Hubsan H501s Troubleshooting

Hubsan H501s Troubleshooting: Resolve The Issues!


Hubsan H501 is very useful for learning videography and very easy to use. But sometimes we can face difficulties with the Hubsan H501S. 

It’s pretty obvious to be anxious. To get out of the difficulties we need to know the solution. 

Want to know about Hubsan H501 troubleshooting? 

We can face a binding issue in our Hubsan H501S drone. When our Hubsan H501 is not binding, to solve the issue we should turn off the power button. Then turn it on again. The transmission issue is another difficulty we can face too. Some other video issues are very common in the Hubsan H501S. 

To know all the problems with solutions let’s go deep. For this, here’s the whole article. 


Hubsan H501S Troubleshooting

It’s pretty normal to face issues with any mechanical devices. Like this, we can also face issues with our Hubsan H501S drone. 

Before purchasing it’s very beneficial to know the problems beforehand. Already know about striker spy troubleshooting? Let’s know about Hubsan H501S. 

Problem 1: Not Binding

This is one of the most faced difficulties. But it’s very easy to solve. 


At first, the controller power should be turned on holding the photo button at the same time. Then start on the drone by attaching the battery. 

After turning it on the controller screen will flash twice to confirm the binding. The controller will return to the camera view and the binding is completed. 

Now the compass calibration can be done before the flight. And we’re done. 

Problem 2: Transmission Issue

Another problem we can face with our Hubsan H501S is a transmission problem. 


The transmission range of the hub’s h501s is 400metres in optimal condition. But sometimes we may face transmission problems. 

Like losing signals on top of the hill away from trees or from the beach out to the sea. 

We might get a very low range before it loses the signal. Besides, sometimes no image transmission problems may also occur.

These types of transmission problems mainly occur due to software issues. Some of the major solutions for this transmission problem are:

  •        Updating the firmware
  •     Changing the phone model
  •        Try restarting the drone, the app, and also the remote
  •        At times a manual reconnect to the remote might work
  •         Make sure that the antennas on the remote are clean
  •        Try changing the distance between the remote and the drone
  •       Consider putting the phone in airplane mode and turning off the mobile data
  •         Try resetting the camera

Problem 3: Choppy Recording And Jerky Videos

Let’s look for a solution.

Solution: SD Card Formatting

This might happen because we might previously reformat the SD Card. We delegated any Volume label to the SD card during arranging. Which is now worsening the video capture trouble.

Know how to install an SD card? Reinstall our SD card. And leaving the Volume label box area vacant this time. Also, raise the arrangement unit size to 32KB.

The drone should now record videos flawlessly. Many of us have reported that choppy and jerky video recording was caused by incorrect Volume label entry and incorrect Allocation unit.

If we face a problem like this, we should try this solution first. But there’s something we need to know. 

When we configure SD cards it might delete all the previous data or documents. So, before we start the SD card, we have to be sure that we have all the data. 

Reinstallation of Hubsan H501 SD Card:

  • Use a card reader to connect the Hubsan SD card to the computer.
  • Start Windows Explorer.
  • Do Right-click on the drive letter for our Hubsan SD card and go to Properties.
  • Select Format 
  • Set the size of the File System and Allocation unit.

Isn’t it very easy to solve? 

Problem 4: Video Not Saving Issue

We use the Hubsan H501S drone for videography as it provides good quality video. But it’s pretty frustrating when we don’t get the videos properly.

In the Hubsan H501S, one of the most faced issues is video not saving. 

Solution 1: Check the Correct SD Card 

Every Hubsan drone camera model comes with an SD card recommendation. Check that we are using the correct one for your drone model. 

We can select from 32GB Class 10 SanDisk, Samsung, Kingston, Transcend, and some other brands. Our SD card should be formatted as follows for the Hubsan H501S model:

  • Minimum of 16GB and no more than 64GB
  • Class 4 or higher, plus
  • exFAT is a file system.

We have to check these requirements first.

Solution 2: SD Card Properly Inserted

The majority of recording issues in Hubsan are caused by incorrect SD card usage. While putting or detaching the SD card from the drone, make sure to do the following:

  • When Hubsan is off, put the SD card.
  • Don’t turn off the Hubsan H501S right away. We have to wait 3 minutes before turning off the power.
  • Do turn off Hubsan H501 first, then detach the SD card from it.

For some silly mistakes, we can face major difficulties. 

Problem 5: Videos Are Not Playing

Let’s know why videos are not playing in our Hubsan H501S. 

Solution 1: Use Software

The video file can be corrupted if we transfer it from our drone to a computer incorrectly. A battery leak or a drone crash during the recording process can also corrupt our Hubsan videos. 

In any case, using video repair software, a corrupt video shot with the Hubsan H501 drone can be repaired.

With the help of official software such as Stellar Repair for Video, we can rectify choppy, truncated, broken, jittery, grainy, or any other type of corrupt video.

Before solving make sure to attach the SD card to the computer with the card reader. 

Here are some best card readers recommended:

Product 1
Product 2

Solution 2: Use VLC Media Player

Minor video glitches can be fixed in the VLC media player. If our Hubsan video file is MP4 or MOV, change it to AVI first. 

This is all about Hubsan H501S drone troubleshooting. Before making a purchase, we can check Hubsan X4 troubleshooting.  Purchase the favorite one!


What is the maximum altitude of the Hubsan H501S?

The maximum altitude of the Hubsan H501S is 450m. Long Control Range, The control range of the H501S high edition has been expanded. Previously, the drone’s control range was limited to 300m. However, with the developed transmitter and antennas, the control range has been improved to an impressive.

How does a Hubsan drone get charged?

When charging, make sure to use the Hubsan dedicated charger that comes with the device. Before taking off, fully charge the battery. Connect the charger’s USB adapter to a PC terminal, followed by the battery. The powering time is about 80 minutes, and the preferable flight time is 6 minutes.

What is the range of the Hubsan H501S?

The range of the Hubsan H501 is 0.62 kilometers. The black one Quadcopter High Edition stretches the control spacing of the standard H501S all the way to 1476′. Which allows you to fly even further. This means on average you can fly within 0.62m. But it’s more than that. 


By this we surely got to know all the Hubsan H501S troubleshooting. Problems with solutions are given. 

If any difficulty is shown try to recognize and solve it accordingly.

Best wishes with the drone!

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