Troubleshooting Your Traxxas Charger Blinking Red

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The Traxxas battery charger can blink red due to a damaged fuse, loose battery connection, incompatible batteries and overheating. It can also happen because of internal component failure and a damaged charger circuit.

These are the common things responsible for the problem. Would you like to learn how to fix them at home? The following sections of the article will give you some easy DIY solutions to these issues.

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Reasons for Traxxas Charger Blinking Red

Here are the reasons that usually cause the red light to blink in the Traxxas charger. 

Blown Fuse

The fuse is a crucial component in a charger as it protects the electrical system by breaking the circuit. Due to a power surge and short circuit, the fuse blows. Moreover, overloading, manufacturing fault and inappropriate use can damage the fuse. The Traxxas charger can instantly detect the issue and blink red.

How to fix:

If the fuse of your Traxxas battery charger blows, you must replace it with a similar one. Here are the steps to follow:


  1. Find out the spot where the fuse is in the charger. In general, the fuse is located in the plug portion.
  2. Unscrew the tip to take the damaged fuse out. After unscrewing the tip, the fuse will automatically come out.
  3. Confirm that the tiny wire inside the fuse is broken. Also, check the amperage and voltage of the fuse (it usually comes with 5A/250V).
  4. Now get a new fuse with the same amperage and voltage, place it in the shell and screw the tip.
damaged fuse

The solution to Fuse Keeps Blowing: Unfortunately, many users experience this issue due to the incorrect way of using the charger. Connecting the battery to the charger before plugging it in can cause this issue. The right way of using a charger is to plug in the charger to the power outlet first and then connect the battery to the charger.

Loose Battery Connection

A good charging process requires a reliable connection between the battery and charger. The charger can blink red if the connection becomes loose or you do not connect the battery properly. An improper connection between these two objects results in inconsistent electrical flow. The Traxxas charger can detect it and flash the red light as a signal.

How to fix:

Loose Battery Connection

You just have to secure the battery-charger connection, nothing else. Ensure that the battery is connected to the charger firmly.

Incompatible Batteries

Traxxas designs their chargers for specific batteries with particular chemistries and voltage ratings. If any battery mismatches those specifications, the Traxxas charger can deny charging it, considering an incompatible battery. Also, the charger will indicate such mismatches as a fault and start blinking red.

Pro tip: Checking out the charger’s specifications is the simple way to understand whether a battery is compatible with your Traxxas charger. Also, you should notice the LED indicator that points to a battery’s compatibility with the charger.

How to fix:

Incompatible Batteries

If you need to charge batteries with various chemistries and voltage ratings, the Traxxas EZ-Peak charger is ideal. It is designed for both LiPo and NiMH batteries. 

The best thing about the charger is – its advanced charging system can automatically detect a battery’s chemistry and voltage and start charging it accordingly. It is a multi-role charger to choose from if you are tired of battery compatibility issues.


Your Traxxas charger may have a built-in thermal protection mechanism, which can cause the blinking. After longer use, the charger will naturally become heated. But when the heat crosses the danger limit, the safety mechanism can make the charger blink the red light and warn you about overheating. 

How to fix:


If the Traxxas charger seems overheated and blinks red, disconnect the battery immediately. Let the charger cool down for at least 30 minutes (as needed) and try charging the battery again.

Defective Batteries

+Traxxas charger can detect a dead or faulty battery. In such a case, the charge will start blinking to notify you something is wrong. If the battery is excessively discharged, damaged, or completely dead, the charger may not charge it any more. 

How to fix:


You have to handle different types of battery faults in different ways. 

For example, batteries that do not receive charge due to excessive discharge need specialized chargers, such as IMAX B6AC V2 or Traxxas EZ-Peak Plus.

damaged battery

On the other hand, you should not use a battery with physically damaged signs like swelling. You also need to replace batteries that have been dead permanently. 

Malfunctioning Charger

Sometimes, the charger itself bears the responsibility for the red blinking issue. A Traxxas battery charger might be defective for many reasons. For example, its internal component failure or any damage to the circuit can make the charger faulty anytime. In such a case, the charger will malfunction and may blink the red light randomly.

How to fix:

First of all, you must disconnect the battery from the faulty charger to prevent further component or electrical damage. A malfunctioning charger may need to repair or even replaced. So, you should contact the retailer or Traxxas customer care for precise guidance on troubleshooting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a Traxxas charger with batteries from other RC brands?

If the battery and charger specifications match, you can charge a non-Traxxas battery using a Traxxas charger. You should be careful about the warning signs mentioned on the charger. For example, charges only compatible with NiMH should never be used with LiPo batteries, regardless of brand.

Which light should blink when the charger works accurately?

When a Traxxas charger works perfectly, the green light blinks slowly. When the battery is fully charged, the light will be steady and won’t blink.

Can a Traxxas battery charger charge multiple batteries simultaneously?

Yes, some Traxxas chargers are able to do it, including the Z-Peak® Dual charges. Using the charger, you can charge two batteries at a time.

Final Words

The article has covered relevant causes that make the Traxxas charger’s red light blink. Also, you have got a hand-to-hand solution for each issue. Though they are repairable at home, you may need professional help if the above methods do not work. You must contact an experienced technician or Traxxas customer care for precise guidelines, solutions and parts replacement.

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