Comparison Between 3s vs 4s Lipo Batteries!

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Lipo batteries are really good for RC cars. Are you looking for a good lipo battery for your RC car? It is OK, but anyone will be confused between 3S and 4S lipo batteries. 

Do you want to know the comparison between 3s vs 4s lipo batteries? 

The power output of 3s and 4s lipo batteries is the same. However, they vary in terms of RPM and stability. A 4S battery has a higher RPM, which gives you more velocity and push. However, a 3S battery is more secure to use. If a newcomer starts with a 4S, they may feel intimidated.

That’s just the brief. If you swipe up, you will see a quick and detailed comparison. It will help you to make your decision easier. 

3s vs 4s Lipo Batteries: Quick Comparison

Let’s first discuss some significant differences before going into all the excruciating details. A quick comparison table has been given for your benefit. 

Features 3S Lipo 4S Lipo
Current HigherLower
Voltage LowerHigher
SafetyHigher Lower

Here we just quickly talked about the high and low features of the batteries. To make a decision, you need to know more details about it. Let’s talk through it. 

Detailed Comparison of 3S and 4S Lipo Batteries 

3s and 4s Lipo batteries have three or four cells, respectively. Additionally, 2S2P batteries have four cells. Yet they are very dissimilar. 

Many people are unaware of one of the best aspects of a Lipo battery, which is – a Lipo battery can be charged without a charger. 

The most important contrasts between 3s and 4s Lipo batteries have already been shown. Let’s now examine their distinctions in greater detail. 

Power Output

The power output remains constant regardless of the input voltage and current. Low current and high voltage characterize 4S Lipo batteries. However, the voltage and current in 3S Lipo batteries are both low.

Voltage x Current = Power

In essence, this indicates that they produce the same amount of power. Though their inputs of voltage and current differ, it still holds true. For a change, let’s examine an example.

Say your motor is 300 watts in power. The motor will use approximately 27 amps of current when coupled with a 3S lipo battery. However, the motor will use about 20.3 amps of current if you use a 4S battery. 

Let’s calculate now. 27 amps times 11.1 volts equals 300 watts for the 3s battery. Regarding the 4S battery, 20.3 amps multiplied by 14.8 volts equals 300 watts.

Therefore, it is clear that the power output will remain constant. You could say that these batteries’ current and voltage are inversely related to one another.


Revolutions Rotations Per Minute, also known as RPM, is another name for this quantity. High voltage is accompanied by high RPM. RPM is calculated by multiplying a motor’s voltage by its KV rating.

Let’s revisit a specific instance. Consider having a motor with a KV value of 2300. Use the 11.1 V 3s battery now. The RPM is now 11.1 x 2300, which is 25,530. In essence, this means that without a propeller, the motor would turn 25,530 times per minute.

Utilizing the 14.8 V 4s battery now. The RPM increases to 14.8 x 2300 = 34,040 with the same motor. You can see how noticeably the RPM rises when this battery is used. When it increases, the higher KV helps increase the speed of your RC car. 

The thrust, flight speed, and control are all increased by increasing the RPM. After all, it’s a common predicament. You now have a throttle lever, though, which means it is more delicate.

Integrity & Safety

Unawareness of the importance of safety is unacceptable. Knowing that 4S batteries have more power than 3S batteries is not news. Accordingly, using 4S batteries allows for greater thrust, control, and acceleration.

However, there is a price for each of these. Now, the throttle lever is more delicate. A small adjustment to the throttle can have a significant impact. Beginners typically have trouble with this. 

If you’ve used RCs for a while, you shouldn’t have any issues. You need to set up your RCs. The majority of people advise beginning with a 3s battery for beginners. Because beginners can use it more easily as the throttle is easily controllable. The power of 4s will be too much for them to handle right away.

But with so little power, one also quickly grows tired of it. People can reach that stage in just one week or in six months. 

So, in contrast to everyone else, we would advise a beginner to choose a 4s right away. We’d also show you how to reduce the throttle power so that it feels like 3 seconds. 

Reduced Throttle Power

You can use a flysky or a frisky for this trick, depending on what works best for you. Let’s now reduce your throttle power.

First, check out the menu. Then navigate to the throttle curve by scrolling down. There are 5 levels, ranging from low to high. Also, they progress in percentages of 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%, respectively.

Reduce each one by roughly 50%, with the exception of 0%, which will remain at 0%. Following that, the levels change from low to high to 0%, 12%, 25%, 37%, and 50%, respectively.

The maximum power output from your remote will now be 50%. Anytime you want, you can return to the default setting for that. 

The Winner 

The 4s Lipo battery prevails in this conflict. It is accurate to say that the total output power of 3s and 4s is equal. But the RPM on 4s is much higher. With 4s, you can accelerate faster and with much better control.

The winner in terms of safety is 3S. However, beginners should mostly use this. A 4S battery can be made safe for use. Everything will be fine if you use the technique we taught you.

Even the cost of later purchasing a new battery will be avoided, providing you purchase a 4s. You’ll benefit if you are aware of some lipo battery facts. You’ll find the information useful because you might use it eventually. 


Can I use a 4S LiPo battery with a 3S motor?

Yes, you can use 4s with a 3s motor. The throttle cannot be used to restrict the input voltage. Essentially, the ESC functions like a switch, rapidly switching on and off. With more on or off, representing the throttle. However, you are still changing almost the whole voltage every time.

What ESC do I require for 4S?

The ESC should be a good fit for the motor, and should also be rated for 4S. I determined the maximum amperage the motor can withstand and increased the ESC by 20 amps. I would at the very least investigate a switch-mode ESC or an additional BEC.

When should I expect to receive my 4S battery?

You must land after you’ve depleted 90% of your battery power! The battery should presumably be about 3.5V-3.6V at this stage. You should not, however, depend simply on “mAh consumed.” Once the power is turned off or the FC restarts. The output from a sensor module is adjusted to zero.

Sum Up 

Now that you are fully informed regarding 3s vs 4s lipo batteries. We make an effort to cover every aspect of both batteries. 

Of course, the 4s is the best option. Even a trick and some advice for reducing the throttle power have been covered for the sole purpose of saving you money. 

Best of luck with the batteries. Take care!

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