Arrma Kraton vs E Revo: Pick the Best RC Truck!

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Buying an RC truck can be a pain sometimes. Especially, when you have to choose between the two popular ones. We’re talking about the Arrma Kraton and Traxxas’s E Revo. 

So, what do you think about Arrma Kraton vs E Revo?

Well, Arrma Kraton and E Revo seem to be quite similar at first. But they’re not. The Kraton runs at 60+ mph while the E Revo only goes up to 50 mph. Speaking about maintenance, Arrma Kraton is easier to maintain. However, it’s the opposite case for E Revo.   

Do you want to know more about how the two differ? We have given a detailed explanation below for your ease. 

So, let’s begin, shall we?

Arrma Kraton Vs E Revo: Primary Differences at a Glance

Arrma Kraton and E Revo are two monstrous trucks that go devil on the road. Both of them might seem to show similar types of performance. But they are very different from each other.  

Take a look at the major differentiating aspects below: 

Aspects Arrma Kraton E Revo
Speed  60+ mph 50 mph
Battery Requirement Single Double
Maintenance Easy Difficult
Acceleration Smooth Aggressive
Price Budget-friendly Expensive

It’s pretty natural to pick one truck from the two. Both of these RC trucks have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

But there’s nothing to worry about. In the next segments, you’ll get to know a detailed comparison of the two trucks.

So, here we go! 

Arrma Kraton Vs E Revo: Detailed Comparison

You’ve already noticed that Arrma Kraton and E Revo have high differentiating factors. By understanding these factors, you‘ll know which truck is the best for you. 

So, without talking anymore, we’ll get into the details.    


When you’re buying an RC truck, the first thing you must check is the speed. The Arrma Kraton is a speed monster to us. Let us tell you why.

Let’s think about a 2200 kV brushless motor. The Arrma Kraton can speed up to 60+ mph. On the other hand, the E Revo is only capable of producing 50 mph speed. 

Well, we know the difference isn’t too high. But still, now you can be sure that Arrma Kraton is faster than E Revo. 

Winner: In general sense, Arrma Kraton is the winner in this category. If you’re only considering the speed capacity, the Kraton will be the best for you. 

Battery Requirement

Moving on to our next E revo vs arrma factor – battery requirement. 

We’ll speak about the Arrma Kraton first. You’ll only need one LiPo battery in this case. Whether you use a 4S battery or 6S battery it depends on the model. But the E Revo uses two batteries. 

So, this means you can easily charge the Arrma Kraton with a single-port charger. But the E Revo will require a dual output.  

However, you have to be cautious if there’s a charging issue in LiPo batteries. In that case, you have to identify what’s the problem and solve it accordingly.

Winner: The Arrma Kraton is a winner in this section too! You don’t need to take the pressure of charging to ports at a time. But if you have a dual-port charger, E Revo wouldn’t be bad at all.   


Now, let’s talk about maintenance. In the Arrma kraton 6s vs e revo battle, Kraton is easier to maintain. It doesn’t require much time to fix. But the case is quite different in the E Revo RC truck.

We’ll dive a little deep here. The Arrma Kraton has an open chassis unlike the E Revo. As a result, you don’t have to break the chassis in Kraton. There are plenty of spaces to get in your wrench.

For E Revo, you’ll need to break the chassis in half. The center half shifts will get destroyed, and may damage the front bulkheads.

You should know one more thing. Arrma Kraton usually needs frequent maintenance whereas E Revo doesn’t. 

We want to give some advice here. Sometimes the motor of these two RC cars might reflect problems. In this case, you have to use a multimeter to test the brushless motor

If you’re looking for some good multimeters, take a look at the products below:

Product 1
Product 2

Winner: It might seem obvious that Arrma Kraton is better than E Revo in this case. You’ll have to suffer less while doing maintenance. 

But E Revo would be the real winner if the frequency is your prime concern. So, yeah, it absolutely depends on you. 

That’s why we’ll say it’s a tie between the two RC trucks.


The last considerable fact is the price. Whatever the product is you’ll always have to take it under consideration according to its performance.

The price of Arrma Kraton 6s starts from $400. But you’ll have to pay at least $100 extra to purchase an E Revo.

This means the E Revo is more expensive than the Arrma Kraton. So, you have to make a wise decision based on their feature differences. 

Winner: Price wise the winner tag goes to Arrma Kraton. It’s much more budget-friendly than the E Revo. But if you got more cash in hand, E Revo might be the best option for you!   

Which RC Truck Should You Pick: Arrma Kraton Vs E Revo?

You might have noticed that the Arrma Kraton is pretty much a winner in every aspect. For someone who is short of budget, Kraton is a perfect choice. 

But you can’t eliminate E Revo’s specifications entirely. Where Arrma Kraton can get demolished in rough terrains, E Revo runs smooth. 

So, we would recommend choosing the E Revo if you have enough budget. Especially, for heavy racers, you must go for E Revo. Otherwise, Arrma Kraton would be the best pick.      


What motor is in the ARRMA Krator? 

There is a brushless power motor in the ARRMA Krator. Depending on the cell count, you’ll find a lot of variations. ARRMA Krator comes in 3S, 4S, 6S, 8S, and all power systems. These brushless motors are a beast in the drive. They run on different power capacities according to each model.          

What is the top speed of the E Revo Brushless Motor? 

The top speed of the E Revo Brushless motor is 70+ mph. Well, this is the case for a 2200 kV E Revo brushless motor. The cell count is 6S. In this model, there is a single-speed transmission. The motor generates much acceleration that creates a blistering 70+ mph. 

How is ARRMA Kraton different from E Revo in acceleration control?

The ARRMA Kraton is different from the E Revo in acceleration control. You can easily handle the ARRMA Kraton. It runs excellently on rocky roads but faces a little trouble with large obstacles. On the contrary, E Revo is pretty aggressive to control. It works best on tougher tracks.  

Final Thoughts

So, that’s it! Now you know the elaborated version of Arrma Kraton vs E Revo. We hope this comparative review guide was helpful for you.

Make sure you’re checking all the specifications before buying your RC truck. Hopefully, you’ll be able to make a great purchase. 

Till then, have a wonderful day!

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