Spektrum Dx6 Vs Dx6e: What’s the Better Option for You?

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When choosing a controller, it’s really important to choose the best one out there. Speaking of top-tier controllers, the Spektrum dx6 and dx6e are surely mention-worthy. 

Since their names are so similar, people are really confused about which one to buy. If you are confused as well, we are here to help you!  

So, which one should you choose between the Spektrum dx6 vs dx6e

The Spektrum dx6 is packed with more antennas and features than the dx6e. Its build quality is also finer. However, the backward compatibility of the dx6e is a lot better than the dx6. On top of that, the Spektrum dx6e is cheaper. Both of these controllers have the same channel and bandwidth. 

This isn’t all the information you will need regarding these controllers. Read till the end to know more!

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Spektrum Dx6 Vs Dx6e: Primary Differences

A little information about the key differences between two products always helps. The same goes for the spectrum dx6 and dx6e. Although they are of the same lineup, they do have differences. Take a look here-

Differentiating Factors Spektrum Dx6 Spektrum Dx6e
Bandwidth 2.4Ghz 2.4Ghz
Build Quality Better Good
Built-in Speaker Yes No
Antenna Count 2 1
Feature and Functions More Less
Cost Starts from $219 Starts from $169

Now that you have laid your eyes on the key differences, let us learn the details. 

Below, we have provided a very uniquely detailed comparison for you. By reading it, you can differentiate these transmitters even further. Give it a good read!

Spektrum Dx6 Vs Dx6e: Detailed Comparison

As we’ve mentioned the differentiating factors earlier in this article, we will now elaborate on them. Reading the details of these Spektrum controllers from start to finish is super important for you. 

So, start learning the details from this point!

Build Quality

The overall experience and longevity of any product depend majorly on its build quality. So, knowing the build quality of these transmitters are important to choose the best one.

Spektrum Dx6

The Spektrum controllers are usually well-built. Accordingly, the Spektrum Dx6 is the same. In fact, it has an unmatched ergonomic design to it, which makes it really comfortable to hold. This has a built-in speaker, that can alert well!

There are also some grips on the sides of this controller. These rubber grips add an extra form of physical control. The size of the Spektrum Dx6 is also decent to fit in all hands that gives this transmitter a premium feel!

Spektrum Dx6e

On the contrary, despite being the same lineup, Dx6e’s not as well-built as the Spektrum Dx6. It does not have an ergonomic shape to it. The comfort of holding it is reduced in this regard. It’s also missing the built-in speaker.

One positive feature of the Dx6e is, that it has adjustment screws at the front. This makes the physical transmitter adjustments easier. However, the build quality is less when compared to the Spektrum Dx6. It is also a bit smaller than the dx6.

Winner: In the build quality section, the Spektrum Dx6 easily wins!

Antennas and Channels

Since the bandwidth of these transmitters are the same, you may think that antennas won’t matter. Well, antennas and channels are a huge part of the overall usability! Antenna count usually makes the difference of Spektrum transmitters.

Spektrum Dx6

The antenna count for the Spektrum dx6 is 2. This controller has double the antenna when compared to the Spektrum dx6e. Yet, they have the same channel count, which is 6. The dual antenna setup helps avoid the binding problems of Spektrum receivers

Since the dx6 has double antennas, you may think the range will be doubled. In reality, antennas don’t relate to the range at all. Antennas basically strengthen the signals. This is also the mechanism of wifis at home.

Spektrum Dx6e

On the contrary, the Spektrum dx6e has only 1 antenna. Both these controllers can transmit signals at 2.4Ghz bandwidth. Besides being a bit less powerful, the dx6e also has 6 channels.

Because it has fewer antennas, the connection quality of the dx6e is less than the dx6. That is the only difference the antenna makes. 

Other than that, dx6e has a decent connection nevertheless.

Spektrum dx6

Winner: In the antenna section, dx6 wins for having greater antennas and better connection!

Backward Compatibility

This feature is rarely available in transmitters. Fortunately, both the Spektrum dx6 and dx6e have this feature. It allows these transmitters to use old receivers while being a new transmitter.

Spektrum Dx6

This transmitter supports backward compatibility up to DSM2 receivers. Currently, the Spektrum dx6 uses the receivers that use the DSMX technology. There are many differences between DSMX and DSM2 receivers.

This backward compatibility will allow you to use the receivers that use DSM2. So it is a great way to save costs! Although, the connection quality is the best in DSMX technology. Although, this feature does not work if you are in the EU region.

Spektrum Dx6e

Similar to the Spektrum dx6e has the same backward compatibility. That means, the dx6e can also work with the DSM2 receivers, while using DSMX technology. This feature easily widens the range of receivers you can work with.

On top of that, the Spektrum dx6e can work with the DSM2 better. Since the dx6e is a bit backdated than the dx6, it has better backward compatibility. 

So if you are planning to use old receivers, consider the dx6e! But this feature will only work in the USA.

If you want to buy DSM2 receivers, here are some suggestions from our end-

Product 1
Product 2

By using these DSM2 receivers, you will experience flawless connection! You will also be saving money by using old receivers.

Winner: In the backward compatibility section, the winner is Spektrum dx6e!


By knowing the cost of transmitters beforehand, you can fix your budget. Also, you can calculate the price-to-value ratio. For instance, the cost is what makes the key difference between Spektrum dx6 and dx6i.

Spektrum Dx6

The Spectrum dx6 is the most expensive option of these two controllers. The Spectrum dx6 price starts from 219 dollars. For a controller, it’s quite high. Still, the dx6 packs a punch within this price!

Spektrum Dx6e

On the other hand, the dx6e is priced at 179$. As you can see, they have a huge difference in the cost section. The price tag of dx6e is also very reasonable. It makes the budget, not of concern.

Spektrum dx6e

Winner: From the pricepoint perspective, the Spektrum dx6e is the winner for being the cheaper option!

Spektrum Dx6 Vs Dx6e: Final Decision

It is time to make your decision. After knowing all this information, you must make the choice between dx6 and dx6e.

If you’re trying to save bucks and use old receivers, the Spektrum dx6e is for you. It is cheaper compared to the dx6 and it has better backward compatibility. However, it has fewer features, antennas, and build quality.

On the contrary, if you want a well-built transmitter that has multiple antennas, dx6’s for you. You will get more features on this controller and a better connection. However, it won’t work truly well with old receivers. Also, it will cost way more than the dx6e.


How do I turn off AVC in Spektrum?

To turn off the AVC in Spektrum, you will need to use the bind button. After powering on your receiver, locate the bind button. Press it 3 times quickly. After quickly pressing this button 3 times, press and hold it for a couple of seconds. This will complete the binding and disable the AVC!

What is throttle gain?

Throttle gain basically dictates how much throttle control the system has. So when the throttle gain will be less, you will have more control. On the other hand, if the throttle gain is high, the system will have more control. Don’t confuse it with ‘steering gain’, which a lot of people do!

What receivers work with Spektrum?

A wide variety of receivers work with Spektrum. For example, E-Flight, JR, Parkzone, etc receivers. However, the best receivers are the Spektrum receivers. The transmitter and receiver combo really serves well. Other than that, DSM2 labeled receivers can work flawlessly here. So, you can easily use these.

The Final Words

That was all from our end. We hope that you can figure out the best choice between the Spektrum dx6 vs dx6e

If you can focus on your priorities, making the decision won’t be tough. Both these controllers have a great performance!

Wishing you all the best!

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