RC Rock Crawling Course Idea: 4 Easy DIY Ideas!

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Building your own rock crawling course might seem tough. But with some handy supplies and great ideas, you can get a great result. It’s up to you if you want the course to be complex or easy. 

So that’s why we have come up with RC rock crawling ideas.

You can simply put together leftover amazon boxes and some trash to create an indoor course idea. For outdoor course ideas, use dirt, wood, and small and big rocks to make it adventurous. Use spray paints and some fake objects to make the course interesting. You can create an obstacle course in your backyard.

Don’t worry! We will not leave you empty-handed. Let’s discuss the ideas more descriptively!

4 Amazing RC Rock Crawling Course Ideas,

First of all, you need to set up a budget. We will provide you with both budget-friendly and costly crawler course ideas. The choice is yours!

The best fact about the rock crawling course is that you can even build it from the garbage.

It depends on you if you like the course indoors or outdoors. Outdoor courses can be easily changed or upgraded. 

Whenever you are ready for the idea, keep the supplies you need in hand. 

Let’s jump into the ideas!

Idea 1 of 4: Indoor Course From Garbage 

This is an interesting crawling course idea. The stuff you need for this crawler course is mostly garbage.

So gather up things you don’t need around the house right now!

You can use materials like spray paint, fake grass, 3D printed rocks, Amazon boxes, and foam from flat-packed furniture.

You also need some hot glue, duct tape, etc. You can use the same glue you use for RC car tires on this.

First things first, use the cardboard boxes to create the structure. You can just hot glue them down. 

After creating a structure you need some plastic strips to lay over this. It will make the terrain smoother. 

Just dip those into the water and lay them over the boxes. Now, wait for them to dry. 

Did it dry off? Now use a glue solution all over the terrain and put on some sand all over the terrain. 

It’s time to lay down some paint over this. You can use different colors of spray paint. Put on different fake plastic objects to make the track more interesting.

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Let the paint dry and then put it on the fake grass. You can use 3D rocks to build different obstacles all over the terrain. 

Wallah! You have made your first ever crawler course!

Idea 2 of 4: Outdoor Wooden Course 

If it’s sunny out and you need a crawler adventure, this course will give it to you!

To create this course you don’t need anything fancy. Just some wood will do the job

For the starting you can make a small wooden gate for your RC truck. Keep the gate real simple. Pin up 3 pieces of wood to make it.

For the first landing pad, create a small field with some dirt, small logs, and branches.

Scatter these around so that the truck articulates over its first obstacle.

After the first pad, we are going for a pit. You can make the pit 1.5 to 2 feet deep.

We will fill half of the pit with rock and another half with dirt. You can put down some pretty big rocks for this.

Make sure the truck should have to maneuver over. 

Now, we will create a small mountain after the truck crosses the pit. Make a steep mountain structure with woods.

Now you can fill the mountain with dirt and small logs. Use a long branch to create a bring which will connect the mountain to the ground. 

Now all you gotta do is create a finishing line.

Idea 3 of 4: Muddy Outdoor Course

Your RC truck will look better with some mud on it. So let’s create a muddy crawler course.

You need the same supplies as before to make this course.

To start off, use two wooden sticks and create a ladder with small branches. Lay down the ladder on a pile of mud.

After the ladder, you can create two ramps. One ramp will take you on top of a big log, another will get you down to a pit. 

Ramps for your RC truck will make the track more achievable.

The pit should be filled with mud and dirt. Make sure the pit has enough rocks or branches so that the truck doesn’t drown in the mud. Sometimes RC trucks won’t move because of the mud.

Create a muddy way so that the truck can cross over the pit.

You can go for this course after the summer. In the rainy season, this course will look best.

Idea 4 of 4: Backyard Rocky Course

Let’s make a rocky course for your RC truck right in your backyard. You just need to spend a little more time on this one!

Starting off you need actual rocks with both small and big shapes. You can also use artificial grass or real grass for this course.

To start, make a wooden bridge. Put on a big rock so that the wooden bridge can be fixed. Test the angle out with your truck.

After that put on some more big rocks and create a past. Use a blowdryer to remove all the leaves around.

Have you created a path? Now put on some small stones and sands on top of those rocks. 

In the middle of the path create a little sandpit area. Make sure that area is under a shade so that it doesn’t get muddy.

After the end of the path, create the same wooden bridge to finish off!

Here you go with your cheap and easy backyard crawling course!

But wait, you need to take some precautions before starting to build one of these courses!

Precautions You Need to Take Before Making a Course

Keep in mind that you are going to work with big rocks and glue here.

So before doing everything, wear proper gloves. If you are creating a muddy course, wear waterproof shoes. 

Make sure to keep a safe path for the drivers. The course should be safe to walk on. Avoid building a rocky course without a driver’s path. Because drivers will not look at their feet most of the time.

Whenever you are using big rocks make sure you have a helping hand. 

That’s all we had for you to offer today.


What is the best crawler for my track?

It depends on what your track looks like. If you have a rocky track, we will suggest you go for the Axial Jeep Wrangler RC crawler. The DEE RC Rock crawler is better for the muddy course. However, you can upgrade your truck by keeping track in mind.

Are RC rock crawlers waterproof?

Yes, RC rock crawlers are fully water-resistant. You can go through mud, water, and watery dirt with your truck. But make sure not to go too deep inside the water.

What crawler can go through the toughest track?

History says it’s the Traxxas TRX-4. This has a strong chassis to start with. It comes with one of the finest designed trucks. The only drawback of this truck is it costs comparatively more.

Final Words

Now you know all about RC rock crawling ideas. 

One last tip! You should create tracks with a theme, it will make driving more fun!

Let us know how your first ride was!

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