Which Wrap to Choose: UltraCote vs MonoKote

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Who does not like to give a colorful finishing to their beloved RC?

This is where the use of the wraps comes.

There are many wraps in the market. But, choosing one can be pretty confusing.

Especially when it comes to MonoKote and UltraCote. Both of the wraps are pretty top-notch.

UltraCote vs MonoKote, which one you should use?

UltraCote can stretch more than MonoKote. However, it shrinks a lot. On the other hand, MonoKote lasts longer than UltraCote under sunlight. MonoKote has a lot of color options than UltraCote, so you can freely customize the color. UltraCote may not be as vibrant as MonoKote, but it’s easy to use.

Ultimately, you will need more precise Info to select the right wrap for RC.

Once you go through this article, you won’t have any wrap dilemmas.

Let us begin then!

MonoKote vs UltraCote: Quick Comparison of the Features

Obviously, selecting a wrap between MonoKote and UltraCote is not easy. It’s just like selecting between Arrma and Traxxas. You will need an explained view of the wraps.

Before going for a detailed view, it’s best to check on the features of both wraps.

Why? This will give us an idea about UltraCote vs MonotKote. With the help of this, we can easily understand the detailed comparison of these wraps.

Here are what we have:

Comparable Features UltraCote MonoKote
Stretch Less More
Shrinks Quickly Slowly
Sunlight sensitive? Yes No
Multiple color customization Unavailable Available
Best for Beginner RC users Advanced RC users

Well, did you see the features? Great! Now we are going to jump into a detailed view of this comparison.

UltraCote vs MonoKote: Detailed View

UltraCote and MonoKote barely has any differences. But, it’s necessary to dig deep into comparison to figure out their specialty.

 Let’s see what we get.

Physical Characteristics

These quick wraps used for customizing the RC and surely have some remarkable characteristics. However, knowing about them before using them is necessary.

UltraCote usually decreases faster than MonoKote. Thus, at a certain temperature rise, you will see that UltraCote covering is reducing faster than that of MonoKote.

Not only that. Since UltraCote covering shrinks faster than MonoKote, it is less stretchy than MonoKote.

Now why such deviation of characteristics?

It’s because of the chemical composition of UltraCote and MonoKote.

 The main component that builds up UltraCote is Polyester. Whereas, MonoKote is made of Myler.

Now Myler is known to have stronger chemical bonds if you compare it with Polyester.

Thus, it will take more energy and time to break the bond of Myler than Polyester. So, when the temperature is increased, Polyester bonds break faster than Myler. Thus, UltraCote decreases faster than MonoKote.

Now guess why MonoKote stretches more than UltraCote? It’s the weaker chemical bond of polyester! Because of this Myler-made MonoKote stretches faster than UltraCote.


When it comes to shrink-wraps, sustainability is an important criterion to discuss. After all, not all coverings, last the same.

Let’s start with UltraCote. Whenever you are using the Remote Control System, the temperature can rise. 

If you have used UltraCote to cover up the RC, it will reduce and get off from the RC as fast as possible.

Therefore, the UltraCote is used to cover up the sensitive and soft parts of the RC. As UltraCote gets off as the heat rises, the place it covers does not get burnt. 

As a result, your RC stays safe from the heat due to friction.

As we have seen, UltraCote tends to shrink fast and stretch the least. Because of such properties, UltraCote stays over the RC for a very small time.

In this case, MonoKote can stay much longer over the RC. Because of the presence of the stronger Myler, MonoKote barely gets off the body of the RC.

Due to such durable characteristics, you can smoothly stretch the MonoKote. Also, it becomes easy to place with the adhesive.

Did I mention Adhesives? Here are some adhesives, you can check:

Product 1
Product 2

They are top-notch in the market now. Hurry before they are out of stock!

So, you can use UltraCote for covering the important parts of the RC. It may get off soon, but it can save the RC components from burning. 

On the other hand, if you are more of a long-lasting wrap person, use MonoKote. It is your call.

Sunlight Sensitivity

When it comes to UltraCote and MonoKote, sunlight sensitivity is really an important factor to speak about.

UltraCote is very sensitive to sunlight. When it gets in contact with sunlight, it starts to wrinkle. Eventually, the wrap comes off the RC.

MonoKote however, has no such issue. It does not get affected by sunlight and you won’t have to worry about the wrap shrinking.

Why does such happen?

Polyester contains a weak bond. Thus at a small temperature, say around 68 degrees of celsius, it starts to reduce. 

Thus, when sunlight hits, the temperature increases and the UltraCote gets off.

MonoKote is not like this. The chemical bond of Myler can stay strong up to even 90 degrees of celsius! 

So, even if the sun-ray hits, the MonoKote stays stretched as new.

Color Customization

When you use Wrap over an RC, definitely you think about colors, right?

UltraCote offers a limited amount of color. If you search, you will see that UltraCote has some specific colors. You may not find any other variations of UltraCote colors

Thus, color customization is a bit tough for UltraCote.

In this case, MonoKote won’t disappoint you. MonoKote has a huge variety of colors. You can easily customize your MonoKote wrap in whatever MonoKote color you want.

Time to Choose One

All right. We have seen a lot about UltraCote and MonoKote. Now, let’s pick one.

UltraCote is great for wrapping the important parts of the RC to prevent burning. Also, it is easy to use. 

You can easily cover your RC with UltraCote. So, UltraCote is a good choice for any novice.

Or, there is MonoKote. It shrinks less and stays longer over the body of the RC. Plus, you can do a lot of color customization.

In the end, both wraps are good. Hence, choose the one you like!


Is It Possible to Remove MonoKote?

Yes. You will need two things. A heat gun and a scraper. Firstly take the Heat gun. Then apply heat from where you want to remove the wrap. This will increase the temperature for the MonoKote over tolerate level and it will start to melt. Thus use the scraper to remove the layers of the MonoKote.

Is It Okay to Color Over UltraCote?

It is possible to color over UltraCote. You can use House of Kolor, Dupont, etc paints. However, you have to maintain some safety. You must wear a mask while painting over the UltraCote. After all, poisonous gas creates during painting. Also, try to avoid extra painting it can make the RC heavy.

Can I Use MonoKote and UltraCote Together?

Yes. You can use UltraCote and MonoKote at the same time. However, it’s best to use UltraCote over MonoKote. Rather than MonoKote over UltraCote. If you use MonoKote over UltraCote, it does not get attached firmly. Because the adhesive of MonoCote is not strong enough to hold over the UltraCote.

Wrapping Up

Time to close the topic of UltraCote vs MonoKote. Hopefully, now you know which wrap you should use.

Still, do you need more Information? Relax. Go to any RC experts. They surely can assist you.

Have a great day then. Goodbye!

Where am I going? I am going to put a wrap over my RC!

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