Traxxas EZ Start Problems And Solutions

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You may have noticed that your Traxxas EZ has difficulties starting. Perhaps the engine turns on for a bit before quitting. Or maybe it won’t even try to start.

So what precisely is the root of these Traxxas EZ start problems?

A few components may be at the center of the issues. Batteries, a motor, wiring, a gasoline tank, and bearings are some of them. Your Traxxas Ez won’t cause you any more start problems with a quick examination, cleaning, and replacements. Yes! These problems can be resolved so easily.

So please take a moment to read the article if you have the time. For your convenience, we have gone into great detail about each issue and its remedies.

Let’s get going!

What Went Wrong with the Traxxas EZ?

Starting problems are always worrisome, regardless of how fresh or old, your RC gadget is. Let’s look at some potential causes of your problems. Some of these causes may be related to the charging problems with DJI spark batteries.

Battery Problem

A starting issue with your Traxxas EZ might be upsetting if it’s brand new. You may want to inspect the battery if the motor starts spinning out quickly. You may have completely charged the battery, but it could have been a false peak.

The battery charging capacity should also be checked if the device is older. To test this, you may try entirely draining the battery. All of this indicates two things, both of which are problematic. 

One is – your battery isn’t charging correctly to start with. Another one is – the capacity of your battery has dropped. Sometimes a battery may just be defective.


A fresh battery should work perfectly. It’s simple to resolve this issue. For your Traxxas, all you need to do is purchase a fresh rechargeable battery

For optimal operation, the EZ battery Starts to be completely charged. The EZ-Start may seem to be rotating the engine quickly enough to start. As the charge is inadequate, there may not be enough power to sufficiently ignite the glow plug. 

The engine will either not start or start slowly as a result. Use an additional glow plug ignition coil (available from a local hobby dealer). As a result, this will completely charge your EZ-Start battery.

Be careful to verify whether it is charging to its full capacity after purchasing it. Check our list below if you’re unsure which ones to purchase.

Here we have something which may become handy for you:

Product 1:
Product 2:

Put your new batters in now and let’s get going.

Distorted Bearings

Your remote control will continue to gather grit and filth as you use it. Additionally, when the bearings are used, oil and gasoline may coat them. This is a concern since the bearings will quickly wear out. 

The shafts won’t be effectively gripped if that occurs since there won’t be enough friction. Naturally, less grip makes it harder for your Traxxas EZ to flip over. 


Cleanup and replacement, are appreciated! Give your bearings a thorough cleaning first if they’re filthy. This ought to improve your grip and speed your engine rotation. 

It’s time to replace your bearings if they are worn out. When purchasing the bearings, be cautious to verify the correct sizes. Now that this has been resolved, let’s examine some further issues.

Wires That Are Missing

The motor of your Traxxas EZ can have loose wires. This may occur if your RC gadget has been used on rocky or difficult terrain. The wire connections may become loose due to the extreme stress. 

If that occurs, your motor won’t start correctly because it won’t adequately get electricity from the batteries.


You need to link up to solve the problem. All you need to do is verify and connect if the problem is with your motor connections. Check the motor in your RC gadget by opening it up. 

Make absolutely sure both red and black connectors for the Traxxas EZ motor are tight. If they aren’t, you may quickly fix it by getting some solder, and heat-shrink tubing, as well as a heat gun. 

This ought to be plenty to start your EZ quickly. Let’s look at some other issues that your Traxxas EZ may encounter.

Gasoline In the Engine Is In Excess

The EZ might lock up if the gas tank is overfilled with petrol. The motor won’t be capable of turning if that occurs. Issues with gazing and movement may result from this. 

Additionally, if you fill fuel your engine often, this issue may develop. So, you should use extreme caution.


You must remove extra fuel from the combustion chamber. Once you’re done, restart the motor without priming it this time. Your remote-control automobile ought to start right away.

Whether Traxxas or HPI RC vehicles, this approach works for all of them.

Help Needed for Motor

That’s it if you’ve tried all the suggestions above and your motor is still not functioning. It’s time to part ways. No amount of repairs will be able to revive it. It’s ready for a fresh motor now that the old one has reached its conclusion.


A new motor will save the day. For your RC gadget to operate properly, your Traxxas EZ requires a new motor. Your Traxxas EZ will function just like new after a motor replacement! 

Once the motor is installed, test the wiring connections to make sure everything is functioning properly. All of these straightforward troubleshooting techniques ought to solve your Traxxas EZ’s issues. 

Give it a try!


Why Won’t The Traxxas EZ Start Operating?

Verify that there is no debris blocking the inline fuel filter. As well as high-speed needles seat, or fuel entrance of the carburetor. On the starting shaft within the EZ-Start, the roller clutch. Also known as the one-way bearing, or OWB may be sliding or jammed. Replace or clean the roller clutch. Traxxas Highly Effectual Power Plus is what we advise.

What Causes My Traxxas to Repeatedly Turn Off?

It’s possible that since you’re using NiMH batteries, your low voltage cutoff is turned on. Additionally, if you use lipo batteries, you can be experiencing heat shutdown. Make sure that LiPo Low Voltage Threshold is off by consulting the handbook. When the ESC is on, your LED light should remain constant red.

Why Do Glow Plugs Malfunction?

High voltages or extreme heat are the two main causes of glow plug failure. A microprocessor that is beginning to malfunction might be the source of high voltage. Additionally, the glow plug(s) could be getting electricity continuously. As there is bad wiring or a controller issue.

Final Words

That is our entire exposure of the significant Traxxas EZ start problems. We really hope you learned something from this thorough instruction.

Remember one thing, if there is poor maintenance, correcting issues is useless. So make an effort to routinely maintain your RC boat.

It is now appropriate for us to part ways. Now, feel free to operate your boat freely!

Have a great day!

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