How to Make an RC Boat Trailer: A Maker’s Guideline

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Many people are getting these watery daredevils, the RC boats. Pretty sure you have one too!

Getting an RC boat is not a problem.

The problem arises when you got no trailer to carry it.

Buying one is costly, and making one is not just some everyday thing to know.

So, how to make an RC boat trailer?

Grab the equipment. You will need Aluminum bars, threaded rods, wheels, and some tools. Build up the frame that will carry the boat. Attach necessary supports to it so that it does not break and attach the wheels. That’s how you build the trailer.

This was just an overview. To build a trailer, you will need specific info.

In this article, I have given the instructions to help you build a boat.

Off to maker’s forge, shall we?

Step-by-step Guide to Built a Trailer

Well, building anything is not that easy. It consists of steps, just like the steps of discharging a battery.

Well, the same goes for making the trailer. 

However, no need to worry. Follow these steps and you will know how to build an RC boat trailer!

Step-01: Grab the Equipment

All right. Let’s gather the equipment first. Generally, most of the hardware is pretty easily obtainable.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Small Aluminum sheets
  • Angle Aluminum bars
  • Flat Aluminum bar
  • Diamond plate
  • Foam tape
  • Wheelset
  • Drill and bit
  • Hacksaw or Dremmel
  • Rivets and washers

See? As I said, most of this hardware you may already have.

If you do not have the above things, then don’t worry. You can grab them from any nearby hardware shop at a reasonable price.

All right! We gathered the equipment. Now, we can start building an RC boat from scratch.

Step-02: Building the Frame

The first thing we will do is to build the mainframe of the trailer. It will be the skeleton of our trailer that will carry the boat. 

To do so, grab two angular Aluminum bars. Give a small cut in the middle of both strips and bend the angle Aluminum bars right at the cut. 

The bending is done to give your trailer a much more boat-like triangular shape. Not only does the trailer looks nice, but also it becomes easy to carry the boat.

Once it is done, place the bent Aluminum bars together in a “V” shape like a boat. Then use the rivet gun and connect them.

Now, we will need two small pieces of Aluminum. You can cut them from the Aluminum sheet and put the strips under the angle Aluminum bars along the width of the boat. 

Put one at the end of the bars. While putting another strip in the middle.

Finally, connect all the strips with the help of the rivet gun.

This way, the main structure is done!

Step-03: Adding Supports

Although we built the main structure, it is not strong yet. So, it needs additional support adding to it to firmly hold the RC boat.

Basically, you have to build front support.

This supports holds the head of the boat. Take an Aluminum bar and place the bar within the font head and the middle strip of the frame.

Afterward, bend the side of the Aluminum bar that is in the middle of the frame. At the top of the bent Aluminum bar, set another small bent piece of Aluminum.

Generally, no additional supports are needed to be put on the trailer frame. However, you can add any other support if you want.

For instance, you can build an upper layer over the frame of the trailer. Again grab two pieces of the angular Aluminum bar and set them over the frame. 

Now take 3 pieces of the Aluminum strip and bent them downwards. Set them over the previously placed angular bars. Thus, your trailer now has an upper support structure.

Step-04: Add the Wheels

Now how can a trailer unless it has wheels? That’s exactly what we are going to do. We will now add the wheels.

Firstly, grab two pieces of the Aluminum strip, again. Connect them at the back of the trailer, under both of the angular aluminum bars.

Now we have to drill two holes at both of the plates. Then grab a pair of threaded rods and place them through the holes.

Guess why we did this? These rods will work as wheel axles. Now, you can put the wheels.

To put the wheel, put some rivets and place the wheels. Finally, put some washers. Unless you want the wheels to roll out from the trailer!

About wheels, you can use any wheels if you want, whether street or off-road.  So, select any wheels for your RC trailer you want!

Now, if you are out of wheels and thinking to buy, check this out:

Product 1
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They are really good ones right now in the market that are worth giving a try!

Have you done with this step? Then congratulations! Your long-desired RC boat carrier is ready.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Now obviously, you have learned about how to make an RC boat trailer

However, to completely master the ways of making the trailer, you must know about the precautions as well. After all, safety is always first!

Maintain Safety

While working, wear necessary safety equipment. Wear goggles, gloves, and a helmet especially. 

Maybe they are small, still there are some remarkable works you have to do. So, be careful!

Keep Enough Space

Try to keep enough space in the trailer for the boat. 

If the trailer is smaller than the dimension of the boat, the boat may slip. Eventually, it will fall from the trailer.

Thus, try to keep an inch of extra space for the boat. This way, the boat can be placed with ease.

Flexible Movement

Place the wheel axles carefully. You have to make sure they can move freely.

 The road can be uneven sometimes. Even you have to upgrade your RC for roads! If the axle is stiff, the wheel won’t be able to move. Ultimately, the trailer can lose control and fall. 

So, while setting the axles, try to keep their movement as flexible as it is possible.

There you go! Keep them in mind. You won’t face any issues while making the DYC RC trailer.


Is It Possible to Add Wheel Fenders to The Trailer?

It is possible indeed. You will need a diamond plate and Aluminum sheet. Cut a small piece from the Aluminum sheet according to the dimension of the wheels. Then bend it like a standard fender and place it over the wheels. Set the diamond plate over the Aluminum fender to give it a finishing.

Can Wood be Used to Make RC Boat Trailer?

You can use wood to make an RC trailer. Firstly, cut a portion of plywood based on the dimension of the boat. Draw the pattern of the trailer frame over the plywood piece. Now take a woodcutter and cut along the drawn lines. Add the wheels with the frame. Voila! Your wooden trailer is ready!

Can I Put My RC Car at The RC Boat Trailer?

You cannot carry your RC car over the RC boat trailer. The boat trailer is specifically made for the boat. Its frame supports and other things are made to hold the boat perfectly. However, A car might not be able to fit the trailer all the time. For that, you may have to modify the trailer.

Closing Ceremony

Well, you know how to make an RC boat trailer. Plus, you got the precautions. 

Thus, my journey with you ends here.

Don’t worry now. If you feel lost, there are always RC experts to help you. You can go to them for any queries.

Stay safe and have a great day!

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