Arrma Vs Traxxas – Finding the Right Choice

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You’re thinking of getting a new RC car to finally get into the fun world of RCs. But there are lots of brands to choose from. So you narrow it down to just two.

You’re choosing between arrma and Traxxas, but now you’re confused. Which is going to be the right choice?

Who will win between Arrma vs Traxxas?

Arrma makes professional-grade complex RCs whereas Traxxas has a more user-friendly design. In the case of upgrading, Arrma will give you more freedom. However, many people prefer Traxxas RCs for having a more accessible handle and drive. Due to high-end material and professional facilities, most RC experts prefer Arrma over Traxxas. 

So, this is a basic gist. If you want to go in-depth about their differences, read the rest of this article.

Let’s get right into it!

Quick Comparison: Arrma Vs Traxxas- Which Is The Wiser Choice?

RC cars are a pretty famous amusement for many people. If we look into Arrma vs Traxxas forums, we get how famous they are.

Arrma is a newer company compared to Traxxas. Traxxas was founded nearly 23 years earlier than arrma. Even though there is a significant gap in the founding time. 

They are both equally preferred by people. But if you have to choose between them, what should you do? What’s better between Arrma vs Traxxas

For that, we are going to lay out the facts about both companies. Put them head to head in different categories and try to see which one comes out on top. 

For checking their differences, we have prepared a quick comparison table. This will give us a clearer picture of the points where they vary. 

Let’s check it out: 

Factor Arrma Traxxas
User Friendliness Not very user-friendly for beginners, but excellent for professionals. Very convenient and beginner friendly. 
Targeted Customer Base RC enthusiasts, who are already professional at RC-related stuff. Focused on newcomers, starting to explore the world of RC.
Upgradability  Very upgradeable, with freedom to customize and get help from the company directly. Not much scope to upgrade or change. You have what you get from the box.
Cost Affordable and relatively cheap. Comes with a higher cost due to additional services.

That is a quick and simple head-to-head discussion between the two. We can already sense that there is a specific difference between them.

After getting to know all the ins and outs, we should be able to do a proper Arrma vs Traxxas review.

So let’s go into it!

Detailed Comparison: Arrma Vs Traxxas- Upgradability or Ease Of Use?

Arrma and Traxxas are both beloved and famous brands. But there is a significant difference in the user base of these companies.

And the reasons for that difference are what we are going to discuss here today.

There are differences between the two in terms of cost and availability. Also, there is a barrier that separates the two companies’ target customers, either they are experts or  beginners.

Your RC cars can get into trouble and most times the trouble starts with the battery. 

So, it’s very important to know how to check your battery condition.

So let’s get down to business!

1. User Friendliness & Ease Of understanding While Getting Started

Traxxas and aarma vary significantly here. Because the main focus of Arrma is building very high quality and strong RC cars.

In short, arrma means speed and durability. They create complex and hard-to-use RC cars, which are greeted by professionals and RC enthusiasts.

While on the flip side, Traxxas has very basic kits. They will be really helpful for you to get started. Anyone can just get one and start playing with it where no assembly is required.

Traxxas has a pretty awesome lineup of 2s and 3s RC cars. While arrma is more focused on 6s or 8s cars like the Arrma Kraton series.

2. Targeted Customer Base

The two brands have equally large user and fan bases. If you search for Arrma vs Traxxas Reddit, you’ll find countless arguments and opinions. From both sides, they have fans and followers.

You can observe which group you feel you belong to most. To answer technical questions, Arrma has a fan base of die-hard RC enthusiasts and professional racers.

While on the other hand, Traxxas has popularity among the more general class of people.

Due to the user-friendly approach of Traxxas most newcomers and beginners start their RC journey using a Traxxas 3s or 4s car.

As arrma makes better performing but hard to control complex RCs,  people who use them are also well educated in the field of RC.

3. Availability, Upgradability & Cost

Being the older brand and having a broader customer base, Traxxas has more options to choose from.

There are a lot more models you can explore compared to Arrma. Many of them come in ready to drive stage with no assembly required.

Arrma is very upgradeable. They come with a fully unassembled kit which you use to make your RC car in your own way.

If you want, you can take part from the set and make an RC boat trailer yourself. They also release frequent updates in their designs and software. Mark them with a serial number so that it is easily traceable.

If you talk about cost, this might be shocking for you. Traxxas is very costly if you compare it to Arrma RC cars. Where Arrma RC cars are around 300 dollars, the same level Traxxas can cost you around 800 dollars.

The main reason for this is – traxxas provides lots of spare parts and other accessories. That’s why the assembly process is really easy and convenient.

Factoring in those, it’s pretty easy to understand the cost difference.

Our Verdict

Since you are going to own one, you have to make the final decision. The best we can do is to give a suggestion based on the evidence we got here.

Traxxas is the best choice for beginner RC enthusiasts. It provides a lot of stuff that makes the understanding easier. But it might come at a big cost. 

On the other hand, using an Arrma RC car will require you to know a lot about RC beforehand.

It will be easier for you to take care of your car, as you’d know how to upgrade a cheap RC car. Besides, Arrma provides convenient design for that.

So, our suggestion would be, if cost isn’t that big of a factor, you surely should take a Traxxas car as a beginner. In contrast, you can undoubtedly choose Arrma if you are an expert in the RC field.


Are 8s Cars Harder To Handle Than 4s Cars?

Yes, they are. 6s or 8s RC cars are mainly built for enthusiasts and RC experts. They are more capable of handling bashing and are much harder to control. Whereas 3s and 4s cars are meant for beginners who are just trying to understand the ins and outs here.

Can You Charge Your RC Battery With A Different Company Charger?

Technically you can do that. However, it’s not ideal. If you must charge your battery with a different charger, you have to first read the charger specifications. Also check whether it delivers the same voltage and takes the same load as your own charger. Then you can use it on your battery.

Are Electrical RCs Faster Than Nitro RCs?

Yes, they sure are. Electrical RCs get way more power delivered that can give them insanely high speeds. But a nitro-powered RC car can go so far. Also, the hassle of carrying fuel is another concern. Electric RCs solved the problems that nitro RCs had.

Wrapping Up

By now you should be clear about Arrma vs Traxxas. It’s not a hard choice. Rather it’s a matter of what you really need.

Until next time stay happy and healthy!

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