Comparing Frsky and Spektrum RC Radio Systems: Which Offers Better Performance?

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Someone who loves flying will understand the struggle with transmitters. A transmitter is a must-have for flying and you can’t go wrong with that.

In recent times, there are several brands making transmitters. Such brands are Frsky and Spektrum. 

But, which one wins the transmitter game between Frsky vs Spektrum?

Frsky is the one that has a stronger signal protocol. It comes with massive features that make navigation easier. Also, frsky is pocket friendly. Spektrum has a better ecosystem, UI, and build quality. But, it’s pricey. One thing common in both is that their product line is diverse.

This is just a preview. You need to see the full picture before making a decision. 

So, stick around!

Frsky vs Spektrum (A Brief Comparison)

Frsky is a very popular transmitter in the multirotor world. It’s even said to be the best for multirotor. Its products, price, and functionality are best suited for multi-rotors. 

On the other hand, Spektrum is the most popular choice for fixed wings. Its signal strength, build quality and other features add to a smooth helicopter flying experience.

We’ve given here a table for a quick scan. Surely, it will help you. 

Factors Frsky Spektrum
Product Line Taranis, Horus, Tandem DX, IX
Ecosystem Needs third-party support Already installed receiver
Signal Protocol and Signal Strength 2.4GH (X9D) Not as good as Frsky
Build Quality Not so good Better build quality
Features 16 channels, OpenTX Doesn’t have sliders
User Interface Difficult Easy
Affordability Budget-friendly Expensive

We tried to give you a hand in making your decision. The big picture awaits you in the next part.

Frsky vs Spektrum (Extensive Comparison)

Frsky transmitters give spektrum a tough competition. The vice versa is also true. Definitely, one wins the show. 

The winner depends on various factors. It varies from person to person as well. Keeping this in mind we prepare this quick table.

Product Line

Both Frsky and Spektrum have diverse price ranges. You can find products from lower to higher end from both.

Frsky Taranis is its lowest and most affordable model. Frsky X9D is one of them. It came in 2019. Later that year, Frsky launched its modified version, X9D plus. 

Another one is, Frsky QX7. It also comes from the same family as Taranis. You can surely pick this for your affordable FPV radio.

If we talk about Frsky high-end products, horus and tandem come first. Both are fancy and expensive. The main attraction is their built-in touch screen tablet. 

The product line of Spektrum can also be categorized based on price. Spektrum DX is now replaced by NX with its wi-fi features.

The expensive ones are Spektrum IX. It’s almost similar to frsky expensive models. IX comes with touch screen tablets already built into them.

Here, we are suggesting some expensive and smart models of Spektrum. If you’re into tech, it’ll help you.

Product 1
Product 2

These advanced technology-based transmitters from Spektrum, define the future of the RC industry.

However, in the product line, it’s a tie. The Taranis vs Spektrum game is won by both.


When we talk about ecosystems, frsky lags far behind. It doesn’t come with a receiver that is already installed and wired. You need external support for this.

You’ll find some third-party brands selling drones. They sell drones that have a frsky receiver pre-installed. However, they don’t perform on the same level as Spektrum.

Coming to Spektrum, it has a Bind N Fly ecosystem. You’ll get a pre-installed receiver which is also wired in its package. 

You just need to do one thing. Bind the receiver with the transmitter and go fly. This is a plus against frsky. 

Undoubtedly, Spektrum wins in the ecosystem. Frsky needs to work on its ecosystem to remain in the game.

Signal Protocol And Signal Strength

Frsky is known to have one of the best signal protocols of 2.4 GHz. Also with some of the best range for 2.4 GHz in the industry. 

Compared to frsky, Spektrum doesn’t have any special signal protocol and range. It lacks in this area. 

Although 2.4 GHz isn’t that great when you work with a UHF system. Other than that it works best with multi-rotor devices.

This battle has a clear winner, that is frsky. Spektrum couldn’t match the level of frsky signal strength. 

Build Quality

Unfortunately, frsky doesn’t have a promising build quality. It is confined to issues. 

Frsky has through-hole connector solder joints but doesn’t have solder on them. In the X9D model, one of the gimbals went out before the first set of batteries died.

Conversely, Spektrum gives a better build quality. You’ll be impressed by its fit and finish. Also, these transmitters give you a premium feel regardless of price. 

The switch and menu buttons on Spektrum feel a lot nicer and firmer. There are fewer chances of these buttons coming out easily.

Spektrum is a clear winner in build quality. Frsky would be the winner if they hadn’t made those silly yet big mistakes.


Frsky X9D comes with 16 channels on them. Now, you get a lot of options for better navigation.

It uses OpenTX firmware. You can go limitless with its programming capabilities. Moreover, the frsky X9D has sliders on the side for adjusting the camera.

Spektrum DX8 has both older and newer generation models. The newer generation comes with all the fight modes for sailplanes. That’s why the new generation DX9 may have other problems but not this.

Apart from the flight mode problem in older models, there are no sliders as well. Another bug for Spektrum in its features section.

Surely, frsky won this with excellent and convenient features.

User Interface

Frsky Taranis with OpenTX gives a horrible and difficult user interface. It’s hard to navigate in this transmitter. 

On the contrary, Spektrum has a much easier layout for its navigation. A newbie can also navigate their first plane using Spektrum. 

Definitely, Spectrum wins in user interface against frsky. 


Whether you want a fixed-wing or multi-rotor price is the deciding factor. An affordable transmitter is what we want.

Frsky is one such transmitter. It fulfills a specific need in drones, like multi-rotor. The frsky X9D is only $100 with all features and it’s the best on budget. 

Spektrum is for all common needs. It was also expensive. A DX8 will cost you around $330.

So, for affordability, frsky wins.

But who won the overall battle? Let’s find out!

So, Which One Wins?

To summarize, Spektrum tends to be a bit more expensive. But, you are getting better build quality, an easier interface, and a Bind N Fly ecosystem. 

Whereas, with frsky, you get great signal protocol, a lot of functionality, and channels. It also fits your budget. 

The winner depends on what you prioritize the most while choosing a transmitter for your RC device.

However, we’re rooting for Spektrum with all the pluses it brings. If possible, try to stretch your budget a bit. Otherwise, frsky won’t be a loss for sure.


Is Frsky Compatible with Spektrum?

No, frsky isn’t compatible with spektrum. If you’re using a frsky receiver, you need a frsky transmitter. This is the same for Spektrum as well, except for some exceptions. The signal protocol, programming, and interface are not compatible with other transmitters than frsky. 

Which is Better: Futaba or Spektrum?

Between Futaba and Spektrum, Futaba is better in reliability. But, if you like features and styles, Spektrum is for you. It comes with a premium touch feeling and easy programming. In product innovation, Spektrum is one step ahead of Futaba. It offers in-built touch screen tablets.

Who Makes Spektrum Transmitters?

Horizon hobby makes Spektrum transmitters. Spektrum is a sub-brand of horizon hobby. It has other sub-brands, like eflight, blade, park zone, hanger 9, etc. The Bind N Fly ecosystem is an invention of the horizon hobby itself. Spektrum is basically a radio control system maker.  

Final Words

So, here we are at the end. Have you already picked between frsky vs Spektrum? 

As we said earlier you won’t be a loser by picking any one of them. Both fulfill your purpose in their unique way.

Hope you enjoyed our comparison. Till next time, happy flying!

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