RedCat Racing Troubleshooting: 5 Easy Methods!

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RedCat racing car is a very exciting car to spend time with. However, as much fun driving around with this car is, it’s painful to watch it face issues. It’s not only RedCat, any type of RC car problem is hard to deal with.

That’s why we need to know the details behind RedCat racing troubleshooting.

Battery issues are the most common in RedCat racing. Just replace the batteries and check whether the connector is alright. But if there is a belly bump on your car, you need to cut it with a saw. Upgrade the tires and foams to have better control. Inspect the transmitter to troubleshoot control issues.

Well, don’t get confused just by seeing the sneak peek. Because we have created a whole discussion on troubleshooting. 

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the problems and solutions!

Common RedCat Racing Issues!

RedCat racing has different models in the market. But the one thing that’s common in all of the models is the problems.

Battery issues are the most common problems of RedCat racing cars. Hold on! Don’t break your car apart because this issue is fixable.

But sometimes the on/off switch of your car might stop working. Maybe that’s why your RedCat is not running properly.

But if your RedCat is running properly but not smoothly, maybe there is a belly bump. It’s another common problem with your car. 

One drawback of RedCat cars is, that the tires are pretty swamper. if you get it dirty, you have to struggle quite a lot to clean it.

Do you know you cannot have a tight grip on RedCat tires? You cannot because the foam is also not good. 

So when you are willing to race your car, look out for the terrain. We suggest you not go to a snowy track. 

The controls of RedCat racing are complex. Because the potentiometer is very sensitive. 

So if the terrain is hard to drive, it’s harder to control. Because your transmitter will not have enough throw for steering. 

We need to have a good connection between the radio and the servo. There will be times when the transmitter will stop receiving anything from the radio.

Another issue with the RedCat is the steering. The steering of RedCat racing does not work properly sometimes. It’s confusing because the throttle works but the steering doesn’t. 

We already mentioned the tires. The steering and tires start creating issues and your car will automatically turn left/right. 

Well, that’s all the common issues you are going to face with RedCat racing. 

Now, let’s dig deeper and get into the troubleshooting!

RedCat Racing Troubleshooting: 5 Easy Methods

Small or big, you might face the same issues with RedCat racing cars. However, the problems are fixable.

If you are new to this RC world, you might be scared. But don’t worry we have stated the methods of troubleshooting in simple language.

So, whether you are a beginner or professional, you can apply this troubleshooting method at home!

Method 1 of 5: Battery Issues

Well, it’s embarrassing but we need you to check the on/off switch first. It is ok to forget to turn on the car.

Is the car on but not running? The problem is with your batteries.

Usually, RedCat racing uses a Lipo battery 5800mAh 30c batteries. But sometimes these batteries won’t charge. .

This car uses deans battery connector. We need to check the batteries and the connector here. But before that charge the batteries for more than 3 hours. 

The car might start running again when the battery is charged properly. But if you have already used the batteries for more than 1 year, maybe it’s time to replace them.

Replace the batteries and try again. Make sure you are using the best batteries in the market.

Well, we have some amazing batteries for your RedCat Racing. Check them out!

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Check the connector of your car. If the connector seems to be the problem, you can easily change or replace it by using a toolbox.

One extra tip for you is that, do not use batteries with corrosion. 

Let’s move on to the next troubleshooting method!

Method 2 of 5: Bump Issue 

You already know all about the belly bump issue on your RedCat racing. To troubleshoot this issue you need to get inside the car.

Use a toolbox to lift the transfer case under the RedCat racing car. You are going to find 4 or more screws depending on your model. Just unscrew those and lift them up.

Now, you can put some spacers on the transfer case. After putting some spacers you will see the bump.

You can cut the bump out with a saw or a cutter. We prefer the saw because it is easier. 

Cut and remove the bump. Now you need to put a light pan to flatten this whole thing out. 

Just by doing this, you have created a smoother RedCat. If this is not fixing your issue, let us go over the third method now.

Method 3 of 5: Tire Issues 

Many RC enthusiasts faced problems with the tires of RedCat racing. The worst part of the tires is – it gets dirty very easily.

If the tire is dirty, the gripping of the car falls apart. As for the foam, it creates a whole bumpy ride for the car.

The foam RedCat racing uses is memory foam. You can choose better foam from the market.

Just buy and upgrade the foams and wheels to get a better RedCat racing car.

We know the tires are hard to clean, but you should clean them regularly. Not only the tires, but you should also clean your entire RC car once in a while.

Make sure you are unscrewing and screwing the Beadlock wheels properly. 

However, if tires are not the only thing bothering you, it might be the radio.

The radio controls the car. If it shows some issue, you will have trouble controlling the whole car. 

Method 4 of 5: Radio and Servo Issues 

Well, this is the most annoying and complicated issue of all. Because the bad quality transmitter will never let you drive properly.

Keep in mind that the potentiometer of this car is very sensitive. So if you are a heavy user, it might get complicated. 

Now, you need to unscrew the car to get the transmitter out. Just remove it and replace it with a new one.

It seems easy, right? But, it is not if the steering stops working after this.

However, we have a solution for that as well!

Method 5 of 5: Steering Issues

This is another common issue of RedCat racing. Sometimes you will notice your throttle is working properly, but the car is turning left and right.

This steering problem is similar to the new bright RC car steering issue. Do you know why this happens?

It happens because of the servo. So, you need to unscrew the bottom and check the servo cables. 

You need to unscrew the bottom of your car. Use a screwdriver to connect the cars correctly. 

Last but not the least, check if the link is responsive to the servo. 

That’s all we had for you to offer today.


What is a bind plug for RedCat racing?

The bind plug of your RedCat is used for making a connection. You can bind a transmitter with a receiver. You can buy or make your DIY bind plug. It is necessary to have one by hand. 

What does the ESC alarm mean on my RC car?

The ECS might display an over-voltage alarm. The signal red and green light means there is a voltage issue on the car. If you are using NiMH batteries, you need to be careful with the LVD. 

Is the battery of my RedCat racing gone bad?

You need to inspect if there is any swollen part of your battery, means the battery is gone bad. If the battery has corrosion, you need to replace it right away. 

Final Words

Well, now you know all about RedCat Racing troubleshooting. So, you don’t need to spend more bucks to get another car. Just follow the troubleshooting procedure.

One last tip! Be careful and use safety precautions when you are unscrewing the car!

Let us know if you have any comments!

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