Redcat Volcano Vs Blackout: What’s the Better Option?

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Along with RC trucks being the new hype, there are several hyped brands and models too! Among them, the Redcat Volcano and the Redcat Blackout are two RC trucks.

These trucks have really grabbed a whole lot of attention. But people are in a dilemma about which truck they should go for.

So, which one should you go for between Redcat volcano vs blackout?

The Redcat Volcano has greater endurance and durability than the Blackout. However, when compared to the Redcat Blackout, the battery capacity is worse. The Blackout has a more powerful servo motor than the Volcano. Yet, the Volcano has bigger wheels and better suspension than the Blackout.

This is critical information. Yet, you’ll be missing out on more of these if you don’t read the article fully.

So what are you waiting for? Get on with it. 

Redcat Volcano Vs Blackout: Quick Comparison

Before digging in deeper, you need to know the obvious differences between these 2 RC cars. Having a look at the quick comparison will surely help you in this case. 

Below, I have provided an information-filled chart for you. Give it a good read!

Differentiating Factors Redcat Volcano Redcat Blackout
Top Speed 35-40 miles per hour 35-40 miles per hour
Servo Weight 3 kgs 15 kgs
Servo Performance Weak Strong
Wheel Size  122 X 55 mm 102 X 51 mm
Battery Wattage 3300kV 3600kV
Price Lower Higher

Now that you know the basics, you’re pretty much ready for more. Dive into the extended comparison I have provided in the next segment to know more.

Redcat Volcano Vs Blackout: Extended Comparison

After knowing the basics, you must be intrigued to know the details. Let’s see some very useful and critical details to help with your decision.

Wheel Size

Usually, people try to use general wheel sizes in a car. However, it’s not the same for RC cars. You will find RC enthusiasts removing normal tires and gluing the RC tires that are bigger. Is it the same for the RC cars?

Redcat Volcano

For the Redcat Volcano, the RC tire sizes are 122 X 55 mm. Although it may seem small, it’s actually hefty regarding RC trucks. It’s undoubtedly quite bigger than the tires of the Redcat Blackout.

This extra tire size helps out the RC trucks in many ways. RC trucks are a bit more robust than RC cars. Accordingly, they do take quite a lot of hits. 

In order to minimize collision damage, suspension is required. Bigger tires provide better suspension.

Redcat Blackout

On the other hand, the Redcat Blackout tires are smaller comparatively. These tires have a dimension of 102 X 51 mm. This smaller radius does have its drawbacks. When comparing, it doesn’t do as much as the Redcat Volcano.

It’s important to know that, the 20mm radius gap can make a huge difference! 

As a result, the suspension on the Volcano is far better than the blackout. The spring movement inside the blackout is not as good as the Volcano’s one.

Winner: In the wheel size category, the winner is clearly the Redcat Volcano!

Servo Motor

These types of motors are essential for any RC vehicle. Whether it is RC trucks, crawlers, or cars. Even in the Traxxas RC cars! For instance, the servo motor’s one of the main differences between bandit and rustler

Redcat Blackout

This monster RC truck has a monster servo as well! The Redcat Blackout comes with servos that weigh 15 kgs. Along with being heavy, it’s also a heavy-duty one! This servo performs exceptionally well.

When comparing the Redcat Blackout and Volcano, servo-wise it is quite better. The Blackout’s servo has more grounding weight, torque, and power. It means that this servo can provide a decent amount of force and power.

Redcat Volcano

On the contrary, the Volcano’s servo weighs only 3 kgs. You might think since it weighs less, it should be better performing. Well, that is not how servos work. In comparison, the Volcano’s servo provides less power and force than the Blackout’s servo.

For example, if you were pulling a 2 lb object with these RC trucks, Blackout would win. 

The reason is it has a powerful servo motor. If you want to get more power for the RC trucks, you can upgrade the motor. 

For your convenience, here are some viable servo motor upgrades for any electric monster truck

Product 1
Product 2

By upgrading to these motors, your RC truck will experience a substantial increase in power!

Winner: In this section, the winner is the Redcat Blackout for having a better-performing servo motor.


RC vehicles always endure a fair amount of bumps and hit from the environment. Even if you’re super careful, you cannot help bumping your truck sometimes. That’s why the durability of RC trucks is super important!

Redcat Volcano

When talking about durability, the Redcat Volcano has surely earned its spot. It comes with a plastic flat chassis. Yet, upgrading to an aluminum chassis will better its endurance. This will make its body durable. 

When comparing the chassis, the Volcano’s chassis is better than the Blackout’s chassis. It can also be upgraded. For shock towers as well, you can upgrade them on the Volcano.

Redcat Blackout

The Blackout’s chassis is better than average. Unfortunately, the Blackout does not provide a better chassis than the Redcat Volcano. It really does not help with the durability.

Along with that, the biggest concern is, that the Redcat Blackout has to upgrade option. So you will be a bit stuck with the bad chassis. The Blackout does provide a better shock tower than the Volcano. But the chassis-tower combo is better on the Volcano.

Winner: In the durability segment, the Redcat Volcano is the winner!


The duration and power you can extract from your RC vehicles depend on the battery. The larger the battery, the better!

Redcat Volcano

For the Redcat Volcano, the battery capacity is 3300 kilo volts. This 3300kV battery provides the truck with achieving top speeds and power. But when putting this capacity in comparison, it’s a bit low than the Blackout’s battery.

Worrying about RC battery capacities is quite normal. Fortunately, you have the option to upgrade the battery. 

Redcat Blackout

On the other hand, the Redcat Blackout comes with a 3600kV battery. While it’s higher than the Volcano’s capacity, it’s also higher than most Redcat monster truck.

The extra 300kV sure helps out this RC monster truck in many ways. There’s increased power for this truck. It also feeds the servo motor perfectly. On top of that, extra power means extra running time!

Winner: In the battery segment, the Redcat Blackout is the winner.

Redcat Volcano Vs Blackout: Final Verdict

By this point, you know some really critical information about these RC cars. You can almost suggest one of these cars to someone, with full details! 

But what about you? Which one should you choose for yourself?

If you’re planning to buy a durable and big monster truck, choose the Redcat Volcano. It has bigger wheels and better endurance than the Blackout and most RC trucks. It is also cheaper. 

However, it lacks power-related specs.

On the contrary, the Redcat Blackout is a powerful RC truck. It has a greater battery capacity and a better servo motor. However, it’s more fragile than the Redcat Volcano, as its durability is low. 

Also, its cost is high.


What ESC is in a Redcat Volcano EPX?

The Redcat Volcano EPX has a waterproof ESC. Considering that the EPX has brushed motors, (19T 550) the ESC puts up with it. The advantage of having these ESCs are, that you don’t have to stress about water splashes. They can handle water splashes really well! Your RC car or truck will be completely fine.

Can you replace a brushed motor with a brushless one?

Yes, it is possible to replace a brushed motor with a brushless one. You will need to change the motors as it’s not possible to convert them in place. Firstly, you will need a brushless motor. Go to the stores and buy your choice of brushless motors. Secondly, you have to buy an ESC matching the motor.

Do I need a new ESC for a brushless motor?

Yes, you may need a brand new ESC for brushless motors. It is necessary to match the requirements of the brushless motor with the ESC. For instance, if your brushless motor can pull up to 40 amps, buy a capable ESC. The ESC should be handling the max amps from your motor, that is 40 amps.


You’ve reached the end of this article. Hopefully, we have helped you to know the suitable option between the redcat volcano vs blackout.

If you face any RC truck difficulties, swapping out the parts can help. You can upgrade your RC trucks as well!

Wishing you all the very best.

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