Traxxas Vs Redcat: What’s the Superior Option for You?

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The Redcat and Traxxas are 2 famous RC manufacturers. Their product is heavily saturated on the market. 

Many similarities and dissimilarities exist between them. Yet, since they are manufacturers, the information can be quite confusing and hard to grasp.

So, what should you choose between traxxas vs redcat?

Pick Traxxas for performance and speedy cars. There are many upgrades too! But keep in mind that Traxxas doesn’t focus on designs, and they’re expensive. On the other hand, Redcat isn’t expensive and is easy to maintain. Redcat also provides a better design but lacks performance compared to Traxxas.

Do not jump to conclusions just yet, you have to know a lot more. So buckle up and read the full article!

You can start reading right now. 

Traxxas Vs Redcat: Key Differences

Before going into the main discussion, it’s important that we prepare you with the key points. In the chart below, you will find the main differences between these two radio model manufacturers. Have a look!

Differentiating Factors Traxxas Redcat
Durability  Higher Lower
Upgrade and Maintenance Harder Easier
Handling Better Good
Speed Higher Lower
Design and Appearance Good Better
Price Really Expensive Inexpensive

Now that you know the key points, let’s learn some more information. Below, we’ve provided an extended comparison of these key differences. This will help you in making a concrete decision. Give it a good read!

Traxxas Vs Redcat: Detailed Comparison

Endurance & Durability

Whenever you are buying an RC model, knowing the durability and endurance are critical. The durability and endurance basically dictate how much hit and rough use the models can take. Also, it is a general indication of longevity. 


As a manufacturer, Traxxas is quite famous for building bodies that are durable. Who wants their RC models to be having structural issues, right? Upgrading the Traxxas body makes it more durable than ever.

Traxxas is designed for several purposes. One of them is bashing. When it comes to bashing, only the durable cars survive. That’s why Traxxas has improved suspension kits and strong chassis


On the contrary, Redcat also provides endurance and durability. However, it is not as good as Traxxas. Don’t get me wrong, you can do fine with the Redcat base durability. 

The stock parts they provide are of good quality that can last long. Still, when it comes to comparison, the Traxxas models are better built than the Redcat models! You can increase the durability of the Redcat RC models by tweaking a few things.

Winner: In the durability category, Traxxas is the clear winner for having better endurance and durability.

Upgrade Factors

Upgrading any RC cars is something that should be done on a regular basis. With time, RC cars will need certain upgrades to maintain their speed and durability. For instance, chassis upgrades primarily restore all the physical damage to the RC. 


Upgrading Traxxas can be a really fun task for an RC user. It has so many nice options for an upgrade! The visuals can be upgraded and the performance can be tweaked as well. But, the cost behind the upgrades is massive compared to Redcat.


Redcat upgrades are more affordable in comparison with the Traxxas upgrades. Similar to the Traxxas upgrades, Redcat also has many options! Even if you buy a cheap car variant, you can still upgrade the cheap RC car!

In fact, upgrades are the cheapest and easiest among Arrma vs Traxxas vs Redcat. If you’re looking for the Redcat RC car upgrades, here are some suggestions-

Product 1
Product 2

You will see a substantial rise in performance by upgrading the Redcat RC cars!

Winner: In this category, Redcat wins for inexpensive upgrades!


The speed of your RC models is probably one of the most important factors. Who wants a slow RC model right? For instance, if you’re buying an RC car, you would normally go for the fastest ones. That’s why it is better to know the RC speed factors beforehand.


For the Traxxas models, speed is basically a default feature. Whether it’s drones, crawlers, or cars, Traxxas always tries to have the best speed out there. It is also the main reason why Traxxas is the better option when comparing Traxxas vs Losi.

For reference, a Traxxas car can reach 40 – 50 mph in default. Let alone that Traxxas RC supercars, that can reach 100 mph in 5 seconds. Anyhow, reaching 40 or 50 miles per hour at top speed is quite decent. The control of Traxxas is really good as well.


On the contrary, Redcat base models does not offer speeds this high. For instance, Redcat cars can only go 25 – 35 miles per hour in default. Additionally, the control is worse than Traxxas. That’s why Traxxas wins at Traxxas vs Redcat racing.

Even after upgrading the Redcat models, speed is not what they emphasize. As a result, Traxxas models can beat Redcat models, when it comes to speed. Still, if you’re facing too many problems, you can troubleshoot the Redcat racing models.

Winner: In the speed category, Traxxas wins for having the clear advantage of greater speed.


We all know first impressions matter. Now, if your RC car’s design is good, you can impress others as well. That’s why it’s considered a vital aspect of RC cars. 


Although Traxxas does win over the Redcat in performance categories, it lacks design points. The base versions of the Traxxas models aren’t as appealing as the Redcat pack.

The reason behind this is, that Traxxas mainly focuses on only the performance. It is necessary to take a look at the appearance and design too! 


On the other hand, Redcat provides a really nice look from their base versions. Redcat offers sporty cars that perform well.

In this category, the difference between Redcat and Traxxas is the stock versions. Redcat offers an appealing stock version, the design is eye-catching. 

To match the level with Redcat, Traxxas needs to be upgraded.

Winner: In the design category, Redcat wins for having better stock designs!


There’s always a fixed budget for everything you buy. The same goes for the Traxxas and Redcat RC models. The prices should be clear to you before you decide on buying either of them!


In terms of expense, Traxxas is quite expensive. Traxxas RC car base versions are expensive. Also, the upgrades are expensive. You have to spend some serious bucks to maintain the RC beasts Traxxas provides.


On the other hand, Redcat may not provide as much performance as Traxxas. But they sure are affordable! Upgrading and maintaining Redcat RC cars are also quite easy and inexpensive. 

That is why in the budget category, Redcat is preferred over Traxxas!

Winner: From the price perspective, Redcat is surely the winner for being affordable!

Traxxas Vs Redcat: Which One to Go for?

It is time to make the decision between the Redcat and the Traxxas RC cars. Let us help you.

If you want performance, durability, and better speed, pick Traxxas. You won’t be disappointed as Traxxas is known for providing performance. 

However, Traxxas does not focus on design, and the maintenance and overall prices are really expensive.

If budget is a concern for you and you want affordable cars with cheap upgrades, pick Redcat. The RC cars made by Redcat are designed well. It also features inexpensive maintenance and upgrades. 

However, the performance is not quite up there.


Who makes the fastest RC drag car?

By far, the fastest RC drag cars are made by Traxxas. This manufacturer even has RC supercars that are electric. Traxxas has claimed that the all-wheel-drive XO-1 is the fastest drag car in the world. And yes, this car is actually impressive. It can take 2.3 seconds to hit 60 miles per hour!

Are RC cars a waste of money?

No, RC cars are not a waste of money. With RC cars, you can take time off from technology and have a really good time. In the physics category, RC cars help to simulate many car movements. RC cars are becoming cheaper day by day. So you can take advantage of it and buy one today!

What is RC bashing?

Bashing is racing without following any rules or guidelines in the realm of RC. It is merely driving and pushing your RC car or truck to its maximum. High jumps are a part of bashing, landing is not a concern when doing high jumps. Beware, if you want to keep your RC car intact, bashing is not for you!


You have reached the finish line for this article. We sincerely hope that now, you can make the right decision between Traxxas vs Redcat.

If you are still confused, try getting the priorities right first. Setting up your priorities will ease the decision-making process.

Wishing you all the best.

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