Why is My Traxxas ESC Blinking Green? What to Do When ESC is Blinking Green?

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Great RC cars and trucks are made by Traxxas. People adore their items and are willing to pay a high price for them. They have built some of the fastest Ready-To-Race radio-controlled vehicles. One of their models even reached a speed over 100mph! 

It’s normal to face issues while using an RC vehicle. When the ESC is blinking, it is a matter of worry and is seeking your attention.

So, why is my Traxxas ESC blinking green?

It may occur when the remote fails to connect with its receiver (ESC). This occurrence also happen while the throttle trim is incorrectly set. Improper synchronization of the transmitter and ESC can be a problem too. Faulty transmitter or ESC plugged into the wrong receiver can be another reason.

ESC may be blinking green for one of these reasons. These issues can be fixed. They’ll be explained in this article.

So, keep on reading!

Why is Traxxas ESC Blinking Green?

Traxxas is known as an excellent company that produces great RC cars and trucks.  

No RC car can run forever without showing any issue. The RC cars manufactured by Traxxas are no exception.

A few reasons work in the background for a Traxxas ESC blinking green. The remote is failing to connect with its receiver (ESC) for some reason. Or, It can indicate that the throttle trim is incorrectly set. Moreover, if the transmitter and ESC are not properly synced, it can occur

There are some reasons like ESC is stuck in training mode, maybe the transmitter is faulty or maybe the ESC is not plugged into the right receiver port.

ESC is Blinking Green

What to Do When ESC is Blinking Green?

Before we jump to the solutions, we need to understand a few basic things which we are going to work with. One of them is the ESC and the other is the throttle trim.

Here is a little summary of them.

What is ESC?

ESC stands for Electronic Speed Control. It is an electronic circuit that controls the speed of an electric motor. It may also provide reversing and dynamic braking.

What is Throttle Trim?

An RC car’s throttle trim tells the car what to do while it is not running. When calibrated correctly, this parameter tells the car when to stop and start, prohibiting it from moving when the throttle is released.

Now, We are ready to understand the possible solutions to the ESC blinking green.

Here are a few solutions we can apply when we face this type of problem.

Calibrating the Throttle Trim

Calibrating the throttle trim properly can fix our problem. It may also remove the problem of the RC car not responding to throttle. You can easily calibrate it without much complication by following these steps:

  • First, place your  RC car on a level area with the wheels pointed forward. The controller must be turned on.
  • Normally there are two trim knobs. The first knob is to forward and the second is to reverse. We need to locate this trim knob.
  • Make sure the trigger is centered and you are not touching it. You will require an accurate reading when you’re not in control.
  • A throttle trim dial is present. Turn it clockwise. Until your vehicle starts moving forward. This should be done very slowly to observe how the car reacts.
  • Now, do it the opposite as before, turn the dial counter-clockwise until the car stops. This also should be done very slowly.

By following these steps you can adjust the throttle trim as you desire.

Changing the Battery

Changing the battery is the first thing to try to fix this problem. Sometimes due to a faulty battery, the remote fails to connect with the receiver(ESC). Changing the battery might fix this problem.  There are a few ways to identify if the Traxxas battery is bad.

Changing traxxas battery

If your remote fails to connect with the receiver after changing the battery, then you can search for other problems that may occur. 

Syncing Transmitter and ESC

If you use a nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery and your Low Voltage Detection is ON, then the ESC might show the overvoltage alarm by blinking red or green.

It’s necessary to keep the LVD “OFF” while we use the NIMH battery in our Traxxas car.

In two ways you can overcome this issue. It depends on which battery you use.

Process 1: Using Lithium Polymer Battery

When you are using a Lithium Polymer battery, connect it with the ESC. Then turn it on. The light will be steady green. This means the LVD is ON. Now simply switch the LVD OFF. Press the EZ button until the light turns red.

There are a few ways to identify if the LVD is still on.

Process 2: Not Using Lithium Polymer Battery

In case we are not using a Lipo battery then this is the process we need to follow to switch the LVD “OFF”.

It includes a few steps.

  • First, we will need to turn on the transmitter.
  • Connect a completely charged Nimh battery with the ESC.
  • Now we need to press and hold the blue EZ button of the ESC.

First, the ESC light turns green and then red. We need to release the EZ button immediately when it turns red. Once the ESC light has flashed red, it shuts off. Now pull and hold the transmitter trigger to maximum throttle.

  • As a result of this, the light of the ESC should blink red twice, and then we have to push and hold the transmitter trigger to full reverse.
  • We don’t have to let go of the full reverse until the light on the ESC turns steady or blinking. 
  • At the time of holding full reverse, we have to press the EZ-set button of the ESC.
  • It will turn the light on the ESC off for five or ten seconds and will turn into steady red. Three beeps from the motor can also be heard.
  • When we hear this we have to release the EZ button and the transmitter trigger.
  • If the ESC light turns steady red then we assume the procedure was successful. Now the vehicle is ready to drive.

Sometimes a faulty transmitter can be the reason for all your tension. So, the transmitter we use needs to be good. 

Here we suggest a few well-known transmitters that are durable and long-lasting.

Product 1 
Product 2 

In many cases, the EZ-Set button being held down for an extended period is what causes a red/green flashing LED. Instead of holding the EZ-Set button to switch off the vehicle, remove the battery to avoid this.

You can run a bench test for ESC with a multimeter. It can indicate the potential our ESC has.

That’s all we had to say.


What causes ESC Desync?

Most common cause is excessively high RPM. It happens when you run the motor faster than the ESC can handle or there is too much electrical noise causing it.

How does ESC start mode work?

The start mode includes minimum starting RPM and throttle control gradient. For the same length of throttle trigger travel, the gradient looks longer and more gradual (steeper).

What are the types of motor control circuits?

Motor control circuits can be classified into three categories: Direct On Line Starter. Star Delta Starter and Auto Transformer Starter.


In this article we tried to explain the reasons and solutions for ESC light blinking green. Hope you found the answer to the question why is my Traxxas ESC blinking green?

If you still haven’t found the answer then please contact Traxxas or an RC expert.

This might help.

Good Luck!

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