Sky Rover Helicopter Troubleshooting: Problems & Solutions!

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If we are drone lovers then helicopter drones must be a desire for us. 

But does it always persuade me? No, the sky rover helicopter has a few flaws. It is very possible to observe problems with any piece of machinery.

Like to learn about sky rover helicopter troubleshooting and rectifying before acquiring?

There Are some issues that can be faced in the Sky Rover helicopter. One of them is the helicopter rotating in the cycle. The solution is very easy. First, take out all the parts. Then replace it with the detective gear. A weak signal could be another trouble. Replacement is the easiest solution. 

Not all issues are addressed here. There seem to be a couple more. We’ll learn about all of them in this article.

Let’s get started right away!

Sky Rover Helicopter Troubleshooting: Problems With Solution

Sky Rover Helicopter is definitely a good choice but has some issues. Do not be afraid! We can solve those very easily. 

Let’s know the problems with the solution. Without a solution does it even matter? 

Helicopter Rotating in a Circle

Unrestrained spinning is a frequent problem in sky rover helicopters. This occurs as a result of gear problems.

The spinning issue is caused by the helicopter’s spinning gear. Using our hands, whirl the blades. If we encounter any opposition or hear a popping noise, this is our cue to proceed. 

It indicates that the spinning gear has failed. Worn-out flying blades can also be the source of the problem.


What is the problem without the solution? Let’s try to know the solution and what we would require to fix it.

To resolve this issue, simply replace the old gear with a new one. To substitute these, simply follow the directions. We’ve elucidated on them here. 

Sky Rover Helicopter

Here is some well-reviewed gear for the Sky Rover Helicopter.

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We can get them very easily at our nearest shop. 

Step 1: Remove the Parts

Using a screwdriver, remove the screws from the exterior. Remove the wraps now. The 2 white spinning gears will be visible. 

One has a larger diameter than the other and is appended before the larger one.

Step 2: Replace the Defective Gear

Remove only the small spinner. Switch to a new one and affix it to its original location. Spin the blades once more with our hands. 

Hopefully, we will not experience any resistance as we did previously. Our helicopter will now fly perfectly.

We must replace worn flying blades with new ones and should select new blades from the best RC flying wings obtainable.

Is not it very easy to change the old gear with a new one? Will we be afraid of it anymore? 

Interaction Signal Weakness

The battery, gears, and motor are all operational. Then what went wrong? This could be due to a faulty signal relation.

The problem is caused by a human error device that is connected to the receiver controller. Also, the required to-work transformer could be the culprit. If the transistor voltage is less than 0.7, the transistor has failed.

The cause would be a lowered signal if the issue isn’t with the receiver.


If the issue is with the recipient, replacing it will be the best solution. Because repairing it is both costly and difficult. 

When you notice the difficulty with the signals, increase the antenna’s range. Investigate the antenna and add more wire to it to improve signal reception.

Motors Have a Problem

Another widespread problem with sky rover helicopters is engine failure. A worn-out motor brush, for example, could be the guilty party. Motors with carbon brushes may lose power over time. Because they deteriorate.

Brushless motors last longer than brushed motors. However, determining which motor has failed is difficult. Make sure to properly connect ESC to the brushless motor

Because they have the same RPM. To avoid further disruption, it is better to switch both motors. Do we have a motor? Then let’s see how to substitute it!


To substitute the motor, simply follow these steps. We’ve described them in detail here.

Step 1: Detach the components

Remove the helicopter’s covers. The cables that attach the motor to the electric board are located directly on top. 

Pull it out gently. We should now be able to remove the motor from the device.

Sky Rover Helicopter

Another motor is located near the device’s landing area at the bottom. Pull the wires from the motor in the same manner as before. If necessary, disassemble some parts.

Step 2: Replace Outdated Motors

Simply establish new motors in the appropriate locations. Communicate the wire sockets on the power supply. 

Screw them tightly into place and secure the covers. Once all of the parts are attached, we can fly the helicopter. It could possibly work just fine.

Battery Failure

The most widespread problem in sky rover helicopters is a dead battery. In most cases, the battery fails as it ages. It should be alright for a year after we purchase the helicopter.

If it fails before then, the battery may have been of poor quality. There will also be air hogs helicopters with charging difficulties.


The procedures below will assist us in resolving the battery problem. Simply follow our lead.

Step 1: Verify the voltage

Inspect our battery’s voltage. To complete the task, use a multimeter. Do we know how to verify the voltage? Is it a complicated task? The answer is, NO. We can do it very easily.

A powered battery should have a voltage of around 4.2V. 

If the rate is higher or lower than 4.2, we must reconcile the charge. To release and recharge our battery, use a flexibility charger.

Step 2: Examine the Battery

With the multimeter, you need to check the voltage once more. Make sure the voltage is around 4.2V as previously mentioned. If the conflict is not addressed, we will require a new battery for our helicopter. 

You can easily set up new batteries in your sky rover helicopter. We should think about adding a c2 or c4 battery to our gadget based on your requirement. 

And this is all! We are done covering all the problems. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a helicopter to take off?

In most cases, an aircraft’s lift is generated by its wings. A helicopter generates lift by forming the major rotor blades. There, the air is pressed downhill as the blades spin. The helicopter rises as the air differential pressure rises.

Why isn’t my toy helicopter flying?

If our fixed pitch RC helicopter won’t take off, the issue is a lack of rotor speed. Some prevalent things to look for are faulty/weak batteries (usually the most common culprit). Motor failure (worn out, bearings shot, magnets shot, etc).

What exactly is a channel switcher in an RC helicopter?

One channel regulates the main rotor/throttle speed (lift). The second channel regulates the speed or fastball of the tail rotor. It allows the heli to transform left or right (yaw). Third cyclic forward/backward stream (pitch). Fourth channel for nonlinear left/right (roll).

End Note

Now we know about sky rover helicopter troubleshooting even before the purchase. 

So no more worries. All the problems are mentioned with solutions. 

Good Luck!

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