All You Need To Know About Traxxas Rustler Tire Size!

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Have the tire of your Traxxas rustler just gone kaboom? There is nothing to worry because you can fix it by yourself.

Wondering what are the Traxxas rustler tire sizes?

Traxxas Rustler is a monster truck used for RC racing. The rim size and mounting point are two important factors for deciding the Traxxas rustler tire sizes. After that, look for the proper dimensions for your tires. Finally find the correct scale for the tire size.

So, if you got a minute then let’s dig deep into the niche. Afterward, unfold the mysteries related to the tire sizes of a Traxxas rustler.

Traxxas Rustler Tire Size

There may be questions about why we’re talking about wheels and mounting points. It’s because there are several variables to take in when purchasing tires from various manufacturers. That covers the wheel’s size and mounting technique. 

A wheel offset works to specify the distance between the hex hub and the axles. It allows us to determine what medium our rustler might perform best on. As a result, we must exercise caution while selecting proper tires for the rustler.

2 Things To Consider

Well we need to consider some variables while choosing the correct tire size for our monster truck, such as rim sizes and mounting points.

Rim Size

A wheel is made up of two parts: wheel discs and rims. The rim is the top or outside border of an item. This usually something round or nearly circular is engaged. Besides, the disc is the link between the rim and the axle hub.

traxxas rustler tire Rim Size

Did you realize that rim diameters indicate tire sizes? Yes, you read that correctly. sizes of the rims determine the tire size.

So, when we talk about tire size, we’re also talking about rim size.

Mounting Point

Mounting refers to the process of placing tires on rims and attaching them with axles.

There are several mounting points available, such as hex mounts, pin mounts, and so on. The most typical procedure among these mounts. However, based on the vehicle, you can select the most appropriate one.

traxxas rustler tire Mounting Point

That is why, when purchasing rims or tires, pay attention to the mounting points. Otherwise, you can end up with incompatible mounts that you purchased.

However, mounting RC tires differs from that of real-world vehicles. Attaching our RC tires is an important element of tire installation. The technical abilities required for tire installation are also included in venting and mounting tires.

However, you also need to check the motors of the Traxxas to make sure it works. For this, you may use either 2-pole or 4-pole motors.

2 Simple Steps To Choosing The Tire That Fits perfectly

The most critical aspect of understanding tire size is measuring the diameter and breadth. These two elements determine the size of tires. The scale of your RC vehicles, on the other hand, will decide which tire will fit them.

Furthermore, the tire you choose will depend on how you want to use your rustler. You might race or smash with your rustler. If you want to race, you need to think about your points. 

Drifting, for example, is a crucial aspect of racing. So, when purchasing tires, make sure they are the correct size and have sufficient drift capability.

Step 1: The Correct Dimension 

We are mostly concerned about tire width. These dimensions range from 2.2 to 4.3 inches.

However, larger tires are sometimes not suggested. Because when turning, the front tires scrape against the body, causing serious damage.

The above-mentioned range, however, is ineligible for rustlers. Only two types of tires are permitted in Traxxas rustlers. The suggested tire sizes are 2.2 and 2.8 inches. The new rustlers come with 2.8-inch studded front and back tires.

Traxxas Rustler Tire Dimension

Regardless of width, the majority of the tire’s dimensions are 5.4″. (inches). So don’t be concerned about the diameters.

The terrain on which your vehicle can runoff is determined by the appropriate RC tires and rims. As a result, pay attention not just to tire sizes but also to tire quality.

Step 2: The Correct Scale

The size of the RC trucks is an important consideration when selecting the right tires. An RC truck’s scale implies a genuine, realistic reproduction in body style and performance.

The rustler is often available in 1:10 size. So, every time you buy new tires, make sure to take extra precautions to check the scale. Otherwise, even if the measurement fit your specifications, it will result in mismatched tires.

Examine the mount point as well. 12 mm and 14 mm hexes are the most often used mounting systems. 

Rustler, on the other hand, uses 12 mm hexes by default. The 14mm hexes can also be used. However, it will require an extra hex hub converter to be suitable for your rustler.

Suggestions To Take Care Of Traxxas Rustler Wheels

Well you just found the perfect tire for your Traxxas Rustler. Now what? You need to absolutely know how to clean it. So that it does not end up like your previous wheel. Dirty and broken.

However, we will also show you how to expand the life span of the tire so that it becomes long-lasting and durable too.

How To Clean The Tires

These are the steps you need to follow for clean and dirt-free tires.

  1. Set up the washing station and fill the container with soapy water.
  2. Roll the tires along in the water (do not immerse them).
  3. Using a wire brush, scrub the tires.
  4. Air dry tires after patting them dry using paper towels.
  5. If you like, you may condition the tires to maintain the softness and grippy.

How To Expand The Tires Lifespan

Well, man is mortal. Then how do you expect a tire to be everlasting? Like all good things, this must also come to an end. However, you can extend that endline a bit by following the given steps.

Elevating Rc Car When Stored

When you’re not driving your car. Then you probably just put it on a shelf like the rest of us. However, this might cause difficulties in the long term.

When you run them again. The weight of the RC vehicle bearing down on one location of the tires. This might produce small cracks inside the tires and cushion inserts. These are limiting acceleration and lowering speeds. The issue is just becoming worse with time.

There is a solution to this problem. For that, you may buy an RC car stand or just position flat objects somewhere under the body of the vehicle. These will help lift the tires and relieve pressure on them. If you are looking for some RC stands I got some great suggestions for you.

Name Details
Product 1
Product 2

Separating The Tires Before Storing Them

Storing tires apart from automobiles is a terrific method to relieve strain on them. Especially if you really require to maintain tires for an extended period of time. Moreover when they are not in regular use.

A tire stand, which is essentially just a rod with a weight on the bottom. It is a typical 474l tire storage method. You just place the tires on the road and store them.

Avoid Direct Sunlight And Moisture

I mentioned the negative effects of sunshine on RC tires previously. However, another need to consider is humidity, namely moisture. 

Humidity, particularly when combined with sunshine, can lead stored tires to bloat and deteriorate. One should store all tires in a cold, dark area, somewhere like a garage. 

This particular tip should also be provided in the case of batteries. There are many choices for batteries like the c2 and c4 batteries.


Is the Traxxas Rustler waterproof?

Yes, the Traxxas rustler is waterproof. However, not all batteries are suitable for usage in wet environments. Check with your battery manufacturer to determine if their batteries are suitable for usage in wet situations.

How fast does the Traxxas Rustler go?

The Traxxas rustlers go around 60+ mph. It might have been expressed to go more than this. The Traxxas has an average speed of around 40 mph. But it is advisable to not go above-average speed limit for many safety precautions. 

What size hex is a rustler?

There is a 12mm hex wheel hub with pins for a rustler. It is mostly used for larger vehicle RCs. A similar hex is also seen on the front of several Traxxas cars. These include the electric Stampede 2WD, Slash 2WD, Rustler, Monster Jam, Craniac, Skully, and Nitro Slash.


Hope you got what you needed to know the answer for Traxxas rustler tire size.

Although there are different variants of tire sizes, the variables matter too much in these scenarios. 

Feel free to leave your comments below. See you again next time!

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