Striker Spy Drone Troubleshooting: Keep Your Eyes in the Sky

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If your striker spy drone isn’t operating properly, it’s totally acceptable to become anxious. On the other hand, there is a fix for almost every problem. 

You must first troubleshoot the issue.

So how to do striker spy drone troubleshooting

The drone’s battery, calibration, and propeller might all be having issues. Checking to verify whether the batteries are OK will help you solve these. In addition to other repairs, you should check the motors, the GPS signal, and the firmware. If it’s needed, you may need to change some parts as well.

So, let’s get into the article and take a deep look into all the aspects clearly. 

Solutions for all Problems of Your Striker Spy Drone 

When our beloved appliances go down, it is never simple. We must thus closely examine our drones to identify the source of the issue. 

To troubleshoot a Striker Spy drone problem, adhere to the possible problems listed below:

Problems with Battery 

Problems with Battery 

There can be different reasons if you are facing problems with your drone’s battery.  

The worst issue with a drone might occasionally be its batteries. It may not charge at all or it may be rapidly losing power.

Insufficient firmware might potentially be the cause of your drone’s failure to charge.

The main factor contributing to your drone’s batteries depleting so rapidly is your flying style. Flying may be considered a little combative.

At times, the battery could entirely malfunction.

Solution 1: Fix the Charger

Checking to determine if the charger is damaged should be the first thing on your to-do list. To ensure the charger is functioning, test it with different devices.

Solution 2: Fix the Software

It may be possible the firmware is not updated. So just go to the app store/play store and if the firmware is not updated update it.

Solution 3: Change the Flying Style 

When flying, choose to use light motions with the sticks. This will stop the drone from gaining speed while losing momentum. The longer flying time will be worth it.

Solution 4: Change Battery

If the battery totally dies, then there is no way rather than changing it. Generally, a striker spy drone uses Li-Po batteries. 

So let me suggest to you some good Li-Po batteries. 

Li-Po Batteries 
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These are the most favorable ones in the market right now. 

So if you find issues with lipo batteries, then there are solutions. These are all possible ways to fix your Striker Spy Drones battery. 

Problems with Propellor

Problems with Propellor

Did the propellers on your drone stop spinning? There can be multiple reasons for that. So, what are your options?  

There can be obstacles stuck in the propellors or some connection problems with the remote. 

Solution 1: Remove Obstacles

The scariest can be bent propellors. But no worries, you can fix those on your own.

First, check to determine whether the propellers’ path is blocked by anything. Since they only affect propeller speed and flying performance, they can occasionally go unnoticed.

Solution 2: Confirm Perfect Connection

The transmitter or remote has to be plugged in before departure. So check that the motors are correctly synchronized. The propellers must be in alignment for them to rotate.

Solution 3: Fix Bend Propellers

The propellers may occasionally bend. Examine the propellers by setting your spy drone striker on a flat surface. The propellers may be bent back into shape by just applying pressure.

Balancing the propellor is equally important as balancing RC tires. 

Problems with Motor

Problems with Motor

Drones depend heavily on their motors.

To make sure they are clear of dust, you should often inspect the motors. 

A large portion of the drone’s noise is generated by its motors. It would help to understand the noises. You can select the appropriate hex driver set and begin working if it doesn’t sound properly.

Solution: Inspect the Motor Carefully

Clear the motor chamber, and look for any damage to the solder connections and wiring. You might have to get proficient at soldering joints. 

Make sure the antennas are free of obstructions to ensure a good connection to the base.

Problems with Compass Calibration

The flying direction could be off during flight if the calibration is improper. This can be a major problem while flying your drone. You can find all the solutions you want here to calibrate your drone.

Solution 1: Fix the Flight Controller

The drone’s built-in flight controller and misplaced specifications might also cause this to occur. The importance of quickly inspecting your drone before each flight can thus not be overstated.

Solution 2: Calibrate Compass Properly

Although a remote control reset could potentially help. If it doesn’t work, then calibrating the compass is often the solution to these issues. 

If nothing works, speak with a drone repair company.

Problem with GPS

Currently, GPS is included in the majority of drones. If the batteries die or the pilot loses sight of the drone, it will return to “base.”

However, GPS reception problems do occasionally happen, especially in vast, open areas.

Solution 1: Avoid Large Obstacles

First, determine whether subterranean wires are interfering with communications. additional large rocks or walls in the region.

Solution 2: Avoid Bad Weather

While flying, you should think about the weather because it might interfere with the GPS signal. Fly when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. Cloud cover and strong winds should be avoided.

Problems with Transmitter

Problems with Transmitter

Your transmitter can entirely malfunction. Or it might not even be able to connect to your striker spy drone. It may be pretty annoying.

Solution 1: Reconnect the Transmitter

You could occasionally overlook a crucial step while connecting the transmitter. If it doesn’t, your drone may not be linked to the transmitter when operating. The only thing left to do is go back and repeat the connection.

Solution 2: Mapping Should be linked Correctly

The relevant arm must be equipped on all drones by default. Therefore, you need to make sure that the mapping in your transmitter is linked correctly.

These can be all the problems with your Striker Spy drone. Hope this article will help you to have a good flying experience. Also, don’t forget to maintain your drone properly


How Do I Sync My Striker Spy Drone?

On the remote control, begin by fully descending the left stick. Then raise the left stick on the remote control all the way before lowering it again. The drone’s lights should quit blinking and stay on all the time. This denotes that the drone is connected.

Why Is My Drone Tilting to One Side?

The main reason your drone may be leaning to one side is likely an imbalance in weight. Situational factors, such as bad weather or a sloped launch surface, may also be prevalent causes. The inner workings of the drone, which include the calibration, hardware, and software, may also be a factor.

What Does Trimming Mean on a Drone?

When you use the buttons on your transmitter to trim your drone, you are modifying its yaw. Also the pitch, roll, and throttle. The aerodynamics of your drone must be continually adjusted until they are exactly right. When a drone is unsteady or drifting, this is needed.


Hope I was able to clear all the confusion about striker spy drone troubleshooting. Just don’t forget to maintain your drone properly for perfect service.

If you have any more queries, drop them in the comment section. I will try to resolve all of them.

Till then have a great time with your drone.

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