How to Charge a Drone Without a Charger? Power Up Your Drone Anywhere

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It’s very annoying when you’re on your trip, to a very beautiful location. Then suddenly your drone goes out of battery. We completely understand the situation. 

Processionals and passionate travelers often carry drones with them away from civilization. In situations like this, you must be prepared with alternative ways of charging.

So, how to charge a drone without a charger?

To charge a drone without a charger, you need to carry some equipment with you always. First thing, always carry extra batteries and a power bank. You can use your electronic devices as well. Also, if you want, you can even build up your own drone charger. 

The methods seem pretty simple, right? But, if you don’t understand, then don’t worry.  We’re going to discuss each approach step-by-step to ensure that you understood the overall thing.

Let’s get started with the alternative methods-

How to Charge a Drone Without a Charger

Drone owners, some time, would want to carry it off everywhere. Even sometimes out of the network and an exotic area for some magnificent views. Especially those who make travel vlogs, or professionals who work with cinematic views. 

If that concept doesn’t come to you naturally, it is merely a question of time. Until the numerous drone films available on the internet present it to you. As a result, you start planning your trip.

Yet, to capture the best picture or video, the drone batteries must be fully charged. People usually neglect to carry their drone chargers. As a result, sometimes they can’t even find any power source in the midst of nature. So it leads them to difficulties.

So, here are some easy methods to charge your drone battery. These will help you to charge your drone batteries without a charger.

Method 1: Power Bank

Power banks would be the first choice for a reliable power source to charge your drone. Power banks will be an easy option to charge your drone. Because it’s easy to carry on a trip. Also when you are far away from any power source. Reliable power banks, such as the Goal Zero Sherpa 100, are indeed an excellent choice. 

Suppose you’re heading fully off the grid. You’ll require anything that will maintain the battery charged for an extended period of time. Professionals always carry supplementary equipment in hand to ensure that the cameras aren’t ever wet.

This is especially important if you won’t be around a power outlet. Besides, you’re not thinking about using a USB cord in place of an electric adapter since this isn’t something like a typical Apple device.

Some of the power banks have a 12-volt DC output. This means that anyone can charge the drone battery with a vehicle charger. These power banks may seem a little pricey. Yet these are excellent methods to prolong the longevity of the drone batteries. Especially when you’re away from civilization.

Method 2: Keeping Extra Battery Cells

Another skilled maneuver is to keep extra batteries with you. Keeping additional batteries is the best of all these methods. Always check the longevity of the batteries before purchasing them. 

Also, if you’re planning to do something like this, ensure they’re not any cheap knockoffs. Because now they’re all over the market at the time. So be careful!

If you want a recommendation, then DroneMax M10 is a fantastic drone battery to carry along. 

Here are a few recommendations if you’re searching for some good-quality batteries for your drone.

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You can also charge a Nimh battery with its charger if you’re carrying one of them. It doesn’t require your drone charger.

Method 3: Build Your Own Charger

The third method is pretty unique and needs a few skilled hands. You can build your own drone battery charger if you want. You just need to follow the instructions and keep this information in your mind.

The capacity of a battery is commonly stated in milliampere hours. Since that number has been dictated by the voltage that the battery consumes. Rather, you must transform it to watt-hours (Wh). 

This is the quantity of electricity that every battery would generate for around 1 hour if the voltage is known.

You may calculate utilizing the following formula:

Wh = (mAh) x (V)/1000

The fundamental operational voltage of Li-ion batteries is around 3.7 volts. Take it as the starting point and contemplate charging a Drone battery. But still, you can apply it to other batteries as well. The batteries have an effective voltage of roughly 11.4 volts. Also, these have a capacity of 3,830 mAh, which translates to 43.6 watt-hours.

Following a successful day’s work, people who have a drone usually return with a 30% charge. This indicates that you must charge the 70% which got consumed in order to achieve full performance. It is around 30.5 watt-hours. You may utilize vehicle chargers to get there faster.

After having successful work, people who have a drone usually return with a 30% charge. This indicates that you must charge the 70% which got consumed in order to achieve full performance. It is around 30.5 watt-hours.

You can utilize the vehicle chargers to get there faster.

Method 4: USB Cord

Last but not least, a USB cord is always a savior when you need to charge your drone quickly and don’t have access to a charger. At this point, a USB connection is an ideal alternative.

You may consider getting a USB cable that matches the power cord of your drone. First, you have to connect your MacBook, or pc, camera, tab, or another electronic system that supports the USB cables. Use devices that have access to or accept the USB connection.

Then, take your smartphone as well as put it in the charging cable. Then, turn on your pc, smartphone, or other suitable devices. The battery will be completely charged super fast. 

Similarly, you can discharge your drone batteries as well if you need storage.

That was all the methods you have now about charging your drone without a charger! 


Here are some frequent queries carefully curated for you on today’s topic-

Why is battery voltage significant in the context of drones?

Battery voltage or cell count is a pivotal matter to think before investing. The drone motors will automatically generate more energy when you’ve cells with a more excellent voltage rating. However, high voltage batteries are heavier. Therefore, they will immediately increase the overall mass of the drone.

Is it possible to charge a drone without an AC outlet?

Yes, possible. While there are various options for charging the drone cells without needing an AC outlet, I elected to build my own. The capacity of a battery should be converted from milliampere hours (mAh) to watt-hours (Wh).

What is the battery life of a drone?

A battery pack is usually included with a drone and the supplier can estimate how long a battery charge will last. A battery in an ordinary drone should last between 7 and 10 minutes. It relies on your drone’s performance and the cell inside it.


You now understand how to charge a drone without a charger. However, when selecting a drone, you should always examine the battery capacity and stability. It is one of the most important elements of a high-quality drone.

We believe our instruction has benefited you in resolving your situation.

Take care till then and enjoy your journey!

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