DX6 vs. DX6i: The Battle of the Spektrum Transmitters

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If you are an RC enthusiast, the Dx6 and Dx6i must be very familiar to you. However, there are still factors that need to be considered. 

So what should you pick from the Dx6 vs Dx6i?

Well, the Dx6i is manufactured as a more advanced model than the Dx6. It has enhanced performance and functionality, better battery life, and higher RAM. It also has a better transmitter and lower telemetry sensitivity. So, the cost of Dx6i is also higher than the Dx6. 

You shouldn’t get the advanced version if you don’t need all its features. Lucky for you, this article has all of these factors explained.

So don’t just wait there, hop in!

Dx6 Vs Dx6i: Quick Comparison

Before you get into the main discussion, we’d like to give you a quick insight. Here’s a table that will explain all the factors to you easily.

Factor Spektrum Dx6 Spektrum Dx6i
Performance Comparatively weaker autofocus. Better autofocus & lower shutter lag
Functionality Has three different control modes Has two different control modes
Cost Around $860 Around $1050
Battery Life Powered by a single CR123A battery Uses two CR2 batteries that last 10 hours longer
Resolution Lower resolution and display Higher resolution and display
Telemetry Sensitivity High telemetric sensitivity Low telemetric sensitivity
Transmitter Same transmitter Same transmitter with additional features.
RAM 128 MB 512 MB
Adjustable Stick Spring Medium spring is used Better spring is used

We hope you’ve got a minimum idea about these two. Now if you’re ready, let’s move on to the detailed discussion.

Dx6 Vs Dx6i: Head-to-Head Comparison

Here we have gone into the details of the difference between SpektrumDx6 vs Dx6i.


Dx6i is faster and has better autofocus & lower shutter lag as compared to Dx6. It has better battery life and a new app which is useful for the DJI Inspire. 

The Dx6i has wifi input & output like Dx5 but lacks gyroscope input. Ports on these two models are 100% interchangeable. 

Winner: Clearly, the winner here is Dx6i


ISO in Dx6i can be set in 1/3 increments, while in Dx6 it is only 1/2 increments. Dx6i has a more expanded range of motion, while the Dx6 is better for precision.

The Dx6i has three different control modes (normal, shift, and irgro), while the Dx6 only has two (normal and tight).

Winner: Hands down, Dx6i is the way to go. Because it offers a more well-rounded controller for all types of players.


You can get a Dx6 for around $860. The Dx6i usually costs around $1050.

The Dx6 is cheaper since it does not come with a scale or Wi-Fi connectivity. You do not get any extra features such as the Bluetooth connectivity that comes with Dx6i. 

Winner Dx6

Winner: Dx6 is the cheaper controller here!

Battery Life

The Dx6i and Dx6 require their own batteries. But the Dx6i’s battery life is about 10 hours longer than the battery in the Dx6. 

The Dx6 is powered by a single CR123A battery, while the Dx6i uses two CR2 batteries that fit in an included adapter. The adapter fits any standard screw-on camera battery.

The Dx6’s back panel is white with a blue LED light, while the Dx6i has a black back panel with a silver LED.

Winner: Dx6i can provide more power.

Resolution and Display

We can see that they have similar specifications. Both have 12 megapixels and support ISO settings ranging from 100-6400. However, they do differ in one crucial way- their resolutions are different. 

Dx6 is equipped with a sensor resolution of 6.1 megapixels. It is slightly lower than that of Dx6i. The Dx6i also has a larger display, with higher resolution and magnification. 

Winner: Though the specifications are quite the same, Dx6i is slightly better here.

Telemetry Sensitivity

If you don’t know, Telemetry Sensitivity is the measuring distance of the controller’s telemetry parameters. The maximum telemetry sensitivity for Dx6 is higher than that of Dx6i. 

Dx6 and Dx6i both have the same internal frequency. The 5 GHz range is the same in both models. System delay from input lag is similar in both models.

Winner: Dx6i is the better one here for having lower telemetry sensitivity than Dx6.


Distancing the transmitter and receiver is very important. Otherwise, you’ll have binding problems. The Spektrum™ DX6i is a 6-channel 2.4GHz transmitter that works with the DSMX® air system. It is also compatible with DSM2®/DSMX aircraft. 

The transmitter features 3 spring steel switches and a rubberized trigger for throttle control. As well as an alphanumeric LCD screen for easy programming and display of your model information.

The Spektrum™ DX6 is a 6-channel 2.4GHz transmitter that works with the DSMX® air system. It is also compatible with DSM2®/DSMX aircraft. The Dx6 transmitter features 3 spring steel switches for throttle and brake control. As well as a rubberized trigger for elevator and rudder control.

So, what is the difference between dx6i vs dx6e and dx6 transmitter?

The Spektrum Dx6 transmits on band frequencies of 2.4GHz to 6.5GHz. The Dx6i transmits on band frequencies of 27MHz to 40MHz. And the Dx6e transmits on band frequencies of 2.4GHz to 6.5GHz.

Winner: In the battle of Spektrum dx6 vs dx6i transmitter, Dx6i is better. 

Headphone Outputs

The Spektrum DX6 is a six-channel radio system that includes three modules and the RX6 6-channel receiver. The Spektrum Dx6i is the same radio with an updated LCD display and SD card slot.

Winner: Dx6i is the better one for having additional features.


Dx6 has a RAM of 128 MB and a spec of 1.5 GHz processing speed. The Dx6i has 512 MB RAM and a 2 GHz processing speed. So it is more effective in high-speed movement mode (Alt Hold).

Winner: Spectrum Dx6i with 512 MB RAM is the winner in this case.

Adjustable Stick Spring

Stick springs have to do with stick responsiveness. It is the ability of a controller to quickly and correctly follow stick movements.

Spektrum has two main stick springs that vary significantly in responsiveness and weight. These springs are on the body of the controller, under the switches.

The Spektrum Dx6 uses a medium spring while the standard Spektrum DX6i uses a good spring. 

But do stick springs make that much difference in flight performance?

The bad spring is too heavy, causing a slow reaction to small stick movements. On the other hand, the good spring is too light causing a quick reaction to small stick movement.


Winner: Dx6i is the winner here.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Dx6i is the first camera to feature built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. The function is available for both picture and video transfer via the internet without hassle. 

Dx6i has a “My Camera” feature that allows connectivity between the camera and a PC. It also comes with a free app for Android and iOS devices. The feature is used to access pictures on the internet and even download them from the camera.

Dx6 has no similar features like this. 

Winner: Dx6i is the more advanced one for having wi-fi connectivity. 

Final Verdict

Spektrum DX6i is an updated version of the popular DX6. It’s an entry-level transmitter that comes in at under $170. The Spektrum DX6i has all the features and functionality you would expect from a more expensive transmitter. But surprisingly, it offers them at a more affordable price.

So, we’ll clearly suggest the Spektrum Dx6i. The little more price you’ll have to pay will give you tons of advanced features. 

If you have decided which one you want to buy, then here’s where to find them-

Product 1
Product 2

You hope you make the best decision according to your need. These are pretty good controllers. However, you might also think about the Spektrum Dx8 and Dx9. They are more advanced and have more unique features.


Can you upgrade the RAM of Spektrum Dx6?

No, you cannot upgrade RAM on a Spektrum DX6 aircraft. However, you can upgrade the battery as well as purchase additional radio control receivers. It will help to expand your experience in the air.

Is forward programming available on the DX6i?

No. The DX6i cannot program forward by default. However, forward programming is available for the Spektrum dx6e. Additionally, the version number is now the same as that of the other radios. Forward programming is also available for Spektrum AirWare 2.0, Spektrum G2, iX12, iX20, DX18G1 and DX6G3 radios.

Can the DX6i be converted to DSMX?

Yes, the Dx6i can be converted to DSMX. But this conversion must happen in a specific order. Such as bind to DSMX, convert to DSM2 (reinstall firmware), and bind to DSM2.

Final Thoughts

We hope now you’re able to decide between Dx6 vs Dx6i. Whichever one you buy, take good care of them. Otherwise, none of the controllers will last long.

Till then, all the best!

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