Traxxas Receiver Won’t Bind: 4 Reasons And Solutions

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The transmitter and the receiver are usually bound from the factory in a Traxxas. However, odd situations may arrive and they may be unlinked somehow.

But why does Traxxas receiver won’t bind and how to fix this?

The transmitter may not connect with the receiver if they are not compatible. This may occur if you’re replacing the receiver with a new one. Battery issues, servo failures, and wrong frequencies can also cause the problem. However, this problem can be solved by establishing the connection manually.

The small briefing above may not provide you with everything you need. But fear not; we’ve got you covered with a full discussion about this matter. So, why don’t you keep reading along and get to know all the things descriptively!

4 Reasons Why Traxxas Receiver Won’t Bind

There are a bunch of reasons why the Traxxas receiver won’t bind. We have found 4 common reasons for this problem. We’ve discussed the reasons pointing them out along with the solutions. They are as follows.

Reason 1: Compatibility Issue

Sometimes the receiver isn’t compatible with the transmitter. Because Traxx contains 3 different systems of the same frequency. And they are not compatible with each other.


If you are not sure about the compatibility, it’s better to contact the manufacturer. They will check your transmitter and receiver and give you the best solution. Also, you’ll get confirmed whether you have the right receiver.

Reason 2: Servo Issues

In this case, there’s no fault in the radio system. Rather, the problem lies in the servo. Look out if your RC is responding to some of the signals from the transmitter. That will give confirmation about the servo issues.

Traxxas Servo Issues


Checking the servos is the primary solution here. You can use servo testers for this work. If you don’t have servo testers, check the ones that we have for you below.

Product 1 
Product 2 

Hope one of these servo testers will be good for you to go.

Also, check if the servos are connected with the receiver. You may need to do some soldering for strengthening the wire connections to the circuit board. You can hire a professional if the work seems too much to you.

Reason 3: Battery Issues

If you leave your Traxxas radio unused for longer periods, the batteries may get corroded. Also, sometimes the batteries get fully discharged and don’t tend to recharge again. That creates a hectic situation.

Traxxas Battery Issues

They may even be displaced due to various reasons. Thus it may hamper the receiver to bind with the transmitter.


Check if the batteries are placed properly. Consider removing the batteries if you intend to keep the radio unused for a long time. Also, it’s better to know about charging LiPo batteries even without a charger. This will help to tackle the battery issues.

And if you see that the batteries are permanently damaged, please replace them.

Reason 4: Antenna and ESC Issues

Antennas are important for transmitting the signals to the receiver. They create electromagnetic waves which are transferred to the receiver. So, if the antenna is problematic, you may face problems.

Traxxas ESC Issues

Also, the ESC is not calibrated sometimes. This leads to a disconnection between the transmitter and the receiver.


Fix the antennas in the right direction so that they work properly. Stretch the antenna completely if it’s a telescopic one. For the ESC issues, test the ESC and calibrate it to get the proper connection. Also, link the ESC three-wire cable with the receiver.

So, these were the 4 common reasons and their solutions about Traxxas receiver won’t bind. Now let’s look at how to bind the transmitter with the receiver. You can find it in the next section.

How to Bind The Transmitter to The Receiver

Due to breaking or other reasons, you may need to replace the receiver. In that case, chances are there that the transmitter and the receiver won’t connect. Therefore, you may need to set the connection manually. 

Also, if you want to set an additional receiver, you’ll need to bind it manually. Now we’ll get to know step by step how to bind the receiver manually. These are all easy steps and you’ll be able to do them in a quick time.

Step 1: Turn Off The Power

Before you start the work, turn off the power. This is to make sure that there’s no electric supply on the transmitter. You can find the transmitter power button on the base. Access the button and turn it off.

Step 2: Find The Receiver Link Button

Depending on the model, the placement of the receiver link button may vary. If your receiver is in a waterproof compartment, you’ll have to open that for accessing the button. However, you shouldn’t press the button just now.

Receiver Link Button

Step 3: Turning The Binding Mode On

On the top side of your transmitter, you’ll find a set button. Keeping the transmitter on, press and hold the button. There you will see a flashing light which indicates that the binding mode is on.

transmitter mode on

Step 4: Linking The Transmitter And Receiver

It’s time to press the link button that you located earlier. As you turn on the speed control, pressing the link button is all you need to do. Hold the button for some time and keep waiting for a bit.

You’ll see a green LED once both the transmitter and receiver are bound.  Finally, you’re done with your work.

So, this is how you can manually make the receiver bind with the transmitter. You can use any receiver to bind to the transmitter. Following these steps should be very convenient for you.


When does the Traxxas LED blink red and green?

This blinking of red and green indicates an over-voltage issue. This happens when the battery is overcharged and connected to the ESC. Also, when you use a NiMH battery turning on the LVD mode in ESC, this occurs. Using LiPO battery mode while using a NiMH battery can cause this as well.

Is it possible to bind any 2.4GHz transmitter?

No, you can not bind any 2.4GHz transmitter randomly. In that case, there will be compatibility issues. Because no brands offer interchangeability. Thus your receiver and transmitter won’t bind.

Why does the ESC not calibrate?

If the ESC doesn’t calibrate, then there might be throttle channel issues. Try reversing the throttle channel on the transmitter. Or else, you can lower the throttle trim to 50% and see if it works.

What’s the function of a bind plug?

The bind plug connects the two pins on the receiver. Usually, these two pins aren’t connected. The bind plug connects them and the rest of the work is done by the receiver.


That was all we had to offer about Traxxas receiver won’t bind. Hope you got a complete idea of the topic.

Enjoy your time with your Traxxas radio after you fix the issue. And don’t be afraid about the situation, because the solution is always there. Have a good day and take care.

See you soon!

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