Cleanflight vs Betaflight: Which Flight Controller Is Right for Your Needs?

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Depending on the type of drone user you are, the system can play a great role. For a general user, minimal performance loss may not matter. But for many, the debate of Cleanflight and Betaflight is the flaming topic. 

So, which is one will win in the battle of cleanflight vs betaflight. 

Both Betaflight and Cleanflight are drone operating systems. Cleanflight is a bit older than Betaflight. So, Betaflight is more advanced and more user-friendly than Cleanflight. The flights are more stable and the OSD is better. There is dedicated hardware for Betaflight and many more. 

This was a quick glimpse at which one is better. But for better understanding, we need to dive a bit deeper. So, let’s get into the detailed discussion below. 

Short Comparison

Flying a drone the proper way isn’t easy. There are many learning curves and tools you have to use. Moreover, there are different programs that you can use to control your drone. 

Cleanflight and Betaflight both programs are both non-proprietary flight control programs. You can use others or your own program to control your drone. So, there is a debate between people about ardupilot vs betaflight as well. 

Using good transmitter matters. But be aware, make sure the transmitter is compatible with your drone. Like, there are differences between Frsky and Spektrum

The Betaflight is an improvement over the Cleanflight system. Betaflight has been developed after the Cleanflight system. But still, there are people who use Cleanflight programs. So which is actually better?

In the table below we have put both of the programs against the same factors. So the battle between them will be fair. Also, you’ll get a better understanding of which is actually better in which scenario. So, let’s begin. 

Flight StabilityNot SteadySteady
OSDStable ViewConfigurable
Dedicated HardwareNo Hardware RequiredHardware Required to Use
Broad CompatibilityUsable With Most Flight RegulatorsCan be Used with New Hardware and Flight Peripherals
Type of RidersFor General UseFor Professionals

The table is very informative about both of the programs. But if you are still confused, don’t worry. Below we have detailed information about both of the programs. Let’s get right into it then. 

Extended Comparison

Choosing between the programs can be confusing for beginners. That is why we have this part for you to get a better understanding. We have divided each part according to each factor. Where we have gone to the details on both the programs. So, let’s get started. 

Flight Stability

When it comes to drones and flying them, stability really matters. The Betaflight does it wonderfully over the Cleanflight system. The Cleanflight system is good but not as good as the Betaflight system. It is because the Cleanflight system is comparatively older

Also, the Betaflight system doesn’t require that much of an adjustment. That is because the PID calculation on the Betaflight is really acceptable. But you have to count other factors to get that perfect drone shot

On the other hand, the flight stability is good on Cleanflight. But it requires more adjustment to get the level of precision like Betaflight. That is why Betaflight wins. 


When it comes to the flexibility of the OSD, Betaflight is the king. Betaflight has integrated a really powerful OSD. The menu is formatted, and this allows you to improve PIDs. this also lets you change the velocity and channels. 

The best part about the program is you don’t need to carry a PC with you anymore. You can change different settings on the go. But there is betaflight download for windows 10 as well. You can also get the ​​cleanflight app download. 

The OSD can also present as much data as you want it to. Such as voltage, clock, and PIDs. GPS, current drawing and etc. 

On the other side, the Cleanflight OSD is stable. You will get a fixed view from it. But for better usability, the Betaflight takes the crown. 

Dedicated Hardware

Betaflight has developed its own component. The panels which are included have added the Betaflight F4 panel. With that, the Omnibus F4 panel is also included. Also, other panels are available as well. Thede panels work consistently with the Betaflight Functions. 

On the other hand, Cleanflight has only 8 unique functions. These panels let you alter the flight regulators you have and you can utilize them. But for having more panels and utilization of the feature, Betaflight wins. 

Broad Compatibility

Betaflight can be used with a great array of equipment. Most of the brands which are out there offer PPM, PWM, and SBUS for radio conventions. Also, other conventions are available for the ESC as well. 

Such as ProShot, Multishot, Oneshot, DSHOT, and even KISS ESCs are available. Also, if you are thinking about getting an ESC for your Drone, check the links. 


These are the best ESC you can get your hands on for your RC or drones. 

On the other hand, the basis of Cleanflight is on Github. You can do different adjustments from there. Also, the whole system is on 32-bit programming. Which is actually better than 8-bit systems. 

But the Betaflight takes the cake for being more advance than Cleanflight. So, in the battle of betaflight vs CleanFlight, Betaflight wins in this round. 

Type of Riders

The Betaflight has more compatibility and features available for the user. But it can be confusing to understand as well. On the other hand, the Clean flight system is more simple and has fewer features. 

Also, the type of transmitter you use really matters. So make sure to follow a programming guide for Spektrum DX8. However, does messup between dx9 and dx8.

That is why Cleanflight is actually better for many general consumers. On the other hand, it’s better to use Betaflight if you are a professional. The Betaflight system is actually better in certain usability scenarios. 

That is why the Betaflight system takes the crown here. 

Final Discussion

So, it all boils down to this, which system should you go for. Now the Betaflight is the clear winner in this round. It’s clear that you should get the Betaflight over the Cleanflight. 

The Cleanflight can be good actually for many general users. Those who fly their drones, not every day, can get this system. But for those who are seeking performance, it is better to get the Betaflight system. 

It is a scale of which system is better, Betaflight takes the crown.


How to Download Betaflight for PC?

Firstly, you need to download Betaflight on your computer. To download, visit Github to download the installer file. Make sure you are downloading the appropriate version of the Betaflight. Because not all versions will support your operating system. 

How to Connect Drone to Betaflight?

To connect your drone, you will be needing a micro USB cable. In often cases, there are micro USB ports on the drone. You can also connect the drone via Bluetooth. But this will only work if your drone has Bluetooth. 

Can I Use Betaflight on an iPad?

You can use Betaflight on an iPad. An iPad can come in handy when you are out and need to do some configuration. Other than an iPad, you can also get Betaflight for your tablet, iPhone, Android phone. 


So, that was everything you needed to know about cleanflight vs betaflight. 

Getting a good drone operating system is really necessary. It can bring the beast out of your drone. 

Have fun flying!

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