How to Balance RC Tires? Follow These Simple Steps to Do It

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If you see your RC vibrating randomly while running, you would be annoyed. It mainly happens when the RC tires are wobbly and unfit. In that case, you must be fixing and balancing the tires of your RC to get out of it!

So, how to balance the RC tires?

To balance off the RC tires, you first put them into the tire balancer. After that, you need to mark the lighter side of the tire. Then you apply weight accordingly to distribute the weight of the tire. Finally, you just finish off balancing the tire before you get started again!

This is just how you can get started initially. But you need to be reading on to get all the instructions for this. A few useful insights await here too.

So, get started now!

Why Are The RC Tires Unbalanced?

Before you get started fixing issues, you must know the reasons first. So, why are the RC tires unbalanced

Well, remember that the tires do not always consider the same weight. These are not made or cast identical to each and every tire.

As a result, the quality of your RC tires may vary. For these reasons, you may not expect every RC tire to be plain and ideal.

Remember that it does not happen only due to quality issues. However, this may also arise if you somehow damage the tire.

So, this is the reason that the RC tires can not balance when it is running. Your RC may have got 3-fit tires. On the other hand, one unfit tire can make the ride wobbly.

So, that is when the RC can not balance while it is running.

How Do I Balance The RC Tires Properly?

Now you know about the reasons for your RC tire imbalance issues. You may just think of replacing the RC tires. But hold on! You can actually fix it without replacing them.

So, how do you balance the RC tires? Well, here is what you got. Balancing RC tires is really easy just like gluing RC tires

You can go through the steps that we have broken down into simpler ones. 

However, you need a few supplies before that. You need a tire balancer, marker and lead tape. Once you have these, you may get started. So, take a look.

Step 1: Put Your Tire on The Balancer

At first, you need to take the tire balancer. You know what a tire balancer does. If you do not know, it holds the tire in air and you can spin it.

So, this helps you to see if the tire is really balanced. But how do you put the RC tire into the tire balancer? Well, this might seem hard but actually very easy.

You just have to get your tire into the balancing shaft slowly. Over there, you can see 2 adapters when you are doing it.

You would need to click on or tap on of the adapters. Then the other one would set the tire into place properly. Make sure you are patient while setting the tire.

Or else, you may be damaging the tire with the adapters. Remember this is a time you may look at other things like connecting ESC to a receiver.

Now, if you do not have a tire balancer, it’s alright. Take a look here to count on our pickups. 

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Hope this helps!

Step 2: Mark The Lighter Side of The Tire

Now, you have set your RC tire on the tire balancer successfully. So, this time you need to give the tire a little gentle tap so that the tire starts whirling around.

Make sure it is not whirling too fast. So, the tire keeps on whirling and also moving back and forth. Yes, you read that right. You can see the tire moving back and forth a bit.

So, it ensures that the tire is not balanced properly. When the tire stops rotating, observe the stopping point. 

You would notice that one side of the tire is lower than the other side. This lower side is basically the heavier side. 

Now, get a market to mark the top of the tire. Or else, you can mark the heavier side too. But try to keep the mark as light as possible. 

However, make sure you do not mark both sides. Because that would confuse you about the heavier side. So, we take it as the lighter side being marked.

Step 3: Apply Weight

Now, you can see the marked side which is the lighter side. So, you have to make sure the weight is balanced to not be biased. 

For that, you need balancing putty and then putting it into the lighter side. You may also use lead tape for this. Just trim off the tape and put it into the tire. 

Remember a few people try out glue for distributing the weight too. So, you may have a consideration on this too. 

But make sure you get the ideal glue for your RC. However, do not forget that it is best to use putty or clay for this.

Step 4: Balancing The Tire

Finally, you are about to balance the tire. When you are done filling the tire, put it into the balancer once more. Then you whirl it again. See, if it still moves back and forth. 

If it does, you need to refill or take it out accordingly. But if not, you must be done balancing your RC tires properly. 

Give it a quick look to see if it looks alright from your point of view. Finally, you have prepared your RC tires to run with a proper balance.

Remember one thing about the balancer. See, you may not have a balancer and neither could be managed. But that would not stop you from doing the task properly.

Yes, you read that right. You can do it just by using something else to get the tire hanging and moving. For example, you may use the front axle that you got with your RC vehicle.

You can literally use anything that works fine for it. But make sure you do not use anything that seems problematic in any way. Good luck!


Is it always the RC tires when it can not balance properly?

Well, it is almost every time the tires when your RC can not balance properly. However, this is not the only one which means there might be other reasons too. The plane or surface that you’re running your RC on can be the reason too. Other than that, the RC might have internal issues as well.

Do I need to replace the tires if the RC does not balance?

No, you do not have to replace the tires if your RC does not balance. Like, it is not something that is a must. You can try to balance the tires following the proper methods and steps. But if the RC doesn’t tend to balance, you may need to replace the tires.

Is it good to soften the RC tires?

Yes, many RC users believe that softer tires can be more balancing. As a result, people now consider softening the RC tires. So, if you consider this, you can do it too. To soften your RC tires, you can use chemicals. There are chemicals like xylene that may help it out.

The Final Words

Now you know how to balance the RC tires properly! So, hopefully, you are not having any more issues with it now.

However, do not forget one thing. It would be better if you can make your RC tires a bit more sticky or grippy. For this, you can use silicone spray or tire sauce too. Your RC tires would be fine with that.

All the best!

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