How to Start A Nitro Car Without A Pull Start [4 Definite Ways!]

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Nitro RC cars are very much favorite to all because of their large sounds like real cars and their big size. They will give you the vibe of controlling real cars, not like toys.

Normally, the engines of nitro cars are pulled start engines. But if somehow you face any kind of problems while starting with a pull start, what will you do?

Do you know how to start a nitro car without a pull start?

Well, there are several ways to start your nitro car easily without a pull start. You can start it with a drill, a starter box, an electric shaft starter, the electric onboard starter, and many other ways. You will have to follow some steps serially and some tools to start the engine with their help of them.

Wait, that’s not all! It still remains yet for you to know the steps of those ways. To know those ways with some easy and perfect explanation, keep reading the article.

It’s time to start!

3 Alternative Ways to Start A Nitro Car Besides A Pull Start

There are many facts about RC cars that you should know. Like, do you know that you can start your nitro engine without any help from the pull start? Yes! It’s possible to do.

Nitro engines are normally pulling start engines. But occasionally you can encounter some difficulties while doing a pull start. 

At that time, you don’t know the alternative ways of starting a pull start engine, it can be a great hassle for you. 

Besides, there is also an advantage here that your car doesn’t have to carry the extra weight of the pull start system. So, it’s very significant for all of us to know alternative ways.

Here we have suggested and explained 4 alternative ways to start a nitro car without a pull start. You can easily learn the ways from our exclusive guidelines.

So, without spending a second, let’s prepare for the article!

Way 1: Through A Drill

First of all, we will learn how to start a pull start engine with a drill. Yes! It’s possible to run a pull start engine with the help of a drill. But you are required to take a look at some vital things here.

Starting your nitro engine through a drill can include some important tasks. Here you can’t just use a drill and start your engine. You need to do some work here.

First, you need to exclude the motor. It’s the primary task here. Then you will have to supplant the pull start cord with that motor with the help of a conversation kit.

Forthwith, you will require to get the pull starter out. For that, you will need to take about 4 to 6 screws out from there. 

Then find a small part there to screw where you can later connect your drill shaft. Whenever you connect the drill with that pole, the engine will be turned on.

Now you will have to install the electric bike conversion kit to return the motor. After doing this, repeat the same steps to launch in your car.

Now you can easily start your nitro engine with the help of a drill. Now you know how to start RC car without a starter box.

You can get many kinds of drills to use. Many use battery-fueled drills. But it can be insufficient sometimes to start your car quickly.

That’s why you can use an electric drill to start your car quickly. You will have to secure it to a wall portal.

Here we have recommended some drills for you to buy.

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Hope these will be helpful for you.

Way 2: Through the Starter Box

Here is another technique to start a nitro engine. The name of this technique is the Bump start system or knock start system.

For this procedure, you will need to operate the RC starter box. You should carry around it and should have access to the energy stream or power source of the box.

Let’s first know the reason behind the name of this technique. It will help you to understand better.

The RC is actually positioned on the exterior part of a starter box. There is an electric-powered whirling electric rubber plate that is standing out of the Starter box.

This plate has a connection with the vehicle’s flywheel and makes it rotate so that it can turn on the engine. 

Here the flywheel is bumped against the rotating disk to turn on the engine. That’s why this technique is named the bump start system.

Now let’s start knowing how to do it.

First of all, turn on the transmitter so that you can power on your nitro RC. Well, do you know how to bind a transmitter with a receiver?

Next, you should switch on the receiver and pour some nitro fuel. Therefore you will prime the motor.

Presently you should turn on the glow plug ignitor. Because of this, the disk will rotate and the flywheel will rotate against the disk.

As a result, the engine will be turned on and it will also turn over that RC motor.

Way 3: Through Electric Shaft Starter

Now we will share another amazing way of starting your nitro car beside a pull start. We will tell you now how to start a nitro RC car with an electric starter.

To start your nitro car in this technique, you will need to maintain two conditions. Contrarily, it won’t be possible to prep the electric shaft starter.

First, you should look for mounting bosses of the motor and then check if they are penetrated and predesigned or not. If they are not, then the modification will not be available.

Second, you should check for a disk around the edge of the flywheel. This looks like a kind of pointy ring. 

The starter can utilize this ring to rotate the flywheel. As you know, by rotating the flywheel you can start the engine.

Not all kinds of pull start motors have a flywheel. In that case, you should replace the flywheel with something which can retain that disk.

If both of the conditions are fulfilled, then you can easily set up your electric shaft starter. 

First of all, you should set the electric shaft starter up to the mounting bosses. These are on the motor. Is your motor a brushless motor?

The mounting bosses where you attach the electric shaft are very important. Because they adjust the crankshaft through the corners on that flywheel equipment.

Instantly, you will have to alter the pull cord. For this, you will need a satisfactory electric start rig. 

It will be nice if you utilize the rigs given by the manufacturer. Otherwise, you can also buy them from the market.

Now, you can find a press switch that struts on the gadget changed over by you. 

Before this, you need to check if the starter has the support of any inner shortage cell or not. If it doesn’t, then you will have to give a connection to the starter to operate it.

With that push button, the starter will rotate the engine to start.

Generally, some RC cars have the function of electric start. If your automobile doesn’t maintain it, you can modify it in the way we have shown.


What can be the reasons for the RC car being slow?

Well, there can be reasons for which your RC car is running slowly. The battery of your RC car is not properly charged or it can be damaged too. The motor also can be unclean or damaged. Charge the battery and clean the motor properly or buy a new one in case of being damaged.

Which is the most capable RC car?

Among all the RC cars, depending on the performance, Traxxas can achieve the position of providing the most capable, toughest, fastest, and number one car in the market. This brand is so engineering driven and innovative. Every car, boat, truck, and other vehicle can give you the best performance.

What should you do to run a nitro engine?

First, when you start your nitro engine and when it starts to idle, you should place it slowly on the ground and then run it on a flat surface for some time slowly. Then you should continue to run the engine for about short periods till you have finished 2 to 3 tanks of fuel.


We hope that you know now how to start a nitro car without a pull start. Through the easy guidelines, you can do it effortlessly.

It’s time to tell goodbye. If you have any queries, you can share them with us in the comment box.

Have a good day!

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