How to Upgrade a Cheap RC Car?

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If you’ve owned the same remote-controlled car for a long, you may be considering an update. For a racer, the RC vehicle improvement is crucial. You would always be a step ahead if you continue improving your remote-controlled automobile.

So, how to upgrade a cheap rc car?

By simply adhering to a few steps, you may quickly update an RC vehicle. The first option is to replace the wheels and tires. Then you may replace the batteries if you’re experiencing issues. The car’s gears may also be changed or replaced. Your automobile will operate more smoothly and effectively.

You should use any of these methods. You need more information than what was just provided. We really appreciate you taking 5 minutes out of your busy day to read the post.

Stop holding out and let’s get going!

RC Car Upgrade: A Cheap One

It’s amazing to see how these radio-controlled automobiles operate. However, you always have the option to slow down your remote-controlled vehicle. You must then improve them at that point.

Your RC vehicle has a few upgrades that you may make. The motor is one possibility since it will increase your power and speed. The battery is an alternative.

Since it will let you operate for a longer period of time before requiring recharging. Additionally, you may improve the controller on the RC car. That will make it simpler to drive. 

The wheels and tires of your vehicle may also be improved, which will improve mobility and traction.

If you’ve been using the very same controller for a long, you may be considering an update. When compared to your friend’s brand-new Ferrari, what would have seemed like the perfect vehicle for you. Because of a nervous beginning with dubious driving abilities may now appear amateurish.

There are a few stuff you may do to give your vehicle more oomph. As you believe that the reason you aren’t performing to your maximum potential. As just an RC operator is due to your vehicle.

Making your remote control car faster is a good way to not only have much more fun. But also to get to understand your car as well as the mechanics surrounding RCs a little bit better. Whether you’re planning on participating in a few races, or just want that adrenalin that arrives from driving at greater velocity.

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We’ve now discussed three techniques to modify your RC vehicle. You may decide to choose any of the upgrading steps or all of them. They will make the automobile more effective.

Method 1: Improve the Tires and Wheels

If you compete in radio-controlled races, you are aware of how important wheels and tires are. These are the only things that make touch with the surface. So how can you improve them?

Pick Your Wheels and Tires

Both traction and friction happen simultaneously during drifting. To drift, one must also comprehend turning speed and slip ratio. You will thus require high-quality drifting tires as well as wheels.

It’s important to choose the proper tires for your wheel. On mud and grass, spiked tires may provide considerable grip. But they’ll put on more weight.

Mini-pin tires, on the other hand, are excellent for flat terrain. They struggle to function in sand or mud. Instead, they are used for hand abrasive surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and other roadway slicks.

Mounting the Wheels with Tires

Mounting the tires is the next step. The wheels may be made to do this by having tires on them. After that, attach them to the RC car’s axles. You should apply adhesive on the tires of your RC cars.

The next step is to determine which wheels are unbalanced. You’re good to go if it is not. Even independently sold wheels and tires are available. After that, stick them together to make them your own way.

Method 2: Replace the Charger and Batteries

You feel as if the RC vehicle you’re operating lacks sufficient power. The process of charging the automobile is taking longer than before. Afterward, you should swap out your battery.

Decide on a Battery

Many battery and charger combinations are available. To get a successful outcome, you may purchase any one of them.

Professional RC racers often replace their batteries. Batteries are more than simply power sources. They’ll keep the remote-controlled vehicle on the track for a while. Most significantly, you will undoubtedly notice an increase in the effectiveness of RC vehicles.

Battery Replacement

To open the lid, start by locating the notch. The battery cover may then be removed with a screwdriver.

Identify the battery type next. Replace the old battery with a new one at this time. Finally, close the lid firmly.

Method 3: Change the Gears

This enhancement can be useful if your speed isn’t fast enough. The performance will increase with new gears. Traxxas Stampede 44 also benefits from this improvement.

Change the Gear Ratio.

The process of replacing or adjusting the gearbox is simple and inexpensive. The RC cars all have two gears. Each of them is a pinion gear, the other a spur gear.

The car’s peak speed is increased by the pinion gear’s larger number of teeth. Additionally, a pinion gear with fewer teeth increases acceleration rather than peak speed.

Upgrade the Spurs

The spurs may be upgraded to increase acceleration and speed.

Remove the engine screws and fuel tank bolts to begin this update. Then remove the gear you wish to switch out or modify.

Install friction pegs next. Then, install fresh equipment. After reconnecting the petrol tank, change the gear mesh.

Finally, to keep it secure and make carrying it simple, use an excellent RC hauler bag.


Can a LiPo Battery Be Used With a Brushed Motor?

Yes, you may use a LiPo battery with a brushed motor. To function correctly, the battery will need to be changed. The battery has to be charged first using a regular charger. The motor also has to have a unique connection that works with LiPo batteries. The LiPo batteries must then be mounted on the motor in the proper location.

Will My RC Vehicle Be Quicker With a Larger Battery?

Since it depends on the particular RC vehicle and batteries you are using, there is no conclusive answer to this topic. However, a bigger battery could be able to boost the power and speed of your vehicle. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that if you use a good motor and controller, a larger battery might not be required.

How Can My Remote-controlled Vehicle Appear Better?

To start, make sure you clean it often. This will aid in clearing away any debris or dust that could be hiding the car’s features. In order to give your automobile a more personalized appearance, you may also apply stickers or decals. Finally, upload images of your RC vehicle online to display your superb craftsmanship!

Final Words

By now we believe that you have already found the complete solution. Now you know the procedure of how to upgrade a cheap rc car.

The methods to enhance your RC vehicle are as such. Applying them will allow you to see the change on your own.

Good luck with your unique RC car upgrade! Have a great day!

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