix12 has been discontinued. Upgraded models and lines have been released by the company. Spektrum ix12 became backdated and slow. Thus, it was replaced by the NX series and discontinued shortly after that. The newer models have more features and work faster than the ix12.

Why the AirWire app is not installed on my mobile?

It will not install if there is any storage shortage on your mobile. Check if you have adequate storage space to install the app. If your device is low on storage, you can clear the cache. Also, you can uninstall unnecessary applications to free up space from your device.

How do I reset my Spektrum ix12?

Press and hold the power button for a few seconds. This will power off the transmitter. You will see a popup menu having two options. Power off will turn off your device. Reboot will restart and reset your device. Press reboot to reset your device to default settings.


This concludes the solutions for Spektrum ix12 problems

You may just face an issue while using any type of electronic device. Worry not, each problem has a solution. You just need to follow some simple steps and it’ll be gone in no time.

Have a great day with your Spektrum ix12. 

See you soon.

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