What is the Best Brushless Motor And ESC Combo?

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RC car enthusiasts are always looking for the finest ESC and motor combinations. Moreover, there are so many options available these days. So, whether you want a brushed or brushless motor,  finding a nice combination is easy.

But among all these options what is the best brushless motor and ESC combo?

The best brushless motor and ESC combo is the one that best suits your car. It must work well and adapt to your speed criteria. The battery’s compatibility with the voltage is also important. Hobby fans and Fancy Whoop both offer the combo at a reasonable price. But the J & R Electronics combo is costly.

However, there are also a number of other things to think about. Here, we’ll go through every little thing.

So, let’s get started!

What is the Best Brushless Motor and ESC Combo?

The ideal brushless motor and ESC combination is one that is a perfect fit for your vehicle. A brushless motor and esc need to function properly and meet your speed requirements.

The abundance of combo possibilities available now is a positive thing. We’ll go through a couple of them in this section. So, based on your preferences, you can select any combination.

Combo 1: 3650 3900KV Sensorless Brushless Motor with 60A ESC 

This combo by Fancy Whoop was created specifically for 1/10 RC car trucks. They are utilized in racing in all types of weather. This will guard against low voltage cut-off for the nickel or lithium battery in your car.

Your vehicle will also be protected against overheating and throttle signal loss. The easily programmable and pocket-sized compatible card is the other feature of this combo.

At only $ 53.99 this combo has 50000 RPM speed and 900 watts horsepower. About 5.8 Volts are required for this combination. It is recommended to use 1S and 2S batteries together.

Combo 2: 3650 4300KV Waterproof Brushless Motor with 60A ESC Combo 

This motor and ESC combination will perform better with a 2S lipo battery. However, 3s batteries are not usually recommended for security reasons.

This new high-performance upgrade from Hobby Fans costs only $ 45.99. This system’s efficiency is maximized by the high purity copper windings. A precision-balanced rotor creates smoothness for maximum reliability and RPM.

This ESC features improved throttle responsiveness, superior acceleration, and precise throttle linearity. The combo’s programming card allows you to configure the maximum braking force.

You will have better control over your RC car and your driving experience as a result. This combination, made of plastic and aluminum, has a slightly higher voltage of 12 volts. The speed is the same as Fancy Whoop at 50000 RPM.

Combo 3: 3650 5900KV Sensorless Brushless Motor with 120A Brushless ESC

The cost of this ESC and motor combo by J&R Electronic is a little higher. This is due to the 120 A burst current provided by the ESC. The copper windings in this combination are of exceptional quality.

This has a shorter stator and fewer wires, which results in less resistance and greater power. It provides motor blocked protection in addition to overheating and throttles signal loss protection.

At $94, some users have reported that this combo is too fast. But they all agree that this combination is well worth the money.

Combo 4: 3650 5200KV Sensorless Brushless Motor with 120A ESC 

The brushless motor and ESC set from Innovateking is appropriate for 1/10 RC trucks. This also has a speed of 50000 RPM and is priced at $88.99. This combination has a 9.6volt voltage and 900 watts of horsepower.

Besides, it is primarily composed of copper. Along with a rotor that is replaceable, this combination also offers other protection features. For lithium or nickel batteries, this combination includes low voltage cut-off protection.

The precise engineering of this rotor allows for optimal energy conversion. The pocket-sized program card can also be easily programmed. This set’s multi-mounting system accommodates all 1/10 brushless cars.


Never use the ESC in water without first uninstalling the cooling fan. To avoid rusting the connectors, clean and dry them immediately after use.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Setting Up the Combo

When selecting an ESC to combine with a motor, there are several aspects to consider. Find out which variables we come up with.


A trustworthy and effortless driving experience is provided by the high-quality ESC. There are several aspects to consider when selecting an ESC, and they are 

Battery Voltage Compatibility

Your battery voltage should be compatible with the requirements for the motor. There is a motor restriction on high-quality ESCs (in kV or turns). 

The motor limit for a 2S battery, according to the ESC specifications, is 8.5T. You will then require a motor with a minimum of 8.5 turns.

ESC Size

Another aspect to take into account with regard to ESC is their size and ensuring that it fits properly into your vehicle.

Some ESCs are waterproof but the vast majority are not. Decide whether your car needs this feature or not. If you do want a waterproof ESC, you can check out the brands.


Your ESC’s speed will be determined by whether you use a brushed or brushless motor. You need to pick a motor that is compatible with ESC and after that the speed limit can be determined.

These should be taken into account while buying ESCs. Let’s see what we need to think about for the motors after you’re finished.

For Brushless Motor

The motors’ brushless technology has advanced significantly during the last 15 years. Unless your car is utilized in a very restricted class or under very specific circumstances.

We almost always suggest a brushless setup.

Motor Size 

The very first thing to keep in mind with motors is their real size and specifications. The guidelines normally define the size for which the car is designed.

The “540” motor size is still widely used throughout RC cars. Many 1/10 scale cars have them. Larger “550” or 1/8 motors are typically used in bigger 1/10 and 1/8 scale cars. Smaller motors (370 or 380) are used in certain small cars. 

Shaft Size

The motor shaft’s diameter may change along with the motor’s actual diameter and length. The most commonly used shaft size is 3,175mm (1/8″). Many larger motors have a 5mm shaft. 

The shaft diameter has a direct impact on the available gears. Each motor’s mounting holes are located in a specific area according to their size.

Motor Power 

The power of a motor is typically measured in kV, revolutions, or both. Turns are also widely used to represent power on 540-size motors, particularly 1/10 racing motors. 

The turn number represents the number of times the motor’s wire is coiled around the stator. For a large 1/8 car, a low kV but high torque motor is preferred. The more power and weight a car have, the more crucial torque becomes. 

Sensor or Sensorless

There are two types of brushless motors. These are sensored or sensorless motors. Sensor-availed motors contain sensors that detect the location of the rotor.

Low rpm operation makes these motors more responsive. The majority of the time, sensorless motors are more affordable and simpler. They’re popular in RTRs and other hobbies.

With any motor option, having the right gearing is essential. Always remember to change the gearing before using a different motor.

Changing to a more powerful engine has some drawbacks. It will lower the running time on a single battery and generate additional heat.


What is the main distinction between a brushless and a brushed motor?

DC brushed motors have brushes, as suggested by their names. These are utilized to get the motor to spin by commutating it. With brushless motors, electronic control takes the place of the mechanical commutation function.

Does ESC speed up RC cars?

No, ESC doesn’t speed up the RC car. They won’t speed up your driving. However, a better ESC will typically only provide a small performance boost.

Can A Brushless RC Car Be Converted from A Brushless One?

Yes, it can. But you must first buy a new brushless motor in order to go from brushed to brushless. The actual motor cannot be changed from one kind to another..

End Words

You should now know what is the best brushless motor and ESC combo. You cannot switch the motor itself between different types.

Remember this when moving from a brush to a brushless motor. Therefore, a brushless ESC is also required.

Please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries. Best wishes up till then!

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