Rustler vs Stampede: Which one is better?

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Picking between Rustler and Stampede can be frustrating. Both of them are excellent RC cars. But you are dwindling which one to choose, rustler or the stampede.

Don’t worry, we will help you with that one.

So, which one is more fun between Rustler vs Stampede?

When compared to a stampede, rustlers have superior speed, more engine power, and a lightweight body. However, stampedes are superior for executing wheelies and other stunts. It has more of a truck-like driving style. Rustlers, on the other hand, are fast and quiet race vehicles.

But this is not all. We have made a detailed comparison just for you. Spare us five minutes and you will know all the differences between the two.

Let’s begin.

Rustler vs Stampede: Quick Comparison 

Before we jump into a head-to-head comparison, let’s have a look at this quick comparison.

Aspect  Rustler  Stampede
Tire Size Medium-sized tires  Tires are as big as body 
Steering System  Track-based steering system Performance & Stunt-based steering system 
Speed  Top speed on the track is 70km/h Top speed on the track is 60km/h
Handling  Handling is easier due to the low center of gravity  Higher center of gravity makes it harder to handle
Engine Power  2.5 HP  1.8 HP 
Build Quality  Sporty looks with better aerodynamics Sturdy build for performing stunts
Price  80-300$ depending on model 100-300$ depending on model 

Eager to know more? Jump to our detailed comparison of rustler and stampede.

Rustler vs Stampede: Detailed Comparison

Choosing an RC car for your purpose can be quite challenging. To pick the best one, you need to consider some factors.

Here are some of the essential factors you need to consider while picking the car.


Both vehicles have decent speed. However, the rustler beats the stampede by a margin of 10 km/h.

Rustler is better all around, be it off-road or on-road it has a balance.

This is because the Rustler is more aerodynamic and light. On the other hand, stampedes are heavy and bulky.


One of the most important factors in RC cars is handling. You will always want a vehicle with easier handling.

The rustler has good race handling, thanks to its low center of gravity. This also helps during drifting and sliding.

On the other side, the stampede is good for stunt performances. The higher center of gravity helps when the vehicle is in the air. This also allows a smooth landing protecting all components.

Steering System 

The RC steering system plays a key role in driving pleasure and control.

The Rustler has a track-based steering system which adds to the driving pleasure. Thus, this is best for plain tracks and smooth surfaces.

Also, if you want to go drifting, this is the better one.

On the other hand, the Stampede has a stunt performance-based steering system. It is built for stunts with more control and handling. 

The system helps with sudden force changes and contributes to on-air handling. 

Engine Power 

The Rustler beats the Stampede on engine power comparison. The combination of motor and ESC is better on Rustlers.

The rustler has an engine of 2.5 HP which is focused on RC track racing. 

On the other hand, the stampede has an engine of 1.8 HP. However, this engine is modified for better torque management. 

Hence, despite being heavier, the stampede has better torque for stunts. But the rustler wins the duel because of the raw power output and speed.

Build Quality

The RC build quality is quite similar between the rustler and the stampede. However, the design is significantly different.

The rustler has a sporty look and small tires. Small tires are used for track racing to avoid steering-related issues. To improve the aerodynamics, it has a spoiler on the back. 

On the other side, the stampede has a truckish look and sturdy build. The tires are significantly bigger than the rustler. 

Additionally, it has two more tires on the back to help with stunts and landing.


Durability matters a lot when it comes to sustainability and value for the money. It also varies based on the car usage rate. 

Track racing with your stampede might damage the big tires. The tires are really costly as they often get damaged easily. The bigger the tires are, the higher the maintenance is. So, you must choose proper tires for your RC car.

On the other hand, Rustler damage might result from freestyle smashing. For the simple reason that the landing is subpar. However, specific-sized high-quality tires are used in the Rustler. 


Last but not least, the duel comes down to the price. Both of them are around the same price range. But the price varies from model to model. 

For example, a 2WD Rustler or Stampede will cost 80$ and 100$ respectively. The base model is cheaper for rustlers. Thus, if you are planning to get a base model, you can try this.

However, the price of 4X4 and VXL versions of Rustler and Stampede is higher. The price can go up to 300$.

Now, you have known the differences and probably have made a decision.

However, if you still haven’t decided which one to buy, simply read the final verdict.

Rustler vs Stampede: Final Verdict 

Do you prefer speed when bashing and only casual light off-roading? Take on a Rustler.

Want to spend a lot of time off-roading through tough terrain and dense grass? Pick up the Stampede.

In summary, Rustlers have the benefit of higher speed and engine power as well as a lightweight body. For Stampede, it is better in stunts or acrobatics. 

Planning on doing both? To create a stampede, equip a rustler with enormous tires.


Will a stampede tire fit the rustler?

Yes, the stampede tire will fit the rustler. However, you need to perform some modifications. For example, you will need to change the suspension and servo system. You will need a bigger and sturdier suspension and a strong servo set. The tires are heavy and will require reinforcements.

Can I turn my rustler or stampede into a nitro version?

Yes, you can. But it will require heavy modifications and will cost a lot. The nitro versions are high-performance versions with additional speed and power. To upgrade to that, you will need a new ESC and Engine. Additionally, you might need to upgrade the suspensions as well.

Will a rustler body fit the stampede?

Yes, a rustler body will fit the stampede. They share the same front and rear shock absorber towers. So, it will be an easy fit. You won’t need to change any parts or do any modifications. However, you will need to follow the proper guidelines to fit it properly.


Hopefully you have got your answer between rustler vs stampede. However, when choosing an RC car, you should always prioritize your purpose and taste. This will ease up the process. 

Do let us know in the comments which model you bought. 

Till then, keep grinding.

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