Truggy Vs Buggy – Carefully Choosing Your First RC Car

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Starting your Rc journey is exciting. But there are quite a lot of options to choose from. 

If you are a  beginner, the first choice you have to make is truggy or buggy as your starter car.

So, which one should you choose between truggy vs buggy?

Truggies are the mix between RC truck and buggies. They are bigger in length and width than buggies. These cars also have bigger tires that make them easier to drive and they do better off-road. Buggies are a bit harder to master driving but they are faster and do well on tracks.

Well, there goes the basics. But, we need to discuss their differences further to make an educated decision and get to know the pros and cons.

So let’s jump right into it!

Quick Comparison: Truggy Or Buggy?

The world of RC racing is indeed a fun one and there are a lot of options to choose from. But for beginners, a few selected choices work out the best.

Amidst all the options, beginner RC enthusiasts tend to get a buggy or a truggy. But what are the differences between them?

RC cars have a few size scales that they get categorized in. Each of the variants has different advantages and disadvantages.

And as a beginner, if we need to choose between a buggy and a truggy. Putting them head to head will allow us to understand what they offer. 

So let’s take a look at a quick comparison chart. That will paint a clear picture for us.

Factor Buggy Truggy
Size Buggies are relatively smaller in size Truggies are bigger in length and width
Cost Overall buggies are cheaper Truggies are costlier than buggies, the main cost increase is due to the bigger tires.
Preferred Track  Buggies are great for proper race tracks.  Truggies are good for race tracks as well as off-road driving.
Availability There are more options available for buggies in the market. Parts for maintenance are cheaper too. Truggies have fewer options to choose from than buggies. Besides, maintenance costs are much higher.
Driving Experience Harder to handle, but makes you a better driver. Easier to handle. But it might not help to improve skills.

This table shows the basic factors which we should focus on while choosing an RC car for ourselves.

But, we need to take a closer look at the differences to make a final decision as a beginner. Let’s get started.

Detailed Comparison: Making the Right Choice-Truggy Vs Buggy 

The most frequent suggestions beginners get are truggy or buggy.

These 2 have been the basics of RC cars, and starting with them you can further improve your skills.

As a beginner, you need to choose one to get started between a truggy or a buggy. This will define mostly how you advance into the field.

In terms of power, there are nitro rc truggy vs buggy and e buggy vs truggy. But the main differences are the same in both places.

So let’s start discussing truggy vs buggy differences one by one.

Difference In Size

Buggies and truggies are visibly different from each other. The main difference comes in terms of size.

There are different size scales in RC cars, like the 1/8  scale or 1/10 scale RC. On the same scale, they have a difference in size.

Truggies are actually a mix between buggies and RC trucks. They get the longer and wider chassis from the trucks.

The most visible difference is the truggy vs buggy wheels, which are bigger and wider in a truggy.

The size makes truggies a bit easier to handle in rough terrain. But with practice, buggies are easy to drive too.

Cost, Maintenance & Availability

RC racing does put a toll on your RC cars. According to the level of stress they handle, they need to get timely repairs and parts replacements.

The buggy and the truggy have a key difference in terms of wheels. The truggy has bigger and wider wheels much like an RC truck.

But, the bigger wheel puts more stress on the car and it wears out the RC car much sooner.

So, if you are racing with a truggy, it will cost you more money than using a buggy. 

RC buggies are also more popular in the RC world. So their replacement parts are easier and cheaper to get. You can also make upgrades to your cheap RC buggy at a low cost.

Here are some tire upgrade recommendations that you can check out for your RC car:


Hopefully, this will help you make a meaningful upgrade without breaking the bank!

But truggies don’t have the same level of variety to choose from. So, in terms of cost and availability, buggies are much more convenient.

Driving Experience & Proper Track

As we are talking about a beginner’s RC car. We need to consider how the actual driving experience will differ.

Buggies are a little harder to control. Because they are smaller and very good at track racing.

But, if you are a beginner and learning to drive with a buggy, then switching to other cars will be much easier for you.

Truggies have a bigger body and wider tires. This feature gives it more grip. So driving a truggy is more relaxing and easy for a beginner.

For track racing, buggies are really good. But, truggies are very good for bashing. 

Another fact is the difference between truggy vs buggy offroad. Buggies can withstand a little off-road too. For extreme off-road with cracks and potholes, truggy will get the job done easily.

So these were the basic differences and how they could affect your choice. Now it’s up to us to see which suits us better.

Final Verdict

Buggies and truggies both are great. Both are very good starters for beginners.

Buggies will give you a hard time learning how to drive. But in the end, you’ll be a better driver and you’ll do great on the tracks. 

Buggies are made mainly keeping track racing in mind.

While truggy will not give you that much stress while driving. It’s easy to drive and can be driven on most roads, including off-road conditions.

You can use ideas about rock crawling courses, as truggies will be able to handle them pretty smoothly. 

But, good drivers can race alongside buggies as well, and win too.

So, if you are looking to enter the competitive scene with RC racing. And if you want to be a better driver then take a buggy. That will give you the challenge.

If you want to have some fun with your RC car and occasionally race, truggy will do the job just fine.


What Is Bashing In RC Driving?

Basing is just RC racing without any fixed track or rules. It’s just you driving your RC car anywhere just to have fun and test your RC car’s limits. This might prove beneficial to your driving as it will teach you how to handle your car better. RC truggies are great for bashing.

Are Electric Rc Cars Faster Than Nitro Rc Cars?

Yes, electric RC cars can be much faster than Nitro-powered RC cars. When adequate voltage is applied, the brushless motors in the electric RC cars can get tremendously fast, which can’t be achieved by nitro-powered RC cars. The fastest RC car record is held by an electric one.

Is The Length Of Antenna Matter In RC Driving?

Yes, it does. The length of the antenna is determined by the frequency of the radio signal. For a typical 2.4 GHz receiver, the antenna needs to be 28.8 to 32 mm long. Generally, it’s 28.8 mm long on most controllers. It affects the signal strength directly as shorter antennas mean weaker signals.

Wrapping Up

RC cars are fascinating. Hopefully, you’re ready to start as you’ve made up your mind between truggy vs buggy

Best of luck and enjoy!

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