Sensored Vs Sensorless Brushless Motor: The Right Choice!

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You are so excited to drive your RC. But you can’t decide what brushless motor to use. We understand it can be a frustrating choice.

So, you want to know about sensored vs sensorless brushless motor

If you need a lower maintenance motor, then you should pick the sensored brushless motor. You don’t have to manually control its drive pattern. On the contrary, you may prefer a high rotation speed motor for long-term use. Then you should choose the sensorless motor. It’ll also be lighter in your pocket.

But knowing only this much isn’t enough to choose. That’s why, we have written a whole article explaining all the factors in detail. So, stick with us till the end!

Sensored vs Sensorless: Quick Comparison

Which is the right brushless motor? It varies depending on the tech you are fixated on or the industry you are trying to approach. So, we have tried to enlist some common factors for you.

FactorsSensored Brushless MotorSensorless Brushless Motor
Maintenance Low maintenance High maintenance
Rotation Speed Better for lower speed Better for higher speed
Time Cycle 1 – 5 hours per day 6 -20 hours per day
Price About 120 – 250 $ About 30 – 80 $

Don’t dive in with your projects yet! Because these are just a generalized version of the factors. There is a lot of information you still need to consider before picking the right motor.

Fortunately, we got that covered. So be sure to stick with us!

Sensored Vs Sensorless: Detailed Comparison

Maybe you are looking for a motor for your RC or any other tech. Well, we have tried to cover it all. 


Does sensored motor have a closed loop? Yes, the controller knows and can fixate on the rotor position. In other words, it can precisely formulate and fix the drive pattern. So, it is a big weight off your shoulders.

In short, suppose you are driving an RC. Let the motor help you get through the hard tracks. Even if you are worried about your HDD, vacuums, mixers, etc. it’s sure to do a good job.

Whereas, the sensorless brushless motor works in an open loop. But don’t jump right to the fact that you have to fix everything manually for it. 

An amazing feature of this motor is its Back-EMF. In this case, 

Frequency of the Back-EMF Speed of the motor

So, the controller can read the motor speed and fine-tune its drive pattern. However, the controller has to be able to read the frequency. 

Then again, you still can’t get your hopes up just yet. A bit of a hassle in these motors is their low-speed work efficiency. The back-EMF is inadequate at reading lower speeds. So, you obviously have to manually fine-tune it yourself.

Now, what did we get from all these? While using machine tools for production purposes needing higher observation, go for the latter. You’ll get more customized control. Also, you can save yourself the hassle of thinking about the extra wires and their damage.

Rotation Speed

When it’s your RC motor, we can’t decide what a high rotation speed is based only on the RPM. We have to consider the motor capacity too. 

Depending on where you are using it, the size of the brushless motor may vary. You might wonder about what size motor to get for your boat. Well, there are many sizes of brushless motors for boats. But it is not only the size or power output that matters.

If it’s a small motor for your RC, 3500 RPM is a big deal. Obviously, it won’t be able to generate monstrous power output and thus comes our explanation.

While you might wonder, are sensored brushless motors good for crawling? Well, they are and that’s because of their drag brake hold, and really smooth response in the throttle. But that’s about it.

In the case of sensorless brushless motors, the Back-EMF calculates and marks the rotor position. This results in a reduction in processing time. Also, the sensorless brushless motor can go quite a bit faster than the sensored motor. 

Lastly, is a sensorless brushless motor stable at high speeds? Yes, it’s the right fit.

Why though? You might wonder if sensors help the motor run better. Well, what it does is raise the efficiency but not speed. The time lag between the arriving signal and the receiving signal plays a vital role here.

So, what’s the conclusion here? Basically, while looking for higher velocity and boosted performance, a sensorless motor will do the trick better.

Time Cycle

Are you looking for a quick setup? Or maybe you just have to go through a long and harsh cycle. The choice of your brushless motor greatly depends on that.

So, how long can brushless motors run continuously?

The sensored motor is sure to help you better calculate and formulate your desired patterns. In continual changing situations the rotation speed has to be frequently changed. The sensored brushless motor helps just with that. 

For short durations, it works like a dream.

But if you have a rather long work period. Your motor might have to take a big toll on a continual basis. Then you don’t have to worry about the extra wirings or fictional damage in the brushless motor.

So what’s the bottom line? If you are focusing on an RC, you should probably stick to the sensored brushless motor. But if you are searching for a powerful motor for your manufacturing needs, go for the latter.

Although, be sure to be picky about your ESC. Take your time to find out which ESC suits your brushless motor.


Now, how much does a brushless motor cost?

we can provide some suggestions for you. Here we have enlisted some popular brands and their price range, just for you!

Sensored Brushless Motor

There are various types and capacities of motors. We have still tried to enlist a few suggestions that we think might help your cause:

    Brand   Price
Castle Creations Motor- 4           Pole(1716-1750KV)  190-220$
Spectrum Firma (2100 KV)  115-130$
Tekin RS Gen3 TSC (2796KV)   240-270$

Sensorless Bright Motor

Compared to sensored brushless motors these are obviously lighter for your pocket. Here we have tried to mention some of the most popular ones for you:

    Brand    Price
Nema 23 Sensorless 57mm BDLC Encloser   30-35$
Intelligent Outboard Drive   40-50$
48V DC BLDC   13-20$

So What To Choose?

We hope that this article has helped you a lot by giving proper and detailed information. If so, then you probably understand that you should choose your motor based on your needs.

 If you can afford the time-consuming but low-maintenance motor, you should probably go for the sensorless motor. 

For an efficiency seeker with time issues, the sensored motor is the right choice for you.

Also, always be sure to check your brushless motor by testing it. And be sure to get a proper ESC. Well, what is an ESC in an RC? It is mainly the circuit that will properly regulate and control your RC. So it can’t be overlooked. Here are some of our suggestions:

Product 1 
Product 2 
Product 3 

But if you absolutely don’t want an ESC, then? Can you run brushless motor without ESC? Yes, in that case, you might use a servo tester. 


Do I Need A Sensorless Esc With A Sensorless Motor?

No, it’s not a must. But it will run as a sensorless motor and it won’t have hall effects. Actually, a sensorless motor can’t operate properly with a sensored ESC. Mainly, because of its different configuration from the sensorless ESC.

What Is The Working Process Of A Sensorless Bldc Motor?

There’s a voltage applied through the motor’s windings. It causes motor rotation. Sensors then calculate the correct position of the rotor which is relative to the stator. Mainly, the force interaction between the permanent magnet and the electromagnet operates the motor.

What Is Hall Effect Sensors Used For?

These are mainly used in setting the mechanical commutator and brushes. They are solid-state and also magnetic field-based sensors. These can be used in measuring different variables. For example speed, proximity, and mechanical system displacement.

Bottom Line!

Now we would like to hear your opinion. We hope you got to know everything about Sensored vs Sensorless Brushless Motor. 

Do any of the criteria meet your needs?

Well, let’s reward you for sticking with us. Always remember to choose a good quality controller. It enhances the functionality of the motor to the maximum.

Finally, If there’s anything left in your mind, be sure to comment down below!

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