LaTrax Alias Troubleshooting: How to Keep Your Quadcopter Soaring Smoothly

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Along with being fun RC equipment, drones can be considered toolkits nowadays.

However, drones can face a number of problems, especially the Laxtrax Alias. The users have found a couple of issues with it.

On top of that, it gets frustrating since there are no straightforward troubleshooting guidelines out there. But I can help you in this regard.

So, what is the process of latrax alias troubleshooting?

Firstly, you can start troubleshooting by inspecting the fast charging issue. Secondly, check if the controller for the drone is responding or not. Finally, any mishap in the settings of the control/transmitter can create problems. In general, you should always check these aspects prior to flight!

This is not the entire information. Read the article till the end for the proper fix!

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3 Problems, Reasons, and Solutions for the Latrax Alias

Tons of probable and possible issue has been found regarding Latrax Alias. Some of these problems actually occur in most RC-controlled drones.

Accordingly, some are really critical for drones. I’ve mentioned all the important and common Latrax Alias problems below. I have included the solution as well, so you know how to troubleshoot Latrax Alias. Give this segment a good read.

Problem 1: Fast Charging Issue

While all electronics face charging issues with time, the Latrax Alias is no exception! Latrax Alias takes power from USBs to charge. However, it seems to be having some problems while charging.

Many users complain that Alias does not take charge sometimes. Especially from PCs, when using a USB cable to charge them. There exist some common misconceptions about the charging issue.

From the outside, it does seem like a power problem. However, most of the time it is charge compatibility issues. As you may know, the Latrax Alias is equipped with fast charging. This feature allows for rapid charging and long-lasting batteries.

Yet, some ports aren’t fast charge compatible. Most computer USB ports aren’t fast charge compatible.

Now, this issue may be frustrating for you and you might be feeling helpless right now. But don’t worry, I am here to help! I’ve included the solution below. Have a look.


Here is the steps to resolve the charging issue of the Latrax Alias-

Firstly, check if all the components of the charging drone are fast charge compatible.

Your computer might not support fast charging, especially the USB ports. So, plug in the charger in a fast charge compatible USB port. This is also an important part of the troubleshooting of spy drones.

You can also buy power adapters that are fast charging compatible. Connecting the Alias charger with the adapter will result in decent charging.

By using these power adapters, you can fully and quickly charge your drone! Also, you can charge other electronics like your phone, trimmers, etc.

Secondly, none of the USB ports on your computer might be fast charge capable. Additionally, you may not want to buy an adapter.

In that case, you can change the settings on your Alias charger to solve the fast charging issue.

In the Latrax Alias charger, there is a switch and has 2 modes. The first one is ‘fast charging’ and the second one is ‘normal charging’. You can utilize any of these 2 charging rates if you like.

If you don’t have a fast charge compatible USB port, change the charging rate to ‘normal charging’. It can emit all the incompatibilities. You can also completely
charge the drone without chargers.

If you’re having difficulties tweaking the settings, you can take help from the
Latrax Alias manual.

Making sure your charging source is providing a higher than 1 amp is all you need! This is how you can solve the fast charging issue of the Alias.

Problem 2: Controller Not Responding

This is also one of the most common problems with Latrax Alias. While the drone body is free of problems, the controller does not respond to it. 

This issue occurs when the drone is turned off. But sometimes, it happens when the drone is airborne. This causes the drone to spiral out of control and can be very risky. Having zero control over the drone is equivalent to not flying the drone at all!

So you might be asking, why is my alias not working by the controller? Well, the main reason for this issue is the transmitter. Any glitches caused by the transmitter cause connection problems for the drone.

Don’t stress though, I am here to help you. Below, I have given the fix for the control response problem. Have a look.


Here is the steps-

  • To start off, you have to reset the binding on your Latrax Alias drone to solve this issue. Turn on the drone and the controller. The LED lights and the LCD panel should light up. Then, put the controller in binding mode.
  • Then, bring the controller close to the drone. The binding process is automatic for the Latrax Alias. When the drone spots its controller in a close radius, it automatically binds to it!

If it does not automatically bind, reset the power. Reset the power of the controller by turning it off and on and do the same for the drone. After that, bind them again.

When the binding is successful, the disarmed flight screen should appear on the LCD panel. 

This is how you fix an unresponsive controller. Remember that, prior to flying, arming/disarming the drone motors is important! This can actually prevent issues like the Latrax Alias motor not working.

Problem 3: Messed up Transmitter Settings

Any unexpected change in the settings of the transmitter is another common issue of the Latrax Alias. This actually hinders the optimal flight condition and performance of the drone.

These changes in the controller/transmitter can happen for a number of reasons. For example, maybe the transmitter was picked up by a kid. Most kids don’t know their way around transmitter controls.

Also, if your transmitter fell on the ground, it may have hit a random button. As a result, the controller settings may be changed.

The second reason can be if it’s bound with the wrong receiver. Because binding transmitters with any receiver may not resemble compatibility.

Whatever the case may be, I have the solution. In the next segment, I’ve discussed it. Have a look!


Here is the steps to fix the transmitter settings-

  • Firstly, you have to reset the controller settings to default. To do that, first, turn the controller off.
  • Secondly, locate the AUX buttons on the transmitter. There should be a total of two AUX buttons on the controller.
  • Thirdly, after locating the AUX buttons, it is time to reset. While holding down both of the AUX buttons, power on the transmitter.
  • Finally, after the controller powers on, keep holding the AUX buttons for a few more seconds. Listen for the beep from the controller. The ‘beep’ sound means that the controller is reset.

After resetting, by default, the controller should be in binding mode. You can follow the binding method problem the solution of problem 2, mentioned above!

So, these are the problems and solutions regarding the Latrax alias troubleshooting!


Does the LaTrax alias have a camera?

Yes, the Latrax Alias has a camera, a quite good one! This drone features an HD camera that has 12 megapixels. These specs really help the drone take outstanding shots. The installation of the camera is a very easy process. Quick installations will result in the automatic configuration of the camera.

How fast is Traxxas LaTrax?

The Traxxas LaTrax has a top speed of 20 miles per hour. The stability and agility of these RC cars help them reach speeds like that. Note that, 20 miles per hour (32 km per hour) is a really decent speed! The Teton and SST lineups can also reach this much top speed. You can always increase the top speed.

Is the Traxxas Teton waterproof?

The Traxxas Teton is water resistant, but not waterproof. It has many components that are waterproof. For instance, the servo and the receiver boxes can fully retain water. Any type of mud, ice, or puddles won’t be an issue for the Teton. However, submerging the car in water will likely cause some serious damage. 

The Final Words

You have reached the finish line of this article. Hopefully, now you know how to perform latrax alias troubleshooting.

If there is any component damage on the drone, it’ll be tough to troubleshoot. So, you can send your drone back to the manufacturer for the fix.

Wishing you all the best.

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