DX8 vs. DX9: Which Spektrum Radio Will Take Your RC Experience to the Next Level?

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DX8 and DX9 are two great transmitters from the same lineup. At a quick glance, it is easy to make a choice. But, there is more than meets the eye. 

Here’s my take on the Spektrum DX8 vs DX9 comparison. 

The DX9 is much better than the DX8 in every aspect aside from one or two. However, the DX8 in exchange is much cheaper. As a result that makes it suitable for those bound by a budget. However, I’d suggest you get the DX9 if you can afford it. This article delves deeper into the comparison. 

So let’s take a quick glance at the primary comparison between the two predominant transmitters. 

DX8 vs DX9 – The Differences at a Quick Glance

The DX8 and DX9 are both transmitters from the Spektrum that belongs to Horizon Hobby. Although both are from the same company, there are many differences. Here are some of them at a quick glance. 

Factors DX8 DX9
Voice Alert Technology N/A Available
Internal Memory 30-Model 250-Model
Programmable Mixes 6 (Airplane), 2 (SailPlane) 10 (Airplane, Sailplane, Helicopter)
No. of Channels 8 9
Multirotor Mode N/A Available
Backlit Screen Resolution 128 x 64 192 x 96
Forward Programming N/A Available
Monitor Shortcut N/A Available
Network Band 2.4GHz 2.4GHz
Backward Compatibility DSM2 (US)/ DSMX (EU) DSM2 (US)/ DSMX (EU)
MSRP $299.99 $479.99

The table tells us that the transmitters belong to different price classes. The DX8 loses out to the DX9 in almost every way aside from the price. Although this glance is enough to draw conclusions, the devil is in the details.

Now let’s move on to a more detailed comparison. 

A Deeper Comparison of the Siblings

It’s time to delve deeper into what makes these two transmitters so different. I call them siblings as they’re from the same lineup. I will categorize both similarities as well as dissimilarities in an in-depth comparison now. So, continue reading the extended comparison.


The DX8 has an 8-channel receiver. Going by the naming logic, the DX9 has a 9-channel receiver. So right from the get go, the DX9 has an edge over the DX8.

The better 9-channel receiver boasts a higher signal range. It also has better stability over distance compared to the 8-channel receiver. 

Internal Memory

The DX9 has an enormous 250-model internal memory. That allows the user to use it without a memory card for the most part. However, if you do need extra memory, just use an SD card. Basically, it gives you a lot of leeways when it comes to switching models. 

The DX8 in comparison has a lower 30-model internal memory. That takes away some of the leeways you can have in-store models. You might have to juggle between your SD and your internal memory. 

So, this is another segment where the DX9 wins. 

Programmable Mixes And Flight Modes

Well, before I even start on it, this is another category where the DX9 wins. The DX9 has 10 programmable mixes on every flight mode aside from the multirotor. 

In comparison, The DX8 does not have the multirotor mode at all. It does, however, have 6 programmable mixes on airplanes and 2 on sailplanes. 

So, you can enjoy a greater number of mixes on the DX9 compared to DX8. 

Backlit Screen

The DX9 boasts a 192 x 96 resolution backscreen. It has a size that is convenient for setting up all of the settings without much hassle. So you will not have to move back and forth between the settings. You’ll be able to check what setting you’re in regardless.

However, The DX8 has a 128 x 64 resolution backscreen. That basically means it has lower fidelity compared to the DX9. Aside from that, the smaller screen size means you’ll have to go back and forth a lot. 

Spektrum DX8 vs DX9 comparison


The DX9 comes with voice alert technology and forward programming capability. It also comes with a monitor shortcut. These add to the convenience of the transmitter. 

However, the cost-efficient DX8 does not come with any of these conveniences. 

Network Band

Both the DX8 and the DX9 come with the standard 2.4GHz network band. The 2.4GHz allows for maximum range at the cost of some stability. 

But the loss in stability does not make much difference for either of these transmitters. They perform as robustly as they’re expected to. That makes them both good transmitters for any RC hobbyist. 

Backward Compatibility

This is another feature shared by both of the transmitters. Both DX8 and DX9 support DSM2 (US) and DSMX (EU). But if these two terms confuse you, then fret not! We have another comparison based on DSM2 and DSMX.

Really, that’s all the compatibility you would need. So both the transmitters are perfect in backward compatibility. 

Price Point

This is where the DX8 finally wins over the DX9. It is almost half the price of DX9. This is why I saved the best for last.

This changes almost everything. While it is true that the DX9 is better than the DX8, the price justifies the differences well. Both products are good in their own price spectrum in my own opinion. 

My Verdict on DX8 Vs DX9

Now it’s time to give a verdict on which one is better. My answer is that both depend on the circumstances. If you’re on a budget, go for the DX8. If you’re not bound by a budget, then go for the DX9. 

The reason I say that is because most of DX9 pros are on the luxury side. Furthermore, the DX9 has its own share of problems. So, the budget is what I based the choice on. 

Finally, here are some excellent transmitters that I would recommend in the same budget range- 

Product 1
Product 2

Hopefully the drone radio croller will work great. We are not done yet. There is a FAQ segment for you. So keep reading.


What company do DX8 and DX9 Belong to?

The DX8 and DX9 belong to Horizon Hobby. To be more specific, they belong to the Spektrum lineup of the Horizon Hobby company. 

Is the Spektrum DX8 Still in Production?

Yes, the Spektrum DX8 is still in production. It will remain so for a few years at the very least. 

Is the Spektrum DX9 Still in Production?

Yes, The Spektrum DX9 is still completely in production. It will take more than a while to go out of production. 


That’s about it! I hope the article helped you decide which transmitter among the DX8 Vs DX9 is the best for you. It can be a bit confusing, but I cleared it out I hope. 

Which one did you decide to get in the end? Let us know in the comments right below.

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