How to Glue RC Tires? 3 Simple Steps You Can Follow

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It never feels good when you see your RC has wobbly tires. So, you become so irritated at a moment when you are running your RC with it. As a result, you start to think of gluing the RC tires yourself. But a lack of proper knowledge about it may stop you.

So, how to glue RC tires?

To glue your RC tires, you first prepare the areas. Then you need to trim the foam of your RC slowly. After that, you can start gluing up accordingly. Finally, you need to ensure the sidewall of the car. This is very crucial to do as it can affect the condition of the tire glue.

This gives you an overview of what awaits you here. Read along if you want to get detailed instructions on how to carry out this.

So, get started now!

How Do I Glue RC Tires on My Own?

You would not like it when your car stops in the middle of a race. Even, you would be annoyed when it is because of a wobbly tire.

Yes, a tire could be wobbly if the tire is not glued properly. The RC may even stop running for this!

So, you know what to do in that case. Now, you may wonder, how to glue the RC tires?

Well, you can glue your RC tires on your own very easily. Here is how you can do it. Take a look to know about the detailed steps.

Step 1: Prepare The Areas

You know the first thing to do is prepare the areas that you want to bond. Alloy wheels and tires are cast components. 

These have a smooth mold-release coating that was left over from the production process. You just require some distilled alcohol to prepare them for glue. 

Use isopropyl alcohol (frictional alcohol) as an alternative. These are very easy to get as you can find them anywhere like in a pharmacy. 

You may also go to a departmental store for this. Remember that these are very cheap as a bonus. So, these are very convenient to buy. 

Now, wondering how to get on these isopropyl alcohols anywhere around you? Well, here is how you get that very easily. Take a look.

Product 1
Product 2

Hope this helps!

You know there are other motor cleaners as well. Those motor and nitro cleaners might leave any leftover that prevents an effective bond. Glues like either gorilla glue or epoxy could come in handy too.

Slowly wash the beads of the tires with a paper towel. Continue doing so until the towel no longer attracts debris. Wipe the fitting channels for the rims as well. 

You may run on a surface with incredibly strong traction. The attaching areas on the rim and tire may even be lightly sanded in that situation. 

Before using alcohol to clean them, this would be completed. They will then form a strong bond.

Now, take a piece of sand and pour a bit of alcohol into it. This would help you to take the extra or surplus of the mold-release agent.

After this, you need to clean the rims of the wheels too. Remember that it is as important to clean the rims as the tires.

You can take another piece of tissue and clean the rims of the tires gradually. You can just clean the rims as you clean the tires.

Step 2: Trim The Foam 

At this time, you need to get ready to trim the foam insert. Trimming the RC foam is very crucial actually. You know almost everyone tries to cut the outer and inner edges of it. 

However, the actual one requires utilizing the entire, untrimmed inserts. The stock foams are really soft and fluffy. 

As a result, trimming them does not actually matter or bring any changes. Rather, you better ensure the insert is at the center of the tire.

The tire would also have to be properly seated. It is not that important to fix the off-road tire on the balancer. 

However, it must not be wobbly or slack whenever it is rolling on. If you see the tire not sitting properly, check the rim for flashing. Along with that, look at the tire too. 

If necessary, use a hobby knife to clip it away. Loop an elastic band all-around the tire’s edges once your test fit is satisfactory. This would enable it to fill it all the way up.

Remember that trimming is really easy. You just have to cut the foam with identical shallow cuts. Do not rush while you are doing this.

Do not forget that flashing could be disruptive for the tire to sit properly. So, make sure you remove it with a knife properly. 

But do not be rough while removing this as you may damage the tire anytime. It would even need a replacement of the tire. 

To do that you need to measure the RC tire. There would be other things which might be long going.

Step 3: Start Gluing up

Just sufficiently separate the tire casing from the rim. This enables the glue to penetrate all the way to the tire-mounting channel’s base. 

Add a bit of glue to the channel next. Repeat after allowing the tire to settle and the bead to seat. Put adhesive on the rim at the numbers 12 and 6 to represent the face of a clock. 

After a brief period of drying, glue at points 3 and 9. Less is more when it is about tire glue. Brittle tire glue is present in thick patches. 

Additionally, if you apply too much glue, the tires would be far more prone to come loose. 

Let a few minutes after finishing one side. Next, turn the tire over and work on the opposite side.

Step 4: Ensure The Sidewall

After you are done gluing up the tires, you need to ensure the sidewall. You can tug on the sidewall very gently to check if it loses or something.

If you find anything loose, you fix it now. You can apply glue to the loose area in between the tire and the rim. This is how you check the entire area.

And after you glue this, let it rest for a while. Let the glue dry completely and after that, wipe it with a cloth again. And finally, you are done with gluing up the RC tires.

So, this is how to glue RC tires at home very easily!


What type of glue would be the best for RC tires?

The best glue that you may use for your RC tires is the CA glue. This CA tire glue is also known as Cyanoacrylate to the experts or professionals. These types of glue are very good to bind or glue the tires of your RC. The price of this would be worth it according to its quality too.

Can I use ordinary glue to attach the RC tires?

Yes, you can use ordinary glue to attach the RC tires. There are glues like super glue and all which can be good for this. But do not forget that the RC glues are ideal for this. By RC glues you go for the CA tire glue. This glue is actually the best for RC vehicles no matter what.

Is there a way to unglue RC tires?

Yes, you can unglue the tires of your RC vehicles if you want. However, you must remember that you need to follow pepper steps to do it. If you randomly poke the tires with something sharp, you may damage the vehicle. You can just give heat to the tire and start ungluing it.

The Final Words

So, that is how to glue RC tires very easily on your own! You should not face any issues to do it now without any pro help.

Well, before we sign out, here is a tip. That is, do not ever use glue tape while you are fixing or gluing the RC tires. 

Remember, using glue is essential wherever it is necessary and glue tape can not always be its alternative.

So, be careful about it!

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