How Big is a ⅛ Scale Car: Explained!

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Measuring RC cars might be a complicated task for you. We always assume the biggest car on the aisle might be ⅛ scale. But it’s not always true. 1/ can be an A-scale monster truck or a rock crawler. 

That’s, why you need to know How big, is a ⅛ scale car?

Scales are used to make you understand the actual size of the model. You can either know the measurements or the weight to get the size. Measurements and weight can vary with the models. But the larger the scale is, the downsized the models are. ⅛ is actually 8 times smaller than a real vehicle.

Well, that’s not all! Because our goal is to make sure you know how big it actually is. Just jump in to know more!

But first, we need to know the meaning behind the scale of RC cars!

What Is ⅛ Scale For RC Cars?

RC cars are measured by a different scale. The scale is used to make people understand the actual size and measurements of RC car.

Scale for RC cars means how small the car is compared to real vehicles. So, the ⅛ scale means that an RC car is 8 times smaller than a real car.

This comparison is created because your RC car is made from a real car concept. So keep in mind that the larger the scale is, the larger your RC car is.  

Are you new to the RC world? If you are, keep the scaling measurements in mind.

Now, scale is not only used for measurements. You can even get an idea of the weight of the car. 

Don’t you understand the measurement by looking at pictures? Yes, that’s where the scale comes to help. 

Usually, the ⅛ scale car’s weight is around 2.5kgs to 4.5kgs.  So, without further ado, let’s jump into the ways to know about ⅛ scale! 

2 Ways to Know How Big ⅛ Scale Car is!

We already mentioned the weight and size of the car. The major way to understand how big your ⅛ scale car is these two.

RC car basically is a toy car version of your real vehicle. But there is a certain ratio between the weight and size.

So, don’t think of the big box as the 1/10 scale RC car. To clear this out we will show you the actual size in inches here.

But let’s dig into the details to know how big is the car!

Way 1 of 2: Measurements

So a ⅛ RC car’s length can be from 19.5 inches to 24 inches. The width can be around 10 to 16 inches. But the height of this car will be 4 to 9 inches.

Now you can measure the car easily. 

So, if you are buying a ⅛ scale monster truck, you are going to see the measurements changes. 

This is the same for the ⅛ scale on-road trucks. One interesting difference between other scales is the wheelbase.

If you notice a monster ⅛ scale truck, the wheelbase will be around 13 inches. A short course truck or even a tuggy is also around the same size.

You can even keep two Traxxas Slash 1/16 and 1/10 side by side to see the difference. 

But what about the weight of the car? Let’s talk about the weight in the next point!

Way 2 of 2: Weight 

Well, the weight of the car depends on the car model you are choosing. The least weight of the car can be around 6 pounds. But the maximum weight on the car can be 10 pounds.

However, as you know there can be upgrade options for your RC car. So, if you are adding big wheels to your crawler, it can go above the average weight.

Basically, the weight of the ⅛ scale car can be different as per model. However, if you are looking for a bigger truck, it will mean the weight will increase. 

Usually, the larger the size the heavier it gets. So, if you are confused about the weight inside, get a toolbox. Disconnect the plastic body to get the actual weight of your RC car.

Don’t worry about finding a toolbox. Here are some amazing toolboxes we have recommended for you!

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Measurements and weight are the best way to understand how big a ⅛ scale car is. But if we dive more into the RC models, some confusion might clear out.

Some ⅛ Scale RC Car Models: You Need to Know About!

The first car that comes into my mind is the short course truck. One of my favorite short course models is the Team Energy V8SC.

The length of this ⅛ scale car is almost 596 mm. This car is a medium-sized RC car. Because it has a 300 mm wide body.

The wheelbase of these short course trucks is around 12 inches. So, you can imagine these models are not so big. They weigh around 3 to 3.05 kgs.

But if you are looking for a Tuggy truck, it will weigh more. For example, the Team Losi Racing RTR model weighs around 4 to 5 kgs. 

Now, if you want to race with style and finesse, we would always choose on-road ⅛ scale cars. 

On-road ⅛ RC model cars are low to the ground. These cars look sleek at 470 mm in length. But the interesting fact about these is, that they are lightweight.

The model HB Racing R8 weighs around 2.50 kgs. But if you see some of the ⅛ scale monster trucks, they are the opposite, heavier than you expect. 

Let’s be real! Monster trucks are amazing. But as a ⅛ scale car, it can seem a little bigger.

In A Nutshell: How Big Is ⅛ Scale?

The RC car models are scaled by comparing them to the real object. So if you are buying an RC Monster truck, it’s scaled with the original version of the truck.

The scale ⅛ means that your RC car is 1 / 8th of its original version. 

We only focus on the second number on the scale. Because as the second number gets larger, the model gets downsized.

For example, a ⅛ scale RC car is bigger than a 1/16 RC car. So, you might wonder how big the 1/16 car is? The 1/16 one is downsized 16 times more.

So, next time you walk into your local hobby store, don’t ask for the biggest truck there. Just tell them what scale you need. 

The recommended scale for beginners to practice is the ⅛ and 1/10 scale car.

That’s all we had for you to offer today.


Here are some of the frequent queries we have curated for you on today’s topic-

How fast can my ⅛ scale car go?

The speed of your car depends on what model and terrain you are using. However, the usual speed of a ⅛ scale car is 110 mph. Now, you need to understand that not all ⅛  RC models are made for speed.

How small is a 1/32 scale RC car?

A 1/32 model represents 32 units on the actual car model. So these models are approximately 5 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 2.26 inches in height. Basically, these cars are smaller than you expect. 

Is 1/12 scale RC models longer?

Yes, they are. 1/12 scale model cars are usually created for adult drivers or collectors. They are highly detailed models and are 36 to 38 cm long. 1/12 scale models are comparatively expensive. 

Final Words

Well, there should not be any more confusion about How big is a ⅛ scale car. So, just go to the local store and select the RC car model scale you always wanted.

One last tip! We recommend you go for medium-scaled RC models for a better experience!

Let us know if you have any comments!

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